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Im going to istanbul for bbl procedure surgeon...

Im going to istanbul for bbl procedure surgeon metin kerem. Im Scotland the bbl starts from £6000 + depending on the amount of lipo areas. Im getting nervous as in one week time, the company have arranged all my transfers and accommodation with breakfast included for the week in a 5* hotel i only had to get my flights and all in with garments and booty pillow supplied by them its cost £3950 iv put before pics on and ill put wish pics on and document all my stages.
Iv chosen this surgeon as even though he isnt the cheapest he has alot of positive feedback and results with this procedure which gives me more peace of mind.
Hopefully i get the results im looking for and all goes to plan!!!

Wish pic

This is a few pics of what i would like. Im actually in a daze havent bought anything yet apart from arnica tablets and havent packed or anything feels strange like a dream and talking about dreams im all over the place scared to be in a different country recovering without my family what if something goes wrong and i dont see my kids again all because of a bum!!!! Am i being selfish? Everyone thinks im crazy

On my way!!!!!

Thats me heading to airport with my mum who doesnt agree with any of this but will come for a free holiday!!! Lol well heads all over the place and gonny miss my kids so much


Ok so flight was good but visa and passport control a nightmare!!! Hotel is lovely but i think bringing my blind mum who likes the bevvy may have been a bad idea. In bed now getting picked up at 8.30am so nuthing to eat or drink then off to get consultation and blood work done beginning to crap myself

Surgery day

Well all went to plan got picked up from airport and took yo hotel for 1 night then picked up this morning and took to clinic for consultation dr metin kerem was a lovely gentleman and very honest realist. After that was took to hospital WOW!!! our hospitals look awful compared to this got bloods and was took dwn to theatre. Woke up all do have been walking eating actually not in much pain rite now a 3 out of 10 and i yhink this is being caused by lying on my tummy its so achey!!! Food in hospital crap but room service good got burgercand chips couldnt eat much but tasted like McDonald's fries. In bed hoping to get a sleep now xxx

Woke up day1 after surgery

Ok so yhis morning i have woken up with my face/eyes all swollen dont know what this is googled it and they say it could be the fluid or it could be a allergic reaction.
Scared wen i look at my self but face not in any pain never slept well due to this and not being able to move off tummy but i knew that pain still ok aswell

Beginning of day 3 post op

Woke up eyes still swollen but going down. Didnt have good sleep but thats all due to lying on my tummy.
Had a shower today 1st time took my garment off and im noticing a slight difference even with the swelling

Day 5 post op

My last day in Istanbul go home tomorrow. Went to see surgeon yesterday got all my bandages off told me i still have alot of swelling but he was really happy with shape already. Bought a booty pillow off him he designed himself and its a god send. Tried getting one back home but werent any good ones available his pillow was £35 my hotel is right across from shopping centre with lots of eating places and cinema. The hardest part from me is being away from my partner and kids and lying on my front also my swollen eyes are better but not back to normal.

1 month post op

Feeling fine no problems still alittle fluid arong back ect but all ok

8 months post op

Hi I'm happy with my body but I would have liked more sculpting and more fat than was injected I never new until a month ago how much I got injected and it wasn't as much as I had hoped I work hard doing squats but I would say iv got more cellulite looming bum now. Lipo was good though
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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