30yrs, Lost 98lbs, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Slimlipo - Istanbul

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I'm 15 days post op and whilst I have a 'swelling...

I'm 15 days post op and whilst I have a 'swelling baby' already I'm so excited re the new me! Having been a really heavy teen I fought hard and lost 98lbs through healthy eating.
I understand I won't really see swelling subside for awhile yet anything I can do to help it along? I'm actually bigger dress size now because of swelling than before, I know, I'm v impatient lol

Woohoo I've been drained!!

Having been to my GP yesterday I was concerned re the size of my ever growing 'swelling baby'. My GP referred me to the plastics surgery department at the hospital as an emergency and I went this morning. I must add, my consultant in Istanbul did want me to fly back out there but I told her I'd see what the hospital said first. The consultant today took a look at said definite seroma, but he was v impressed re my surgery! Once he started draining process realised it was a haematoma. He drained half a litre of blood! It didn't hurt at all and instantly I felt relieved! He said that these are common complications and can happen with the best of surgeons. I've been advised to stay off my feet for 4wks and go back weekly to be drained. So glad I've had the answers and am being v well looked after. I'll post before and after pics now even with the severe swelling I'm thrilled!! :))

Update in pictures 3wks post op today!

So 500cc was drained from my hematoma last Friday and already I think there's a visible difference in swelling. What do you think? Next draining session on Thursday!

Just realised...

I've had what is called a 'mommy makeover' in the US! How funny I'm not a mum yet!
2nd draining tomorrow, spoke to my primary consultant and she's happy I'm in good hands over here. She said a few drainings and the hematoma should resolve. I'm
So bored at home, just wanna get back to it. Need to keep reminding myself that I'm only 3wks post op and it's early days yet... I best be sorted for my holiday in April, then am bridesmaid in May, the hen do being 2nd week of march! Fingers crossed!! X

Draining hematoma part 2...

Ok so part two of draining! 300mls drained today :) last week was 500 so it's reducing. I'm back next Friday. I've asked a couple of questions to the surgeons on this site and whilst some are reassuring I have received abrupt responses re 'surgery abroad' and needing the hematoma to be surgically opened. The consultant today said not at all and draining is sufficient and won't effect over all results. Hmm. I live in UK, we're not a country who doesn't know what we are doing... Anyway still daunting, just want swelling to go away so I can start wearing nice clothes again xx

Picture update!!

So 2nd drainage was yesterday, had a shower today and re took pics. The top left is 2wks post op post drainage, bottom left is 3wks post op after initial drainage and pic on right is today after 2nd drainage and will be 4wks on Monday... Does it look like it's going in right direction?? Xx

Feel semi human again! Hooray!!

Hey! Just got back from the hospital, and hooray - nothing to drained!! The abdominal binder must be working a treat and helping everything stick back together. The nurse removed some of my stitches from my breasts and TT scar that were sticking through.

Best part was that two surgeons (here in UK hospital) asked to look at my breasts and TT... They were so so impressed with my PS's work. They couldn't stop complimenting it, they said the incisions were so neat and the breasts you can hardly see already. They also said that it would have cost me in the region of £20k to have what I had done in the UK and they also said a surgeon in the UK wouldn't have done everything in one operation. They were so impressed they asked for my PS's name! haha - made me feel really good to hear other PS's compliment the work of another... They were happy for me. I've been turned down on the NHS but i'm glad I was now, I wouldn't have even dreamed of getting a breast uplift and lipo but my PS was just so good at visualising what she had in mind. She did turn me off the arm and thigh lift though as she said I was too young to have those kind of scars and i'd benefit more from the lipo. So glad she did now!
Ahhh so happy, now for this swelling just to disappear please!!!

6am thoughts...

Morning! Ok so since my surgery 6am seems to be my preferred time to wake up?! I bet if I was back at work I wouldn't... Also needing to go to the toilet (bm) wakes me and a hunger (which I've never usually been hungry in the mornings) weird huh?!
I've decided I love my binder, if you are worried re swelling or hematoma/seroma it's a must. Been thinking and reading re hematoma, I think I definitely caused my own... My first bm took me a hour and 20 mins of straining. I was in tears that's how painful and foolishly taken two laxatives which obv won't help if you are 'stuck' - then after the long struggle I passed the difficult bit but the laxatives then gave me the runs so I was 'running' to the bathroom (in a patient house full of people!) every 10 mins. I should have not been moving and laying flat with legs raised, the straining must have preventing my muscle and wall bonding. It's on my right side and that's where the bowel is... Lesson learned. I hope anyone else planning to have surgery goes armed with stool softeners and maybe laxatives before the op to have a clear out! Sorry re the pleasant morning convo!

Also reading re discussions about multiple procedures. My breast uplift hasn't caused me probs at all, it's the first thing I see, don't remember them ever being that perky!! I guess I was so focussed on TT maybe I didn't have time to feel anything with breasts! Lol the all over body lipo makes it difficult. My whole back is sore so laying on it is touch, thighs must be internally bruised and arms... So I'd say that's most painful as the perusing type pain is prolonged!

I'll stop boring you all now, just my subconscious typing to you all lol xx

31 tomorrow (9th Feb)

Ahh feeling a bit down as I can't go out and celebrate... But I know it'll be worth it... Sometimes an update in pics is only way you can see a difference! So here goes... Hope you don't mind and welcome honest comments x

Sleepless in London ;)

I'm awake. Earlier than usual at 4:44am! Hmm. Needing to pee. Can't remember falling asleep so must have been before 11pm. Am so restless and probably driving you all mad commenting on your posts! Haha. Just realised I haven't really put any pics of the boobies up, they really just haven't given me any cause for concern and I am so pleased and unexpected re results. I guess you can see how 'lifted' they are from my side pics... I put a qu to docs yday online about swelling. Some really positive feedback so that's nice. Can you tell in bored?? Episode 6 of The Wire then! Idris Alba is hot!! :) hope you are all ok xx

WARNING: Close up pics of my slow healing incision! Oh and boobies! ;)

I've been asked about Aquacel and for some pics of my incision. I know they aren't pleasant but they are a small section just about pubic area and a little part on my right side where my hematoma was. The scabbing is starting to come away and the skin cells are forming and seeping. I was given Aquacel to pack the opening with and told to keep it covered. The PS actually trimmed that white you can see, he said it's new skin! Aquacel promotes the growth of new skin cells. No sign of infection or inflammation. I've taken pic from underneath so you can see my swollen belly on top :( boo!

Oooh also have a pic of my boobies! I'm quite swollen today - but as you can see my scars are virtually non existent already! No implant just a lift, my nipples used to face south and i had to pick up my boobs to put them in a bra as they were flat to my chest... They look so much happier now! haha x

Thoughts and walking...

Well today my dad said, 'come on sun is shining we're going for a walk' then it clouded over and I was like yessss it's going to rain, so he said 'we'll taken an umbrella'. A couple of people have said walking is good way to get blood up pumping around the body and will help with swelling. We were out for the best part of an hour, was lovely and rain held off. No discomfort or anything, till I got home sat down and I could feel the swell coming on, i'm yet to see a flat me. argh.
I look at some results and think amazing and I look at my own and think amazing but then I question, could I be smaller, flatter etc... Every surgeon i've seen (in London) other than my PS have been so complimentary about the results and all have said the swelling will subside and my blips have delayed some healing. Then I think, I was heavier than usual when I had my surgery being straight after Christmas and NYE and should I have waited to get 10-14lbs off before surgery. Although timing was tough as it is being self employed...
Ho hum, having one of those ?? days! Thoughts anyone? xx

Happy Valentines Day!!

Back from hospital - looks like we beat that hematoma!! RIP to my SCAB - gross!!

So this is my 4th trip to the hospital since the hematoma sage, and again nothing to drain! They tried last week too and nothing so I should be happy right. I am, I really am, but was also kind of hoping that that there would be more to drain to flatten that tummy. Again assured it's all swelling and my body is still traumatised - umm not as much as I am constantly in the compression suit and binder! Then the grossest thing happened, remember my scab that I was so desperately hanging on to... Well they took a scaple and cut it off!!! URGH! then packed with Aquacel and covered with DuoDerm. Apparently the scabbing was not helping the healing and therefore needed to come off for the wound to heal, may also explain some of the swelling as if that isn't healing the body will stay swollen for protection. Majority of incision closed already just that middle part and shouldn't take too long hopefully - good news no infection or any sign of not healing just scab would prolong it. Quick peek at boobs, awesome - back in 2wks time! xx

What a difference a week makes...

It's amazing how a surgery like this can really play with someone's emotions and mind. I know I'm not alone when I say comparing yourself to others and then getting frustrated with recovery is something that can't be helped. All I can say that I've realised is everyone is different, heals differently, will encounter different obstacles. We are built differently so can't expect to look like someone else before or after. If there's a problem the support on here is fab. A little tip, compare yourself week to week. Here's a few pics I put together in my boredom/frustration phase lol also I compared a pic from when I was a bit lighter and thinking should I have lost more weight before surgery. I don't even think weight factors as body shape changes so much. So might be same weight but clothes look different!
Let me know if you can see a difference in a week! Xx

Lymphatic massage, bromlaine & thighs!

I had a lymphatic massage today in a clinic by a lady who specialises in post operative massage. It's weird but has left me feeling so good! Very light massage that leaves you with an electric shock sensation/tingling! I'm very inflammed as well as swollen which actually made me feel relieved to know that there's still drastic reductions to come! The lady also complimented my thighs which I never really thought about although still sore from the lipo and she said my back was full of fluid. Fluid/swelling is attracted by gravity and I've been laying on my back hence why my back is full of fluid. Again made me feel good as that will disappear eventually and I'll shrink a bit more :)
I then stocked up on bromlain & arnica. The lady told me to boil parsley and drink the water as it also rids toxins from the body.
Sooo here are a couple more pics, on right taken today... Can you see a change in thighs? Ooo my stretch marks are virtually non existent!

Too much?

So things have been hectic as I went back to work (properly) on Wednesday with the intention not to do too much. Of course that's not what happened. Wednesday I left home at 9:30am and didn't get back till 10pm, yesterday I left at 7:30am I drove for most of the day and I got home at 6:30pm. I fell asleep at 9pm without dinner and struggled to wake up at 8:30 this morning. I was so swollen last night I wanted to cry, I'm starting to panic again that I traded in my apron flap for a pregnant swollen belly! Argh lol did I just do too much? I went for my 2nd lymphatic drainage massage. The therapist said things felt a lot softer, that it was nice to see the skin responding. Still a lot of fluid, inflammation and swelling. I'm back again on Monday... I'll leave the photo updates till then. Have a good weekend all x

I'm blonde again :)

Morning!! Well since my last stroppy review I've perked up... Had my hair sorted out and for the first time I felt like venturing to the local pub last night (fully bound with CG and binder) but least I got out, no alcohol though. It was lovely, amazing what a bit of make up and having your hair done can do! This morning I woke up and felt flat, like a tiny bit of heaviness but not how it usually is. I took off my binder and CG and looked down and I could see my vaj, woohoo if the swelling goes I can see it lol - I've taken some pics and compared them to 10 days ago and 5 days ago. I think I'm quite puff on the right side on of hip and may need more lipo on my love handle area altho it's shrinking. I must admit I thought I'd be a lot narrower, i know I'm not at the end yet and once my incision heals a lot of the swelling will go. I feel like my hips are wider now I have a waist. Is that normal? Boobs are great always have been. Waiting for before pics from the surgeon as I know they'll really help my psyche.

Can't thank the support here enough, I consider you my TT family, I appreciate your honesty and words of encouragement. Never did I think it'd take this long to heal and my patience is wearing really thin, but you keep me smiling. So please, throw your honest opinion at these pics...

Oops front view

Over doing it or hematoma come back?? Argh

Evening all, so time for a whine... I've been ridiculously busy being back at work. I even went into the office today for 7hrs!! On Friday I had a check up at the hospital. It's a nurse run clinic so never got to see a ps... She said the wound was healing although taking its time and that everything looked good. I left happy, but Friday night I was in pain, like and achy bruised feeling. I'm panicking that my hematoma has come back. I took some pics Saturday morning and compared them to last Sunday morning. I'm sure my tummy on the right side looks like it's filling up??! I hope not but will phone the hospital first thing tomorrow morning :(

Back tomorrow! Phew!

So happy I have the post operative care here and they are seeing me tomorrow at 10am. Prob being paranoid but I want to see a PS and put mind at rest... Thanks for the support as always! Xx

Paranoia & Patience...

Hmmm so I have plenty of one and none of the other... Guess which?!
Saw the hot doc today, the one I saw at the very beginning. He's so beautiful... Anyway, yes a little fluid just below be and to the right. I've disturbed it somehow prob straining or from the massages, who knows but to stop massage and let the skin and muscle stick. Nothing to drain though so that's good. He's still v impressed by it all. My incision is healing well, have a bigger gap at one end but he said stitching will cause scarring where mine is so thin already. Quick peek at boobs, all good... Back in 2wks!
This recovery is sending me loony! Been thinking whether I need more lipo around my ribcage, but I can feel ribs which I couldn't before, maybe I'm just wide in my back. Still waiting for my pre op pics from my PS, can't wait to have a proper comparison session!

O.M.G just receive my pre op pics!!!

I'm speechless...

Moment of truth... Honest comments only lol

*warning full nudity*

Ok, so I'm out of shock and starting to come round lol... Must admit those pics threw me off track a bit! Have put some full nudey pics up... Can you see where she's lifted my vaj? It was down before?! Also I don't seem to be narrower, I'm still wide, do you think that's my frame and I'll shrink with weight loss? Or should I be looking at more lipo around my back and middle? I'm still very swollen, as you can see my incision is still being packed and dressed but the incisions look pretty good right? Sorry to put you off your breakfast ha!

Further thoughts... & 2nd skin!

Sorry probably should add, I don't take my CG off or my binder unless I'm showering, so I guess till my body gets used to being without it my shape will change again right? Maybe because I'm not wearing normal clothes yet, everything loose fitting and over binder, again I'm just not used to my body... My nipples point up for a start and a can see my vaj, that's a lot of getting used to lol!!

Bright red scar, severe swelling and a blood blister on incision?

Just come in from night 2 of a hen weekend! I had a few cocktails, yippee!! However, I went without my compression garment / binder and substituted it with shapewear... Tonight we've just got back to hotel and all my scars are angry red. Even around my bb. I have a small blood blister around nipple. My swelling makes me look 5mths pregnant! What's going on? Slightly freaking out! Xx

10wks today...

So when you have a complication the 6-8wk time estimate goes out of the window... When you have a few complications it really throws your body off course! Mine started with losing loads of blood, blood is crucial to heal and so is iron... Then hematoma, quite poss the thing that's delayed everything the most, then constipation yip that caused my hematoma I'm convinced and my delayed incision healing...

Just finished at the hospital, seems like my tummy always settles before seeing a doctor? Like it knows!! So incision is amazing, just two teeny holes which will be healed in a week... Line is so thin. Swelling, yup she felt fluid again, but said it's soft tissue swelling which will take time to resolve. Then, she stabbed me with a needle, didn't hurt, just to make sure no re accumulation... Zilch, zero, nothing! Whoop! Swelling is just swelling and I need to keep the compression on till incision totally healed up and even then, she told me to move down on to support pants etc... Have suppositories joy of my life... To help with the constipation definitely a contributory factor! No follow up appt, was sent away telling me to have a great holiday, big operations take time and if I'm worried about anything call and they'll see me straight away! Couldn't ask for anymore really could I?! Xx

Finally I See light...

Ok so there's light, I've lost 7lbs I'm sure that's made me feel good... Swelling when I sit and eat I can still feel it come on, just tightening, I know it'll subside... Liked what I saw after my shower this morning, since my last dressings were changed my incision has healed drastically, little bit to go, do you think it'll close before I'm due to go away? The race is on!! ;)

OMG (I'm having a moment!)

Arghhhh just tried on my pre op jeans that were tight (UK size 12) and guess what! Over my full body garment and my binder I can not only get them on but I can pull them down without having to unbutton!! Yipppppeeeeeee!!!

Darryl Blinski MD - anyone come across him?

Off subject... I've posted a few questions to the doctors on here and the above always makes extremely negative and abrupt comments! Wouldn't mind if he was right but he's always wrong. I remember when I was first worried re seroma he said I'd need surgery to correct and then in my last qu the other docs are saying I should be v happy and he's negative and rude. He's even suggested I've had implants - wrong again doc! I've seen him answer other ppl's questions, he's the same. If he hasn't done the surgery then it's crap and he's mega against surgery abroad grrr he shouldn't be allowed on here with that attitude!

Getting on with it... Count down to Vegas & a pre party!

So life just happened and before I know it it's been a week since I last posted. Not that I've forgotten about my RealSelf friends, never!
Soooo I go to San Fran & Vegas... Leave Thursday! Trying to ween myself off the binder & compression, it's difficult, I really swell and it gets tight and hot. I should be happy really knowing I still have swelling and inflammation that'll eventually resolve so results will be better but it's just so uncomfortable. Especially my back, I've got loads of fluid retention in my back and it's sore from all the compression. Good bits my incision is almost closed woohoo and I'm back pretty much wearing heels and dancing haha... So here's a pic from my drunken weekend! Still pretty fragile & in recovery lol xx

To bikini or not to bikini?

Have always worn tankini's... Can I get away with a bikini now?? Ooo how low is my scar? :)

Not long now, a few concerns...

Eeek my flight is at 2pm... V excited indeed. However, I've been without any compression for last couple days and owwww the swelling is unbelievable... I'm like two different ppl. I spoke to my PS and she told me to make sure I fly in the compression. So it's all coming with me. I guess I'm now on the battle for the swelling to resolve without relying on garments...

San Francisco...

Just checking in to say hello! Wow what an amazing place! It's 6:17am... We are heading out to Napa Valley today! So far we've been to the Warriors basketball game, seen the seaLions on pier39, went to mission, union
Square... Biggest achievement was hiring bikes and cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge & back! First bit of real exercise since my op... Went over to Alcatraz yday, loved it!

Now for downside... I'm soooo swollen. Only time I'm flat is in the morning. I'm not letting it prevent me doing things but argh! My tummy is rock solid... I know it's the amount of movement and eating badly but :( I'm trying on clothes n just getting fed up... When I get back it's back to clean eating. I will see my PS in the summer and see if there's anything else that needs to be done. On up side I love Victoria Secrets, the bras are amazing I'm a 36D and wow my boobs are impressive lol - anyone else still finding swelling a royal pain without the compression etc? Xx

Life just happened... I'm back!!

Boo I got back Monday! Severe case of holiday blues :( Vegas is out of this world, a total adult playground... I don't usually like places without any heritage / culture but Vegas is just that - was watching the old Casino film with Robert De Niro and it's exactly the same... I loved every second oh and guess what, life got in the way and I forgot about my tummy! Oooh! I'm not saying I didn't swell, wow i ballooned up & those damn all you can eat buffets are def no good and didn't help my cause lol but I for first time since the op I didn't obsess, I didn't panic I just got on with it. I wore shape wear when I felt I needed it, i slept in my binder most nights... The swelling is doing it's thing, it's uneven (def more swelling where u had the hematoma) but I can see/feel it resolving slooooowly!

Since I've been back I'm on a major detox... I've been power walking and did first aerobic class at the gym (yep I slept in my binder that night lol)

But this is the biggest give away and perhaps it's a confidence thing, but since I've been away I stopped wearing the baggy cover ups, I bought some decent bras for my 36DDs and started wearing fitted clothing the result since I've been back has been incredible, well, almost everyone has said I've lost weight (what after a 10 day holiday whatever!) and I've had 3 ppl ask if I've had a boob job looool that cracks me up, apparently my flatter tummy highlights the boobs! I feel good & confident the incisions have all closed. Quite bumpy under the scars so not sure if all I'm meant to do is just massage?

I know the swelling will take months to resolves, maybe even up to a year, my biggest piece of advice is don't let it hold you back, lay down or compress to keep on top of it and enjoy your new shape!! :)


I'm not going anywhere... Nowhere near at the end of the road so all of you that have pulled me through so far you best be sticking with me you hear!!! Xxxx

A few belly pics lol

Ok so I slept without my binder, I have my monthly... And this is how I woke up!

I've just done a comparison with my bikini pics before my hol! Wow... Look at the difference without compression and allowing body time to settle??!

Honest comments much appreciated!

Testing out this body!! hahaha ps... slightly x rated ;)

Ahh I just had to post... I'm in such a good mood - yes the swelling is still there and my tummy still feels very tight and heavy but I know that'll resolve in time. So... I started strictly on my diet and have been going to classes 3 times a week, that's bootcamp and circuit training - my body is coping! I leave out the heavy core stuff like abdominal crunches and slowly my fitness levels are increasing!!!

So Saturday & Sunday I had a run in with a very friendly ex (who is a very good friend)... Needless to say, i'm smiling... I don't know what it is, but the new body works and has probably boosted my confidence by 100%!! haha sorry for being naughty but it's amazing not having to worry about getting sweaty under boobs and tummy flap (ew!!) !!

I couldn't be happier - I have emailed my surgeon to tell her i'm coming back for more lipo and arms... she's telling me to really think about arms vs scars - hmm so for now i'll continue with weights, thinking to take a trip out there to see her anyway so she can look over everything :) x

I walked down the aisle!!!! ????

Ok ok not like that but as a bridesmaid! Ever since I was asked this has been my main inspiration to finally get the op that I've wanted for years done... So here are the pics... Seriously contemplating arms next but am joining slimming world tonight and going to get back to the gym as dedicated as I was before and see where I'm at by the summer (July!)

Greetings from Marbella!!

Hey hey! It's been ages and I miss my RealSelf friends! I've been mega busy with life just getting in the way... Currently on holiday in Marbella and had a few minutes so thought I'd touch base!

Things are good, down side I still haven't lost any of the weight I put on before surgery (about 14lbs) u desperately need to shift it, just can't get focussed! Think main problem is that I don't hate my body when I'm in the nude anymore (yey) so don't have the same determination! Although can't wait to see my body 20lbs lighter, that would def be my target weight and my goal!

I'm trying to gear myself up for when I'm back from my holiday I'll be disciplined!

How's everyone else doing? Xx

Ps... Few pics from Marbs :)

Back on track... 12lbs down! Question for you seroma suffers...

Morning my lovelies, how are you all? So I'm in the third week of my eating clean and healthy and I've lost 12lbs already!! So happy you wouldn't believe! I can do this... I'm not just aiming to lose the 14lbs I put on after surgery but I'm going to try and get the 14lbs off after that. If I stick to my plan I hope it'll be off I no time! Had a hen party last weekend and managed to avoid temptation and not drink, have another hen this weekend in Spain fingers crossed my will power holds out!

Question: now I've got back to my exercising, the area where I had my seroma swells and gets sore, like a bruised feeling. I'm worried there's still a gap there... Do I need to pay a visit back to the hospital? I should get some pics up for you all but I'll wait for a bit more weigh to come off ;) xx

Wow where has time gone??

Can you believe it was this time last year it was done and dusted and I expected to wake up looking like a supermodel haha boy was I wrong, I started freaking out with hematoma a etc but then I found this site and all of you lovely ladies who were going through exactly the same thing and you got me through. Think I was posting ten times a day back then! Wow. 6th January 2014 I had my surgery... Well a year on, no complaints. I'm still not where I want to be in terms of weight but love my new body. Am in the gym approx 5 times a week, have a personal trainer who pushes me to the max. I really want to avoid surgery on my arms/thighs so doing what I can to lose body fat and gain muscle... May have some lipo done but only when down to ideal weight!
Just wanted to send my love to all those who helped me, always here to lend support. Hope you are all well, big hugs and kisses xx

Happy 32...

Hey my real self family! I hope you are all well... Quick update... Do you remember last year? My 31st birthday consisted of being laid up in bed, still in a considerable amount of pain, stressing as to whether my hematoma belly would subside. Well I got over it and at the beginning of this year I had a firm word to myself that there was absolutely no point spending all that money on surgery to let the weight come back on again. I have a personal trainer who I see twice a week and I go to the gym about 4/5 times a week.. I do weight training in an attempt to increase my muscle and lose body fat, it's all resistance stuff. I've kept my diet clean, this has to be a way of life, I'm simply not that lucky to be able to eat what I want, if I was I wouldn't have ended up here in the first place! Haha! I'm still about 18lbs from my ideal target... But last Saturday I celebrated my 32nd birthday... This Saturday I fly out to NYC... Ideally once I reach target I may go back to Istanbul for some more lipo to get rid of those stubborn fat cells! I will when I have time post some nudey pics, I couldn't have wished for better scars! So here's a pic from Saturday...
Dr Umran Ileri

Dr Ileri (LIV hospital) is amazing. She's a total artist. My breast and TT scar are so neat and minimal and I can feel my nipples and tummy already. She's a complete perfectionist!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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