30 Years Old - After a Revision Nose Job - Feeling Like a Freak - Israel

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Hi All, Today is September 8th, 2014 - 4 days ago...

Hi All,

Today is September 8th, 2014 - 4 days ago I went through a revision rhino.
First op was a long time ago; My first operation resulted in a slide nose and really visible bulges (I'm brown skinned, middle eastern). Though really liking myself from very specific angles,I almost never wanted to take pictures and was really aware of myself (no particular social issues)

A few months ago I started researching and made sure I'm going to the best Dr. around (I'm not from the states).
So, as per Doc, my nose what very feminine, with a slide, raised tip and a bit "meety" in the lower end of tip (between nostrils). Since my first surgery took out so much out - I needed an implant.
Dr. explain he will take the material needed from the side of the scalp and from the right ear.

Anyways, to make a long story short:
When I woke up after the surgery I wanted to see some of the results and removed the tape that was blocking my nostrils (taped to hold the bleeding) and I was totally shocked/hysterical. feels like crap all over again. profile looks great from what I can see but from the front it is just horrific.
I actually look like a pig (not over-reacting) the most visible thing on my face are my nostrils, which are huge and disproportionate and tip is high, exposing it even more. I look so different, in a bad way. even those special angles which I kind'a loved my self are now gone :( :( :(
I look totally different (did I mention piggish?)

I keep reading that Doctors say (including mine) that you cannot judge 4 days after but - I'm mean, in order for me to like myself now I need a significant change - meaning nose tip/nostrils width and elevation + nostrils to be >>significantly

2 Weeks post-op: Swelling reduced a bit. Look's still on the weird side.

First - Thanks for the comments.
I'm a little shy with pics at the moment but I'll see what I can do :)

As you know, this is my 2nd Rhino (Revision) and I must say it is an emotional roller-coaster (yes, even for men). being perfectionist and rhinos is a risky combination.
So, cast was taken off a few days ago - my nose looked huge + a profile hump which seems like swelling. I was pretty shocked and the doc kept on saying how good it looks (which kind of annoyed me) and gave me those generic answers for all my questions; pretty much saying that it's all about swelling and tissue recovery. *best description would be: it looked like somebody put a nose on my nose... like they do in TV satires.

That said, since then, swelling gradually went down a bit the nose looks a bit more natural:
Left/Right profiles - looks natural (ish) with a swollen bridge hump - I guess that due to the graft+fascia implant that was used to reconstruct my lost bridge.
Front view - Looks less piggish and a bit less swollen. nostrils are uneven where one points up and narrower and the other is lower and wider (could that be fixed?). also, a graft was placed in the left upper tip as a filler, it is rock hard and makes the nose look much wider than before. I really hope grafts gets swollen as well.
So because of the above, on front view, my nose looks weird and crooked in a more visible way than before (it was never straight, but I expected this to be fixed for the $$$ paid)
Again, I hope this can be attributed to swelling and tissue 'shock'.

So, to summarize 15 days post-op --> I think it looks better than first week and first few days after cast removed.

*Fascia - I have stitches on the side of the scalp - I put some coconut oil and water to keep it moist... hopefully it will reduce scarring.
**Ear Graft: I have stitches behind the ear + graft was harvested from the inner ear rings so it's pretty visible and the tissue is soft and feels hollow to the touch and the skin looks a bit loose - will my ear fully recover?
***Numbness: My ear is still numb. My nose is rock hard and you can't really know if it is swollen or just frozen in a rock solid state.

OK, nuff said - I will keep with the updates
If anyone had a similar experience and/or can answer my questions and concerns - it would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Almost 3 weeks post-op - Tip looks bulbous and crooked + uneven nostrils = tip looks so prominent

Almost 3 weeks post-op:
My nose tip looks bulbous and crooked + uneven nostrils = tip looks so prominent :(
I didn't have a wide tip before and I feel like this revision was a mistake that made my nose/face so weird.
I didn't ask for a tip winding so why the hell surgeons just do what they want?!! (added graft at one side, the other side is hard as well so I guess he did something there as well, which is the complete opposite of what I wanted.
The way it is after 3 weeks, I'm not looking for subtle changes - I need 15-30% reduction!!
what can I expect in 2-3 months in terms of being swollen?

I keep asking close people about how it looks, requesting them to be honest - everybody mentions front view to be weird and crooked and that it wasn't like that before (due to wide tip, tip bulges and uneven nostrils)
what can be done??! if I'd need yet another (hate to think about it) revision - would it be a difficult procedure or easier that this one?

I have added recent pictures

Please reply with inputs!

1 Month Post-Op - Getting better by the week

Hi All,

I'm still swollen but noticeably less... My nose is starting to get a normal shape. less piggy and less upwards tilted.
One day I feel it's kind of huge, the other I kind of like it... ups and downs but definitely not a roller-coaster as it was at the beginning.

Nostril numbness is starting to wear-off.
Nose tip is still hard + the base of the nose (under the tip, above the upper lip) still feels hard and I'm really doing my best to avoid any contact, fills weird/hurts when pressing. I don't/can't use tissue to wipe my nose; I've packed a ton of ear picks for that. still a bit runny.

Side-view: though still swollen, looks much better than before - most importantly - a lot more natural looking.
Front view - left-right tip and nostrils are not even and I have this bump on the right side which I don't believe will dissolve. that said; as the swollenness goes down it is definitely less noticeable.

I went to a post-op checkup at the Dr's a few days ago - he said that there is still a long way to go and that reconstructive revisions like this takes time, at least 6 to 12 months to the tissues to settle.

All-in-all, I feel much better, I think I also breath better. I returned to my daily cycling sessions - soon getting back to the gym, we'll see how that will go ;) [hopefully nothing pops whilst lifting ;)]

Long way to go but it was important for me to share.

I'll keep posting as I go - your support is much appreciated pplz!
I'll post a picture next time ;)

6 months after - meh

Hi all, it's been a while.

So, -still not happy about this whole unnecessary adventure. I actually kind'a miss my old nose, with all its imperfections. but, anyways, what's done is done.
I really doubt that any visible changes will come after this point. maybe only really subtle ones.

I'm planning to see the Dr. soon, to see what can be done. Not taking BS answers.
I need to gently reduce the width of the nose + reduce the bumps which makes it look uneven + check what can be done about the mess he did with the uneven nostrils.

So, we'll see how this go... I just want to get it over with.

Moral of the story:
1. Be very clear with your surgeon as to what you want and what he can deliver!!
3. Do your research!
3. If the guy is over confident (I have a feeling female surgeons are better listeners) - think twice or make it very clear that you're the one in charge of your body!!!

Peace out,
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