31 Years Old, 2 Kids, 275cc Silicone/High profile/Cohesive gel/Unders

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Hi, I just had BA two days ago. I had very small...

Hi, I just had BA two days ago. I had very small tuberous breasts...puffy nipples with no actual breast tissue. I got 280cc silicone unders...my breasts look like cones with a puffy nipple sitting on top...the Dr said he scored the lower pole..do you think they will drop? i had no fullness before and really want a round breast thts full at the bottom...he needed to create a fold underneath the breast but i dont see it yet...also i was aiming for a big B..do you think the size he gave me is enough? I had nothing before...I am 5'7 and weigh 150 lb..thanks

Getting out of bed

It is so painful getting out of bed! It feels like ripping the incision! tips?

some pics

Feeling better

I am one week post op.. Def feeling so much better. I stopped taking the meds bec they were making me so dizzy and nauseous. My breasts are looking rounder and better every day.. I go in for my post op appointment on Thursday.

A little history

My breasts never grew and I was always very self conscious. I had IGT and didn't even hear of this condition until I tried and failed breastfeeding my two girls. I was so heartbroken that I couldn't make milk. I did everything to make milk even taking domperidone which is a pharmaceutical drug for gastro problems but as a side effect produces milk.. That helped some but I still bottle fed them. I had puffy areoles with no breast tissue and had no changes to my breasts during my pregnancies. I alsways toyed with the idea of breast implants but never thought I'd actually go ahead and do it.. I'm married and my hubby always loved me the way I am..and this was totally my choice. I had to convince him for a while but ultimately he said it was my choice and he supported me..I figured I'm 31 and its time to do it now and not push it off any longer. The main regret I hear from ppl who had their surgery was that they should have done it sooner..I want more kids and I feel good that I don't need to think of breastfeeding issues because of my Implants. I wake up every day now in awe that I actually went through with it! I a happy so far! My surgeon was great and the staff too.. I had it done in a big hospital and the price included staying overnight. That was good..they had the suite available so my mom and sister were able to stay over with me. And the morphine helped too! I used to run 6 miles about 4x a week and am a itching to start moving again!!!! I know a have awhile to go;)

Still concerned about the droopy nipple though

Hope my nipple doesn't hang over too much when they drop and fluff. What do you think?

10 days post op

Feeling pretty good! Here are some new pics. Still have that droopy nipple tjough :(

Help! Why is my left breast falling to the side? are they just dropping/fluffing at different rates?

Been getting better every day...I am 15 days post op and noticed from the pics that one breast is not symmetrical to the other anymore...Is this normal? will it even out?!!

Don't feel like they changed much.

I feel like my boobs stayed the same it the past couple of weeks. I think they're far apart and a bit strange looking. What do you think? Don't get me wrong they are WAY nicer than my tuburous tinys!

Almost 2 months post op pics

Here are some pics two months post op
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