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I wanted to share my Isolaz experience because it...

I wanted to share my Isolaz experience because it worked so well and completely changed my skin! I am 23 and have had acne since my early teens, small pimples all over, but a lot on my cheeks. Tried antibiotics, the pill, blue light box, topicals, nothing worked. It was easily covered by makeup but I hated having to wear foundation everywhere I went. I had read about it online and looked up a dermatologist in Chicago who had the machine and offered the service. The only one I could find was a very pricey office, but at my consultation I learned that they had one day every month where every service is 50% off - making it a much more affordable procedure.

Each procedure was $300 but with the 50% off it was $150 each. The told me I should try 4 treatments, one every 3 weeks. I ended up doing 5 just because I absolutely loved the way my skin looked the day after the procedure. They start by cleaning your face and laying you back in the chair, covering your eyes with the tanning bed sort of goggles. The whole procedure took about 20 minutes. The machine suctioned up a section of skin while a light blasted into the pulled up skin. It would get a little bit hot but they would spray water on the tip and on your skin about every three times, making it completely painless. When they were done they put moisturizer and sunblock on your face and you look you just got a facial - a bit pink, not bad at all. I would run errands afterwards, didn't need to run home and cover up.

The day after every procedure my skin was amazingly clear, I noticed this after just the first time. The larger pimples were gone within about 2 days and all the small ones were gone the next day. By the 3rd week the acne would appear again at first, but by my 5th procedure the acne wasn't coming back at all. It's now been 4 months since I have had any procedure and I rarely get any sort of breakout. The occasional blackheads on my nose or a pimple if I'm stressed out but that's it!! I rarely wear foundation now, I can roll out of bed and put no makeup on and feel comfortable going to work or out. They said that you may need to do occasional touchups in the coming years. Which I may do if I notice any bumps (and just because the day after your skin looks sooo great!!) but as of right now, it's still flawless. Although the price tag is a bit high - it's honestly the most amazing thing I have done for my skin, completely changed it and I cannot stop raving to everyone I know about it!!

Double check with your dermatologist to see if they have specials like mine did - makes it much more affordable!

Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon

Dr. B did not do the procedure herself, but her lab techs were amazing and very comforting. I always left feeling refreshed, happy and wonderful!

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