Not Sure About my Surgery/TT accomplished!

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So I was scheduled for my surgery for Jan. 25 but...

So I was scheduled for my surgery for Jan. 25 but i have to reschedule it because I wont have all the funds until the end of the month and now i had to reschedule my pre opt appt due to weather. Is this a sign i shouldnt go thru with this. I have had two csections 13 yrs apart! I completed my first half marathon last year, i try and eat as clean as possible and i have been doing crossfit for 6 months. No matter what that muscle wont come back.

All paid up!

Well surgery is all paid up and I am scheduled for March 1! I am so excited and i cant wait to see results just like I am seeing from everyone else. My only question is for those who have had a TT, how did you feel coming out from recovery? Were you groggy, cranky, nauseaus?

Paperwork received

Received paper work from doctors office, this is it! Feel like i am signing my life away, well i guess i am ! i cant wait to be on the flat side though

Pajamas Or Sleepshirts

So my surgery is for March 1 and I am getting excited and nervous about it. I am trying to prep myself, I was going to order pajama pants. But since I am having a TT, for my friends who have had this, which is better sleep shirts or pajama pants?

Cleared for surgery

So I have been cleared for surgery, March 1 cant come quick enough. I am so excited but nervous at the same time. I will post before pics soon.

Day before TT

Tomorrow is my TT! I was not feeling well yesterday but after proper rest and drinking a lot of water I feel better. I'm posting up pics finally , my before. Please pray for me!

Surgery day!

We'll I'm at my doctors nice and early! It's my turn today. I'm excited and nervous, basically expecting the worse. I've been praying for this.


So my surgery went well. I did not throw up or feel nausea after it just groggy. I took my medal and I'm at my parents recovering. My hubby, son and my parents have been so helpful. It does hurt to walk but that's expected. I'm so happy and relieved right now. Resting now


Is it normal to feel dizzy?

Day 3

Today I was able to brush my teeth and wash my face. It's the little things! Unfortunately I have developed a cough and wow does it hurt! I was able to go to the bathroom on my own; baby steps. This is hard but I keep hearing it gets better. I know that i am in good hands.

Day 4

This is harder than I expected. I can't sleep on recliner anymore and while I am able to walk slowly on my own I'm still hunched over. Thursday can't come fast enough. I need to find a way to wash my hair n try and sleep on a bed.

First post up & home!

I had my first post up n doctor took both drains out! I was afraid only would be taken out. It didn't hurt like I thought until I got up. Doctor was really happy with my progress. I was scared to look at me belly but once I did I could not believe how flat I was despite being swollen. He told me to keep binder on but only remove it for shower. I was able to come home today as well but when I got out of car I was so sore from the sides! I guess from the drains so I'm really sore, I'm taking breaks and walking though. My back feels really straight today.

First day at home

So last night I slepted on my couch with pillows behind my back n under my knees, I woke up feeling so rested today! The recliner was killing my neck. I managed to shower on my own, it tired me out. My hubby stood by in case I needed him. I'm really swollen n bruised n hope it goes down. I'm happy but worried , I have a long road ahead of me.

One week mark

I can't believe it's my one week mark. My pain is slowly subsiding. I feel my back naturally straightening out. I'm starting to walk a little faster but I pace myself. I can't wait for my next appt on Thursday. My hubby has been wonderful taking care of me, cooking n cleaning and doing things for me.

Ups, Downs & back aches

I woke up with the worst back pain this morning. I was in a rut today, managed to shower to wake up my body. My incision felt weird today but i am sure its normal. I go to the doctors this thursday. Everyday is different, but now the back pain is worse tonight.

Day 13

Today Is the first day I almost feel normal! No back pain and my back feels more straighter. Going to see my PS tomm!

Second post op

So yesterday I went back to my PS, he took my tape off bad said he was happy with my progress, I was horrified when I saw my scar. Today is the first I'm wearing regular clothes. Still swollen but feel better.

Week 3

Survived first week at work! It was hard but by Friday I felt so much better. I'm walking even more straighter. Last night was the first time I was able to sleep on my sides. I am worried though about my sides, but I know I still have a long way to go.

One month today!

The first four week flew by! I'm finally feeling better and I'm walking much straighter. The binder is a pain, but I don't see my ps until the 11th. My cut is much thinner. Still itches n it's still numb but not as much.

5th week

IS the itchiness still normal? I get home from work and the first thing I do is take the damn thing off! ughhh

15 week mark!

So it's been about awhile since I've posted. I'm finally feeling better and back to doing crossfit out 4x a week. I'm aiming for 5 days straight this coming week. I don't any sit ups yet but I'm pretty much getting back to where I left before my surgery. It's taking me awhile to feel good. I'm still a little swollen but that doesn't bother me as much anymore. I see a big difference now in my stomach. I'm even starting to see a little ab muscle. This process does take time but it's worth it. I can't wait to get stronger and start competing. I'm also eating clean which helps a lot! For those that are thinking of doing it, just do it!

8 months later

So I haven't posted any pics in awhile out of boredom. It's been 8 months since my TT with lipo. I'm super happy that I got it done. I do crossfit about 4 days a week and eat as clean as possible. My main concern is getting lean and I'm hoping to be able to reach that goal after having this surgery. I still have numbness but not a lot.

Side pic

Long Island Physician

Dr. Scott Blyer, Anastassia and his staff are wonderful and very caring. Awesome bedside manners! From the moment I had my consultation they made me feel at ease. I have had two family members who have gone to him and are very happy with their results. I had my surgery today and I am very happy!

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