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My pre-op is scheduled for Sept 15, 2016. My...

My pre-op is scheduled for Sept 15, 2016. My surgery date is October 5, 2016. Around the 13 I tried to push the date back, but was told I would lose my deposit. No way I was doing that. So now I'm scrambling but I lucked up and got a Dr. Appt w a family dr. The same day of Sept 14. To do my medical clearance. They are running my blood work in house through there lab. They did my EKG today also in the office and she said it was perfect. I'm so happy I live in New York and was able to find someone willing to take me the same day. I'm 5'1 and weight 166 according to them. I think I'm 170. Which makes my bmi at 31.4 obsese... smh. I'm trying to lose at least 10pounds or more before my date Oct 5. I have no supplies, I'm thinking about ordering from www.chiseledlux.com there bbl kit w booty chair is $336. If anyone has any suggestions of things to get or places to get items that people often forget let me know. I had a $500 deposit down. But need to have at least 3000 in my account for a plan the Dr. Office (My Dr. Is Scott Blyer a.k.a drbfixin... Cameo Surgical Center )has through Wells Fargo. I need my mom to add money to my account so I can have the money there so they can pull and I still have money for my bills. Wish me luck ! I'll post pictures soon.

Everyone wants to save money!

My date is coming up soon. So I was looking at getting my supplies, at first I saw people offering suitcases with supplies online priced around 200 to 225. I thought Oh I would go that route even tho I don't need a suitcase. It cuts the hassle of having to buy all the supplies. But then I realize something the reason they can charge you what may seem like a lower price is because they are giving you sample size of items for eample things like the Hiblicens in there package you will get a pack of it, things like bio oil the smallest one. If you go that route these are things to look at or be aware of.
Then I saw amazon prime 30 day trail for free. I put my info in. Filled my cart up based on the items most other people were buying as part of a package. Also I made sure I got what the dr. told me to get but her list was pretty basic. Cami the shirts, loose clothes, pads, and compression socks. Amazon prime was a life saver. Only bad thing is the shipping and handling even tho you have the membership and can get 2 day free ship. You must be buying prime items. If its not a prime item check the shipping and handling cost. If your not buying last mintute like me pick the shipping that takes the longest so you save money. I leave March 5. So I wanted my items here by March 1. *** Almost forgot the airline I'm flying with has a weight limit on bags of 50 pounds. Whether you carry it on or check your bag so I have to pack light.

March 7, 2017

Who will be traveling to Dominican Republic in March for Yily? What recovery house are you staying with? So far the responsiveness from email or instagram has been good. Has anyone rated luxury recovery house?


Originally I had my passport on Feb 15, I went to look for it and it was missing. My surgery date is March 7. So after I cleaned my entire room and didn't find it. I got my birth certificate, photo copies of my ID front and back. Then woke up early in the am to get my picture taken. I went to the post office in the airport because they expedite your things and I went there the first time around. The lady at the post office told me my date is to close you need to go to the passport agency. So I looked it up. I called and the next appointment was feb 24. I was a lil worried. I hung up from the automated system and spoke to a person directly. She said the samething next appointment is feb 24. I said the post office said i could walk- in. She said no you must have an appointment. So i took it. I went to the passport agency and there was a wait when i got there for people with appointments. After the wait i went upstairs and gave my things in and paid. But they said re do your picture your face is to small. Tell them to get closer. I paid 11 dollars to redo the picture up the block. Plus took $20 from chase and $6 for atm fees because chase is not my bank and the man only took cash for passport pictures w.e. Finally today i went with my receipt and got my passport and they returned my original documents the same day. Yayyyy! (It took 3 mins. Literally) So happy. in the city on Hudson St. If anyone needs a passport because it is lost or stolen last min. All you have to do is find the passport agency near you. Yes you can walk- in but the wait is longer. Also even tho the hours may be 8am-6pm. There is a cut off time for walk-ins. The one in NYC is 3pm but come at least by 2:30 there may be a line. Another thing you must be traveling within the next two weeks if your doing a walk in. Or they won't even see you, no matter what time you get there. So even if it seems like your cutting it close take the first available appointment. Just because you walk-in it doesn't make the passport process faster. I went on a Friday and got my passport on Monday. "at will- call" You usually are able to get your passport the very next day so yes you need to make two trips. Also you must show proof you are traveling on the date you say, by showing your airline receipt or itinerary. You must be traveling in the next 2 weeks even w. a appointment. The only way they will do it same day is if you are traveling that same day or the next day. Safe travels


Will I bruise really bad afterward? Today in addition too going to pick up my passport which took 3mins. I went to the Dr. To get my medical clearance. I had an 11:30a.m appointment. I wasn't seen until 1:30 smfh. They were really annoying. Didn't leave until 2:10 ish. Anyway I got my blood taken. After, I got home and took the band aid off I notice a red bruise just from being stuck with that lil needle. I never bruise, and I'm not an easy bruiser. The place I was stuck was also sore. Now I'm thinking ima really be bruised up afterward. I hope not. :( crossing my fingers.


I just got a call from Yily de Santos office confirming my surgery date for march7. I'm excited and nervous. I can't wait to get to D.R. :-). It's going down for real this is really happening.

Medical Clearance

I got my medical clearance back and my numbers look good. I had a clearance done prior around September and I had a hemoglobin count of 12.7. I wasn't taking the vitamins and supplements then. Exactly 2 months prior (to my march date) which was January 1, I started to take vitamin c 500mg, iron 325mg, and folic acid 800mg w vitamin b-12 25mcg. Those vitamins really work. In January I took pur- absorb which is liquid iron instead of the pill iron 325mg. The store was on back order for the pur-absorb which is suppose to be really good to get your numbers to increase. So the vitamins really work. Yayyyy

Today was my day

I just had my surgery toady. I feel fine. I'm just really really sore. But it's bare able. It feels like someone smacked you really hard. My surgery date was suppose to be March 7. But she did mines today on March 6. Because she didn't have alot of ppl and cancellations. She does your surgery by the time ppl arrive to cipla, she sticks to that order. So be prepared that she may do you the day before. My recovery house got us here at 6am, we was here before the staff. After a little it gets busy alot of girls in and out for post op, doing surgery today and etc.. yily is really nice she speaks English and will communicate back to you in English. And her translater will make sure everything was communicated properly. Some of the other staff don't speak English but there's usually another staff member right there w with that speaks both English and Spanish. I haven't seen myself yet, I'm still at Cipla over night but from what I can feel I really like it. My stomach is completely flat. I just got lipo w bbl and added on arms. I got liposuction of my full stomach, full back, flanks, love handles bra rolls, and armpits. I added on arms which was 300 dollars. I wanted inner thighs and knees also but she goes according to if ya hemo drops. She won't do it. She doesn't want to put you at risk. So I'm fine with that. I was shaking when they brought me back to my room that's where I woke up at. I just felt cold the shaking didn't bother me. I stopped shaking after I warmed up and they gave me a blood transfusion because they said my hemo dropped. Also they gave me iv of water and vitamins to keep me hydrated. Another thing even if your just getting lipo they will put a drain to help collect the excess fluid. Good luck future dolls :)

9 days later... 7 massages layer. Pics soon

I really like my results. My stomach is all the way flat. My back there are no rolls. I liked my lower back more right after surgery like within the first 4 days. It kinda seems like the side back area love handle could be less but after I did a massage it's so much better. My back results go back to right after how they looked after surgery. Advice : everyone heals different but I would not add on inner thighs lipo, the swelling there makes it so hard to walk. Walk often it helps a lot at least once every 30 mins. Drink lots of water more then what you think you need. Do your massages, use your help only when you need it. Pineapple and papayas include it into your diet, everyday ! . Eat right more vegetable based diet. It will help with swelling and inflammation and fluid retention.


Just pictures I have in my phone, I will post better pictures. Everytime I take off my faja I don't have my phone close by. Overall I feel like the surgery is not painful. But the after is really intense. I had my surgery March 6. Today March 19, I'm starting to feel better. I've had 8 massages so far, I wish I could of done them back to back close together, maybe I would of felt even better. Due to the storm in NY the massage therapist schedule was all over the place. At one point I got really swollen and inflammation in my leg and feet. One leg more then the other. It went down when I took off all compression the socks, faja, and arms compression for like 5 hours. And had some turemic tea. The abdominal board is tough, but helps to keep your stomach flat. I only could wear the abdominal board under my faja, the lipo foam and board was to much. Since I made my diet only vegetables and fruits. It has helped alot with the inflammation and soreness.

1 month post op

On April 6, I made one month post op. So around 3 weeks I started to feel better. I wouldn't get the hot burning tingling feeling as much in my back, sides and stomach. When I got up from a sitting position I wouldn't feel as stiff. Unless I was sitting for a really long time. I try and eat pineapples every morning at least and drink lots of water and only water through out the day. For my first month I went for massages everyday. Going into the second month I'll get massages 3 times a week. My stomach is flat my back has no rolls but there's a crease on one side I'm working on with the massages. I have two fajas my stage one which I like wearing all the time because it's comfortable. Then I have a stage two which is tight and a size bigger because I bought it according to hip size, that I wear every now and again. But I'm trying to wear it more because it has better compression. I wish I bought it smaller then my stage 1. I also wish I bought my wrap around foam in a small instead of a medium. My waist started at a size 31' and now is a 29. I'm really just waiting until this stiffness in my back and sides is completely gone.(I'll be so happy, any one know when will this be?) If your interested in surgery and want to see what the recovery is really like go to a place that does post op care like massages. You'll get to see ppl that went to different doctors out of the country as well as in the us. In my opinion it's kinda true the girls that went out of the country are more snatched stomachs completely flat as compared to us dolls usually have a lil stomach (comparing based on 1 month post op results, from what I've seen) . The difference in soreness and stiffness is different also out of the country is a 10 in pain compared to a 5 or 6 for girls who stayed in the us. The recovery seems to be faster for us dolls but that's probably because the limit on fat that can be removed.
Long Island Physician

There really nice. But they don't follow up with you at all. In addition there not willing to budge... partially my fault but I'm making it work so far. Going else where !

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