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My pre-op is scheduled for Sept 15, 2016. My...

My pre-op is scheduled for Sept 15, 2016. My surgery date is October 5, 2016. Around the 13 I tried to push the date back, but was told I would lose my deposit. No way I was doing that. So now I'm scrambling but I lucked up and got a Dr. Appt w a family dr. The same day of Sept 14. To do my medical clearance. They are running my blood work in house through there lab. They did my EKG today also in the office and she said it was perfect. I'm so happy I live in New York and was able to find someone willing to take me the same day. I'm 5'1 and weight 166 according to them. I think I'm 170. Which makes my bmi at 31.4 obsese... smh. I'm trying to lose at least 10pounds or more before my date Oct 5. I have no supplies, I'm thinking about ordering from www.chiseledlux.com there bbl kit w booty chair is $336. If anyone has any suggestions of things to get or places to get items that people often forget let me know. I had a $500 deposit down. But need to have at least 3000 in my account for a plan the Dr. Office (My Dr. Is Scott Blyer a.k.a drbfixin... Cameo Surgical Center )has through Wells Fargo. I need my mom to add money to my account so I can have the money there so they can pull and I still have money for my bills. Wish me luck ! I'll post pictures soon.

Everyone wants to save money!

My date is coming up soon. So I was looking at getting my supplies, at first I saw people offering suitcases with supplies online priced around 200 to 225. I thought Oh I would go that route even tho I don't need a suitcase. It cuts the hassle of having to buy all the supplies. But then I realize something the reason they can charge you what may seem like a lower price is because they are giving you sample size of items for eample things like the Hiblicens in there package you will get a pack of it, things like bio oil the smallest one. If you go that route these are things to look at or be aware of.
Then I saw amazon prime 30 day trail for free. I put my info in. Filled my cart up based on the items most other people were buying as part of a package. Also I made sure I got what the dr. told me to get but her list was pretty basic. Cami the shirts, loose clothes, pads, and compression socks. Amazon prime was a life saver. Only bad thing is the shipping and handling even tho you have the membership and can get 2 day free ship. You must be buying prime items. If its not a prime item check the shipping and handling cost. If your not buying last mintute like me pick the shipping that takes the longest so you save money. I leave March 5. So I wanted my items here by March 1. *** Almost forgot the airline I'm flying with has a weight limit on bags of 50 pounds. Whether you carry it on or check your bag so I have to pack light.

March 7, 2017

Who will be traveling to Dominican Republic in March for Yily? What recovery house are you staying with? So far the responsiveness from email or instagram has been good. Has anyone rated luxury recovery house?
Long Island Physician

There really nice. But they don't follow up with you at all. In addition there not willing to budge... partially my fault but I'm making it work so far.

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