Bad Liposculpture

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My Story – Jacqueline Hiatt Surgery dates...

My Story – Jacqueline Hiatt

Surgery dates – July 11, 2008 top and bottom abdominal areas, July 13th 2008 left and right flanks.

July 11,2008 – Surgery done with xanax shot and and they gave me some to take. Made incisions and filled me with lido can saline. The Cannula work at the beginning was AWEFUL! It felt like someone was ripping me apart. It reached to parts of my groin area and around the belly button and felt like it was going to go into my muscle. I beared through and the surgery went OK. Left with the spanx that they tod me to purchase on and returned on the 13th for the second half.
July 13th, 2008. Surgery done in the same procedure. Close to the end of the surgery I hear a loud sound and the doctor leaves for a few minutes. I am groggy so I am not sure for how long I am on the table. He returns and they clean me up and put the spanx back on. I am led to the exam room wher I am told that the doctor was only able to do one side of my flank with the smart lipo because he stepped on the machine’s cord and shut it off. (I find out later that it costs $500.00 to turn it on and this is why I have been sent home unfinished). I am assured that if I look in any way lopsided that they will correct the areas.

1 Month after – I am still in a lot of pain. Can’t work out, or walk or resume any of my normal activity without major pain at around 5 pm. My left side if visibly flabby and the area around my belly button has lumps. I am giving the derma wave treatment twice in the course of a month to try and help remedy.

3 months after – I look the same, but have added that the scars are still very prominent and two of them actually pull in so that my skin looks like it has little horizontal tucks. The spanks elastic has caused a horizontal area about 2 inches above my belly button to actually attach itself to the muscle of my abdomen so that I can’t do any yoga stretrch properly and the skin above which was untreated hangs over it. The area around my belly button is still lumpy and scarred so that there is no expectation of a smooth area there. I meet the new doctor – Dr. R, my surgeon has been replaced by Dr. B. She agrees with everything that I am showing her and assures me that she will be able to fix all of the problems, however, we need to wait until I am 6 monthe post op. I am thrilled that there will be a plastic surgeon working on me and make my appoint ment for January 20th 2009 to come in.
January 20, 2009. I come in to the office and am led straight to a room where the office manager informs me that the office is being bought out by another company and that they want to fire Dr. B and bring back Dr. R. She offers to take me with her to the new office that she plans to open with Dr. B and fix me for a small fee. I tell her that my contract is with ISIS and that I demand to be taken care of immediately by the doctors at this office as is what I was promised. She leaves to speak with the doctor and returns to tell me that the doctor will do my surgery on the 4th of February. The doctor never came in once to see me during this appointment. I leave the office with my information packet in hand.
January 28, 2009. I am called and told that the doctor had to leav unexpectedly to attend to her sick father. They reschedule me for surgery on Feb 12th.
February 9, 2009. I call the office to confirm and ask about my prescription as I am supposed to be taking an antibiotic 3 days prior. There is no answer. I try numerous times throught the morning to cal and there is no answer. I drive to the office to find a sign on the door saying that the office is filing for chapter 7. There is no answer at any of the other ISIS locations. I get on the internet to find out if there is any way to contact the doctor and see what I can do. I find one message from Imago Cosmetic. It says:

1. We are very sorry for the recent events that the patients of Isis Cosmetic have had to go through. We are Imago Cosmetic medical center. IMAGOCOSMETIC.COM. My team were the founders of Isis Cosmetic and sold it, and watched it fail. We are not affiliated in any way with the people that did this. We are developing a plan to facilitate the needs of the scheduled patients without them loosing the investment that was made. Please contact us for more information. Again, the business of cosmetic surgery needs to be run by professionals that know the industry. We will make it right for you out of our duty to the public, again we are in no way affiliated with the current owners and are appalled by this situation. Hope to hear from you soon.

I call the number and speak with the office manager. She informs me of the horrible practices that have been going on at ISIS. Imago Cosmetic has been helping patients of ISIS to correct their situations. They are not affiliated with ISIS, but used to own them and are now having to face possible bad publicity due to this prior association. She has offered to help me by correcting my botched surgery for free! I will keep you posted as to what will happen next. I am hopeful that the situation will be remedied.

Dr. Rott (Dr. R), Dr. B is Dr. Barone

NOT qualified to do this type of surgery.

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