Years of Sadness Due to Eyebags - Prague, CZ

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So after saving extensively I opted after lots of...

So after saving extensively I opted after lots of research to visit dr satankova at iscare in prague to help my rid of my very aging upper and lower eyebags.
I am now 8 days post operative and feel very depressed. The upper eyelid had to be cut way under lash line, my eyelids remain very swollen...

day 15

my eyes dont look much better. i think that the lower line is horrible and feel it wont go as now it is a fold which make undereye look like i have 2 sets of bags.
i am praying that it gets better. will make appt to see my own gp as worried

new photo

After make up and botox this is the new me. What do you all think? Any improvement? :)
Prague Plastic Surgeon

Dr satankova was very nice attentive and kind. I think she has tried her best and it early days still for me to comment

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