Is It Normal to Have Purplish/maroon Dots After IPL Treatment on the Face?

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I did the treatment to get rid of and/or fade age...

I did the treatment to get rid of and/or fade age spots and freckling and improve the overall appearance of my skin. I also had small broken capillaries near my nose, but I am told the Pulse Dye Laser is better for those.

I have had one PDL treatment on the capillaries and have one more. I have one more BBL treatment scheduled in 3 weeks, but am not sure if I will do it yet. I will to wait and see how these brown and purple marks clear.

Pros: Quicker results than using Obagi or other skin care lines. Less painful than a chemical peel.

Cons: Uneasy feeling that dark spots won't fall off and I will be left with worse coloring/skin then before procedure. Worried about pencil-dot sized purple marks left in two spots.

Yesterday, I had my first full facial BBL treatment (similar to an IPL). I have fair, freckly skin. 24 hours later, my freckles and age spots and areas I did not even know I had spots have turned chocolate brown. My face is covered in large brown areas resembling potting soil or coffee ground stains. I assume this is normal, but it is alarming. Does it usually start to flake off within 5-7 days? I also have two spots that have turned a maroon-purple color and are not brown (looks like magenta marker spots). Is this normal?

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My provider has years of experience and was very careful and conservative with treatment, doing a spot test first.

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