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Bioliner Plus – Five Star Ortho This review is...

Bioliner Plus – Five Star Ortho
This review is about the Bioliner Plus brand of clear aligners. Bioliners are made by Five Star Otho – a lab based in Denton, TX. The system is gaining popularity slowly - I've noticed a lot more practices are advertising it, but strangely enough there aren’t very many patient reviews. When I was initially considering beginning treatment with Bioliners I searched all over the internet for reviews, photos - anything to give me an idea of what to expect and whether or not the system is worth it compared to Invisalign –I found next to nothing! I am hoping this review will help someone make a more informed decision about Bioliners.

My Case
My teeth are really not too bad actually. I have some aesthetic issues I have always wanted to fix – a slightly rotated tooth next to my left incisor, a minor overjet, and some issues with the way my teeth line up when I bite. I was told by several orthodontists during Invisalign consults, including my current one, that my bite won't be corrected with clear aligners and that traditional braces were recommended, but having a metal mouth at 28 didn't sound like a great idea to me. I initially requested Invisalign but my ortho convinced me to do the Bioliners because, in his experience, it was a cheaper and quicker alternative. The total cost ended up being $3000 for a 7 month treatment. After “insurance” it came to $2650. I had previously gotten quotes of $4700 - $5200 for the same case with Invisalign.

My Treatment Experience
Honestly my treatment stated out kind of rocky. My ortho insisted that I begin the treatment with a Hawley retainer with a tongue guard and little tongue exersizer ball (I’m sure that’s not the technical term). He said I needed it to correct my tongue thrust problem and decrease my overjet a bit before we begin with the Bioliner. I still don’t understand that – isn’t that the point of the aligners?? Ugh what a nightmare – I could barely speak with the thing, and I looked absolutely ridiculous!! I was only supposed to wear it for a month and then start the Bioliner, BUT due to a series of unfortunate events and a lack of organization at my dentist’s office, I ended up having to wear that stupid retainer for 3 freaking months!!!!! Needless to say I was not happy. -__-

Finally on 11/7/13 I finally received my Bioliner! The aligner itself was very different than I expected. It very much looked like an Invisalign knock off. The look of it was similar to Invisalign, but material seemed very cheap. The area that was supposed to fit over my front teeth had these soft inserts in them, which made it look and feel unattractively thick. Apparently these soft inserts are what makes Bioliners special; they are designed gradually move your teeth anywhere from ½ - 1 ½ mm per tray. This is one of the factors that makes it more affordable than Invisalign – one Bioliner can basically move your teeth more than several Invisalign trays which cuts down on lab work and associated fees. There are also no fancy Clin Checks, carrying cases, or any of that frilly stuff, which is ok with me. I do really wish there were some way to see how my teeth will look at the end of the treatment, but I guess I can live without that for a $1 - $2K cost savings.

During the first phase of the treatment I was directed to wear this Bioliner for 3 weeks and then return for the Bioliner Plus, which is the clear aligner without the soft inserts, and wear it for another 3 weeks. This Plus aligner would also serve as my retainer after the treatment. Altogether, if all goes well, it will take 6 weeks to complete my treatment.

Day One – The Fitting:
This part was WAAAY different than I expected. I've seen tons of Invisalign reviews and demos, and I know that usually the aligners kind of snap on and fit really snug and secure to the teeth. Well that's not how the Bioliner works - the thing does not fit on my teeth very well at all and does not feel very secure. As I mentioned, all the movement is to happen with my front teeth (upper arch) so that is where the plastic inserts are… the rest was just the cheap plastic-like material. So my front teeth didn't fit all the way in, which caused the back of the tray to pop right off of my molars VERY easily! My dentist informed me that the plastic inserts in the tray would move my teeth over time, and the tray would start fitting better once they moved to their final positions.

So I took his word for it and walked out of the office with the thing basically hanging off of my front teeth. There was a big gap between the aligner and my gums and my lips protruded out because the plastic was so bulky. I was told to use my mint scented "chewie" to set the Bioliner in place, but honestly that didn't work well either. I was disappointed and skeptical, but I decided to do my best to continue the treatment as best as I could. It was really hard to talk properly while trying to keep the thing from falling off my teeth - it still is now, on Day 2.

Day 2 – Annoyance!
I felt no soreness until today, which is Day 2 of my treatment. The pain in not terrible, but it is uncomfortable.... at least it is giving some confidence that this thing might actually work. It was really annoying trying to talk at work when the Bioliner kept sliding off my teeth. I called my orthodontist this morning and scheduled an appointment on Monday to see it there's something he can do to help me keep it in my mouth. :) I've posted some pictures of my teeth before and with the Bioliner in. I've also posted one of the aligner itself... I hope you can see the plastic inserts in the front. I’m still skeptical about the effectiveness of this system. I really wish I had found more reviews before I signed up for Bioliners – If I had known how poorly the tray would fit I probably would have stuck with Invisalign instead. Only time will tell if I made the right choice or not. I'll update again soon!

Update 2nd Week

After my appointment on Monday, my dentist gave me the happy news that my teeth are moving very fast and that I am clear to start the plus aligner over a week early. I pick up the plus aligner/final retainer on Monday morning. I'll post another update once I have received it. Here are the photos I meant to post along with my original review. Happy Thursday!

6 Weeks in!

So I got my Plus aligner about 4 weeks ago. Much like the Bioliner, the Plus really didnt fit at all at first. Ut gradually my teeth began to shift and it fits very nicely now. I am really happy with the straightening I have a achieved with the Plus aligner, but I still think there could be a bit more movement on my lateral incisors. I had what was supposed to be my final checkup last week and th doc said we would do one more set of both aligners to accomplish that movement... I guess this is similar to Invisalign refinements.

I also scheduled my appointment for cosmetic crown lengthening for 1/9. Im really excited for this procedure - it is something I have wanted to do for such a long time! I added a few more pics, one of my teeth before I started this whole process and one most recent one after the first round of Bioliners. Ill post an additional update once I have completed the crown lengthening and Bioliner.

ETA Photos

Photos mentioned above...

Almost Done!

Quick update to post pic of my teeth post crown lengthening. I have completed my second round of the Bioliner and I will be starting the final Plus aligner on 3/10 after my gums I've sufficiently healed. I'll probably wear that for two weeks
and then Ill be DONE!!!! :D

As for the crown lengthening, it was a really simple procedure and the recovery was amazingly easy and painless. The worst part was the numbing actually. The results were wonderful. The difference between this pic and how my teeth were when I started is remarkable. I plan on posting a video here soon to better explain the treatment and how the aligners look/work. If anyone has any additional questions about the crown lengthening procedure, feel free to send me a msg!! :)
Dr. Borgman

Great general dentist. Orthodontic treatment with the Bioliner started off very rocky, but overall I am ok with his service.

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