51 Year Old Female - Getting Implant Supported Dentures at Radiance Dentistry in Irving, TX - Irving, TX

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I am a 51 year old female with periodontal disease...

I am a 51 year old female with periodontal disease (receding gums, loosening and shifting teeth) I have made the decision to have all of my teeth extracted and get implant supported dentures.

Periodontal disease runs in my family and after two kids, years of cigarette smoking and too few regular cleanings - I've lost the battle and my smile looks horrible. I brush and floss religiously and I no longer smoke, but I know that the disease/bacteria in my mouth is affecting other areas of my health as well. It has to.

My overall health and the fact that I hate the way I look in pictures, am totally self-conscious when out in public and avoid social situations is what led me here, to Realself, to Dr. Iskandar.

I started researching the implants once I learned that I am not a candidate for Invisalign - which was my original plan. The orthodontist said my teeth were too loose and suggested I look into All-On-4 Implants. From there, I found the video series from Kalinjax on YouTube. I highly recommend watching her series if you are just beginning this journey! She also has a website. Learning about her journey pushed me to the decision point. That and two teeth got very, very loose while I had a severe cold (?).

I started looking for a local specialist and ran across reviews for Radiance Dentistry here on Realself. I double checked their google reviews and all were really happy with Dr. Iskandar and his staff. I called and was able to book a consultation the following week. At the consultation, they did a CT scan and one of the assistants explained the All-On-4 and the Implant Supported Dentures to me. She was very thorough (but I had already researched a ton), explaining everything from the timing to the procedure to the difference in the two appliances.

Dr. Iskandar came in, reviewed my CT scans and explained the procedure and process to me as well. He answered all of my questions and was very nice and patient. When we were talking about the implants and the denture, bridge, etc...I realized, and Dr. Iskandar confirmed, that I could have the extractions, the implants and basically the same denture (teeth) with snap-on or implant supported dentures. They are a little bit different in that they are removable not fixed (the All-on-4 can only be removed by your dentist), there is a little more of an acrylic gum/palate than the All-on-4 (but the majority of the palate is still exposed, unlike a regular denture which covers the entire palate). The other thing is that the highest-end denture (the zirconium) can’t be placed on the snap on denture.

Well, since I can’t afford the high-end denture anyway, I decided to go with the snap on and save a lot of money. And the best news is, if I ever want to upgrade to the All-on-4, I can use the same implants and will just pay the difference between the two prices - which is currently $6500. That sealed the deal for me! I also like the idea of being able to really clean the denture. The implant/abutment is super strong and they will NOT come out of your mouth unless you take them out. They don’t move around. Dr. Iskandar did say that it would be easier for me to adapt to not having natural teeth with the All-on-4. At least an All-on-4 on top and snap in on the bottom but I can't spend that much money right now (that set up would be $25,000 - still a good value).

I met with Frank, the patient coordinator and he explained all of the financing options. There are lots of options. I will use a combination of cash and a zero interest credit card. You do not have to pay it all up front. You can pay in stages which is helpful! I have followed up with questions on the phone and have never felt pressured, rushed or like anyone is pushing a higher cost treatment plan on me.

I am having both arches done for $19,000, $9,500 each. That is an all-inclusive price. Extractions, implant surgery, anesthesia, temporaries, finals and all appointments in between. There is a 10 year warranty on everything. They use the Ivoclar Vivadent line of denture (the same that Kalinjax has in her last videos) and top-of-the line impants.

I go in for impressions next Tuesday. The following Tuesday afternoon they will extract my uppers and fit my temporary. The next day they will extract my lowers and fit my temporary. I will go back on Friday, then again in four-six weeks. As I understand it, my finals will be ready and I should be healed in about four to six months.

Am I nervous? Not really. I’m more excited than anything. I know it will be a challenging few months with some discomfort and lots of adjustments but I’m researching soft food diets and am just going for it!

I will update after my next appointment.

Pre-Op & Impressions today. Before photos.

My pre-op and impressions appointment went really well. No problems at all.

First they took my blood pressure and pulse (probably to establish a baseline). Then they set right in making the impressions. There were two sets made for both upper and lower. The first set was in a light gel. The second set was the thick gooey stuff. They leave that in for a couple of minutes while it hardens. It is kind of weird but no big deal. I have a loose tooth on my upper arch and was afraid it would come out, but it survived intact.

I also chose the color for my immediate dentures. I went with the lightest shade I could for the immediates. I understand that you can go whiter with the finals but I think this is a good way to kind of ease into a bright white smile. Surprisingly, the color I choose is not that drastic a difference from my natural teeth. Go figure.

I got lots of prescriptions! Be sure to go into detail about the medications you are taking. They were going to prescribe a Z-Pac but eliminated it due to possible complications with my thyroid medications.

I have to fill prescriptons for Amoxicillin (antibiotic), Ibuprofin 800mg (pain/swelling), Tylenol #3 (pain), Triazolam (anxiety) and Peridex (oral rinse). These all must be filled prior to surgery.

I made my first payment today as well. The total cost is $19,000. Today I put $2000 down in cash. Next Tuesday (day of 1st surery) I will pay another $10,000. This will be a combination of cash and the lowest interest credit card I have. To begin the final phase (about four months after surgery) I will need to pay the balance of $7,000.

I am very happy with the price I am paying for what I am getting! These are top-of-the-line implants and dentures. You can research both and see if your dentist uses them. The denture is by Ivoclar Vivadent. It is the BlueLine. You can google it and see how nice they are! I can't remember right now what brand name the implants are but I did research those and they are top-of-the-line as well.

I am so excited to get this done. I am still not really nervous. I know it's a big deal getting all of your teeth pulled, but for today anyway - I am perfectly calm!

Here is a picture of my teeth. Ewww. Thankful this is one one the last times I will have to look at these!

Yesterday uppers, today lowers. Feeling pretty good so far!

I went in at 1:00pm yesterday for the uppers. The blood pressure, c02/pulse monitoring devices were attatched, I took my oral sedation medicine and relaxed until my blood pressure came down and I was sufficiently woozy. Dr. Iskander and his staff are very sweet and accomodating, always calm and no rushing things. I asked for, and received, great music to listen to which always calms me and makes me happy.

I think they started the procedure about 30 minutes after I took the sedation pill. I was aware of the shots he gave me in the mouth but didn't feel a bit of pain. I had taken the 800 mg ibuprofen an hour earlier as directed also so I'm sure that helped.

I was aware during the procedure, but couldn't feel anything. Dr. Iskander asked me to open my mouth wider or something a couple of times, which I can only assume I obliged.

I do remember a bit of pressure when the denture was attached to the implant, but that's about it.

Next thing I know, it is now...almost 12 hours after the start of the procedure. I'm feeling suprisingly good. I awoke to see some blood on my pillowcase, coming from the right side of my mouth. This is the side with more discomfort.

I'm also pretty hungry so I am drinking a protein shake. Probably all I will have today since I go in at 9am for my lowers.

All said, I am blown away by how much easier this was than I thought it would be. I'm attaching a photo of the upper temps. Will post later after lowers are done.

28 extractions, 10 implants. Post Op Progress, Removal of Temps

Today is day three after the upper arch and day two after the lower. I have been just lounging around, trying to keep on time with my antibiotics, rinses, pain meds.

The pain has been pretty minimal although it did start to throb and bleed when I did too much moving around. Especially when I let my head drop. I learned pretty quickly to squat rather than lean over! I have also set my alarm and not gone more than five hours without an Ibuprofen or Tylenol. The Ibuprofen is a MUST! I could feel my face shrinking after taking it. It is the only thing that provided relief from the pressure of the swelling. The codeine gives me a headache so I don’t use it.

The swelling has been weird, traveling all over my face. For a little while, I had a huge knot on the right side of my lower jaw. Later, I had a bump the size of a walnut near my nose. Yesterday, my nose was really swollen, today it is not. This morning the right side beneath my jaw was huge - like jowls! Now, not so much.

I iced every 20 minutes or so the first day after each surgery. The second day I iced some, then started applying warm, moist heat. I ended up keeping a rice cooker filled with water and a bunch of little washcloths next to my bed. It felt really, really good to apply those warm cloths to my face! Dr. Iskandar said that moist heat is important because it increases blood flow/circulation which aids in healing. He said no more ice is needed.

All I have really had to "eat" are protein shakes and pudding. I have chocolate whey and vanilla vegan protein powders and I've been switching off, adding almond milk, fruit and veggies to make it interesting and to add more nutrients and fiber. Smelling the families burgers and fries last night was kind of hard. Can’t lie about that!

Today I went in for my post op visit. It took about 15 minutes. Dr. Iskandar explained how to pop the denture off of the implants and then assisted me as I did both arches a few times. I was scared that the pressure would really hurt on the implants but it wasn’t that bad. The gum line of the denture scraped against my gums when I tried to put it in once and that did not feel good! I think it will just take practice. You have to kind of feel when the holes on the bottom of the denture line up with the abutments on the implants, then press down kind of hard until they snap. Pressing any kind of hard right now is scary because everything is so tender. I know that it will get easier each time. I am to remove them every other day and clean both the denture and my gums with the astringent.

Now I just wait. Wait for everything to heal. Wait to eat real food (lol). Wait for the final, beautiful smile. I come back in a month to have the stitches removed. In September or October, we will begin the final phase which is designing my final smile.

Thanks for all of the feedback from everyone here. I’m happy to answer any questions. I will post pictures in a few days after most of the swelling is gone.

One week Post Op - Feeling Great - Most of the Time!

Today marks one week since having my extractions, a bone graft and 10 implants placed. I feel really good all things considered!

I haven't had a lot of pain really, just achy discomfort - especially after physical exertion - and sometimes a bit of a bad attitude about food (lol). I am not taking pain pills but I am alternating with Tylenol and Alleve to keep the aches at bay. Yesterday I was out for few hours (for the first time) and did quite a bit of talking. It really wore me out! My face ached so much afterwards. I am thankful that I don’t have to talk all day long. I don’t have a lot of issues with annunciation, but I do speak more deliberately and slower.

Most of the visible swelling is gone. I did notice a light yellow bruise on my left jaw the other day but it is fading. My face is still numb from beneath my eyes through the bottom of my jaw. It’s weird.

I am still on soft foods. Lots of protein powder shakes, oatmeal, scrambled eggs and pudding. I had pan-fried cod the other night and that’s about it. I am going to try to venture into some more foods today but Dr. Iskandar said to expect it to be at least two weeks before I feel like biting into anything.

Today is the first day that what is in my mouth feels almost...normal? I realize that I have to adjust to my new normal and this is it. I guess it feels like a bulky retainer on the upper. I know that my gums are shrinking so who knows how that will feel in a month? I don’t notice much on the lower. The temps look okay. Way better than my natural teeth.

Will update again soon!

The correct spelling is Iskandar. Radiance Dentistry. So far, so good! Will give a complete review soon.

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