Cellulaze on 6/15--Waiting Patiently to See Full Results! - Irving, TX

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Hi everyone! I had the Cellulaze procedure on 6/15...

Hi everyone! I had the Cellulaze procedure on 6/15. My doctor had instructed me to take magnesium, arnica and vitamin K one week prior to the procedure and afterwards. It was explained to me that there would be significant bruising and swelling after the procedure which would last a couple weeks.  Despite this explanation, I was horrified by the look of the bruises and uncomfortable due to swelling beginning a couple days after the procedure.  I was complaining at work (a rehabilitation clinic)  about it to a physical therapist friend of mine and she offered to use Kinesio tape on my bruises and swore up and down that the bruises an swelling would disappear faster this way. I had it applied on 6/21 (6 days after procedure) and took it off on 6/25.  It took about 20 minutes for her to apply the adhesive tape in strips to the bruised areas and then I was able to put my compression garment over the tape. The tape is designed to last for 4-5 days through showers and baths. 4 days afterward, the bruising was practically gone except for a couple spots on my buttocks. I want to shout about this from the rooftops!!!!!  Of course, your physician should give his ok before this is done just in case :). I would imagine that any physical therapy or chiropractic clinic would tape anyone who is interested (probably not covered by insurance)

Check out the pictures (apologies for no undies in...

Check out the pictures (apologies for no undies in last one)! Almost no bruising left 11 days after procedure. I am not normally a fast healer.

I am now 18 days out and continuing to see...

I am now 18 days out and continuing to see improvements in the appearance of the treated areas as well as the disappearance of bruises. Since I still had a couple, small dark bruises, I asked to be 're taped' with Kinesio Tape today--just on those particular areas(pictures added). So, hopefully, those bruises will be completely gone by the weekend! On the downside, I still have some skin numbness and muscle (?) soreness on the backs of my thighs. I am still reserving judgement on if the procedure was 'Worth It' or not because I know that peak results will not be seen for a couple months.
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