Had Cellulaze Yesterday May 24, 2012 - Irving, TX

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I am 5'7" and fluctuate between 136-140lbs. I have...

I am 5'7" and fluctuate between 136-140lbs. I have always worked out and for the most part eat pretty healthy. Like other reviewers, I have hated my cellulite for years. I will wear nothing but board shorts to the pool or beach and my cellulite is still exposed because it goes down to my knees. Honestly, I really don't care if i ever wear a "normal" swimsuit again. I just want to wear my board shorts and not be embarrassed! I also play tennis so i have to wear a short skirt. Trust me though, i search high and low looking for "longer length" skirts and they are still not long enough!! I also have to wear biker shorts underneath because the "lumpiness" shows through if I don't. Needless to say, when I heard about Cellulaze (which was only about 3 weeks ago) I was on the phone making an appointment for a consultation. I don't think I even needed a consultation- I knew I wanted it. I lucked out and received a pretty nice discount since I was willing to have the procedure in the next six days. They had just had a cancellation. I was thrilled until I found this site and started reading about the recovery time. Of course this was two days before the procedure. I really got nervous because I have a trip to Florida scheduled for the end of June. I don't want to be bruised and swollen in my board shorts. :). It was too late to cancel and truthfully, I didn't want to. I have hated this cheese on my legs for too long. I just want it to work. I don't expect the cellulite to be totally gone but I would love to have it 50-70% better.

The procedure itself was not bad. I have read other posts that described it as painful but for me there was a little discomfort during the numbing process but not bad at all. I was fairly comfortable the rest of the day and night. The worst part was the swelling and my bandages under the garment -it got really tight. At the 24 hour mark, I was able to take off the bandages and shower. I had hardly any leaking and no pain so far. I have taken two Tylenol today and that's it. My legs are still fairly numb though. I went in for the follow-up today and was told I would be a lot more sore tomorrow and a few days after. I am already bruised pretty badly on the back of my legs but the fronts are bad yet.

I had the fronts of my thighs done down to my knees and the backs of my legs down to my knees. I also had the saddle bags done. I am supposed to wear the garment for three weeks 24/7. No working out for two weeks. I hope to be playing tennis in three weeks but from some of the posts...maybe not.

It's now day 5. I have been a little sore but...

It's now day 5. I have been a little sore but nothing like I thought. I am still pretty swollen but getting much better. I was surprised that my ankles and feet swelled so much but they are better today. The bruising is bad but not more than expected. The garment is a pain but not horrible. I have been out and about since the day after with some tenderness but that's it. The worst part is that it is already in the mid 90's outside here in Texas and the garment is hot. It goes below my knees so i have been wearing mostly maxi dresses. If you can, definitely wait until its cooler. Overall, the recovery process is easier than I expected. As far as results, i still see cellulite but I know it's too early to judge.

I definitely want to echo what another reviewer mentioned...Make sure you know exactly what areas are being treated. I assumed the top fronts of my thighs would be treated but they weren't. I am disappointed since i have a couple of lumps there that show through lighter colored tennis skirts.

Day 10- The bruises are so much better. I bet...

Day 10- The bruises are so much better. I bet they will be completely gone in 4-5 days. The soreness is better as well. In a few days, when I hit the two week mark I will attempt to play tennis. I'll let you know how that goes. :). As far as results, I was really trying hard not to check things out. At day 5 and 6, I looked for any signs of success and didn't find much. I was disappointed knowing I shouldn't be. I didn't look again until today. I was surprised- I can definitely see improvement. The cellulite is still there but not as deep. I'm really hoping that it will continue to improve. I hope it's not swelling that's making it look better. I don't think it is because my weight is the same. I'm still kicking myself for not realizing all my "issues" weren't being treated. If this actually works, I will definitely get the other spots treated....but in January! The garment is hot!!

Please keep us updated on your progress- Your posts are so helpful!
Dr. Powell

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