No Flat Tummy After Mini TT and Body Jet Water Lipo - Irvine, CA

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I had stretched out skin after having 2 kids (9y...

I had stretched out skin after having 2 kids (9y & 5y old) both are c sections, while I am thin and in shape I had a flap of loose skin above the c-section scar.I had a mini tummy tuck and lipo body jet (mid ab;lower ab and love handle)done 5 weeks ago. There was a lot of swelling that occured after the drains came out (1 day). I am swollen an inch above my belly button to my incision. This swelling seems to be causing a lip or hang over the incision. I am afraid this is going to remain permanent and not heal to a flat stomach. I am not happy with the results at this point as I look worse then I did pre surgery. how long does the swelling last??? How long after surgery I can have my flat tummy?

After I sit down for period time and I stand up then I can feel inside my stomach is strecth out and painful. Also I wear my compression garment everyday and if I take of for shower and I touch my skin its hurts. How tight the compression garment should be?

Hi... I'm 107 lbs now was 112 before surgery....

Hi... I'm 107 lbs now was 112 before surgery. Straight diet!! I still feel pain if I poke my stomach. I visited my Dr on Aug 2nd and asked him about why my stomach didn't look flat at all and he said I have to wait about 6 months to see the pre-final result... I'm not happy about it caused he said I might need revision. Does revision mean pay the full amount? My next appointment gonna be on the Oct 4th. Any suggestion what should I ask my Dr beside the revision cost? Hopefully I get better. Thank you.. Also I updated my pics.

After waiting for another 8 months (4/20/12)...

After waiting for another 8 months (4/20/12) FINALLY I got fully tummy tuck :) The incision is kinda high my new Dr cant make it any lower since previously I got mini tuck :( but my tummy super flat now :) also I add breast augmentation =D 325 cc on the left and 350 c'mon the right side. I'm really happy with the result.

So as a note to everyone PLEASE IF UR TUMMY IS BULKY, HUGE, STRETCH MARK OVER THE BELLY BUTTON etc or ur DR suggest u to do fully tuck .... THEN DO FULL TUMMY TUCK! Don't do what I did coz mini tuck mean MINI RESULT,
About the scar yes fully tuck is longer scar but come on anyway we will get scars, rite? And yet I had scar from c sections.
About the money ... Well I spent 3500$ for mini tuck, 3000$ for lipo (mid ab, lower ab, love handle), 650$ local anesthesia, 1200$ operating room AND LOOK THE RESULT was not even a worth for any penny that I spent! I was physically in pain at the operating table! (my pain was intolerant at all!! I felt the knife thru all my skin, burn, etc hard for me to explain it And I was mentally stress out with the result!!! I don't even want to remember about scarry operation I ever had in my life anymore. And yet for revision I spent another 3500$ for fully tuck, 1000$ for upper lipo, 600$ general anesthesia, 1500$ operating room (add implants for another 5500$ with silicone) AND STILL The result :kinda high incision.... And I'm not complaining about my result now but YES I REGRET with my mini tuck decision! if I know from the beginning I shouldnt done the mini since the result is MINIMUM! then I will do fully tuck :( can't cry anymore since I have a wonderful supportive bf soon my fiancé and hopefully my hubby in the future who support me IN n OUT =] his awesome man I ever met in my entire life :)

Maybe general anesthesia is better option then local, well at least not for me. I have high tolerance with any type of drugs. Also is not just about physically PAIN but MENTALLY STRESS out expecting the result!

The most important MAKE SURE ur dr is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery! (I don't think my previous Dr is certified AND his not practice at the place I got my revision anymore but I found his practice in Woodland Hills! Even tho if he is certified he had done a very bad job on my UN EVEN TUMMY! even my new Dr feel sorry for what my previously Dr had done to me! Anyone need my previous Dr name please let me know and I will email his name to u. RESEARCH IS THE KEY! Google ur Dr name and check about him before u put ur body on his/her hands! Also read more story from everyone in here learn how to handle the pain and what our expectation, goal or anything...

Also the very important IS NEVER expecting that u can have a perfect result from any type of surgery coz remember no 1 perfect! See the cat lady ? She spent millions on her face... More u look out for perfection then more u will turn into the wrong way and lady please don't be another animal lady... Well don't judge me wrong, this is only my suggestion.

And Be patience .... Time will tell and don't get stress out coz if u think u will end up with bad result still be positive!

I hope I don't have to return to any operating table anymore any soon! I don't know if I regret putting myself into these trouble but oh welll what done is done and I just want to share my life with every one here also thank you soo much for every one who shared their story it really help me a lot thru physically and mentally pain.

Mmm what else? I will update my new pics =D and if I have a new suggestion then I will post it in here.
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Im having a hard time to check up with him since most of the time he stay practice in San Diego(I got mine done in irvine and he barely go to Irvine unless he has operation) So check up with him is pain in my ass! Especially I live in Encino (I used to live in Huntington beach that is why I had my surgery in irvine) I met him once for revision consultation and the other time I met him was when I had my surgery also another Dr had check me out since his not around in irvine then I had to drive down to SD just because I want he to check me out! About his job is really make me happy from ms. Frankenstein bride to be me now lol ... The incision is very thin, my tummy is super flat! But my boobs is not even! Please contact me to get my prev Dr and my new Dr infos.... and any details :)

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