My Ematrix Journey - Just Got my First Ematrix Done - Irvine, CA

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First of all, I would like to thank the community...

First of all, I would like to thank the community members zeezee and sassy74 for their positive encouragment. I just got my first ematrix treatment and so far so good. I would be documenting the details of my ematrix "journey" in efforts of helping other people who are struggling with discoloration, irregular skin tone, texture problems, and acne scars.

Yesterday, June 09 2011 is date when I received my first ematrix treatment in orange county California.

I love the facility and the people working there. My doctor is a very experienced dematologist. I don't like to go to plastic surgeons because they treat all tons of problems. I like my doctor because he is a SKIN doctor and that is about it. He is a botox and skin filler trainer and he has 30 something years experiences in treating skin problems. The facility is beautiful and the nurses working there are extremely nice and knowledgeable. Love it love it love it.

Okay, so I arrived at the center at 10:00am. I was debating if I should go through the treatment even at the last minute. (I was very indecisive. =) The nurse who welcomed me told me I perhaps would like the outcome if I have reasonable expectations. She also told me to not to go through invasive laser treatment because of potential pigmentation problem would occur. I really appreciate her honesty and her words put me at ease immediately.

My doctor is the best doctor in the world. First of all, I can never guess how old she is because her skin looks like 25 tops. She told me she has been treating herself (her neck) with ematrix and she let me touch the part of the neck which received the treatment and the part of the neck which hasn't. The texture of the skin on the part has been treated felt extremely soft and tight in comparison to the rest of the area.

I told my doctor that I would like to try a low level A for the first time just to see how it feels. My doctor said she wanted to give me a level B because she felt I could handle it fairly well. Since I was such a chicken, I insisited on level A. And she had absolutely no problems with that.

First, my face has been covered by numbing cream and that stuff really worked! I couldn't feel a thing when the nurse wipe the cream off my face with alcohol. Numbing cream took about 1 hour to take effect and here came my treatment!

I was really nervous and my doctor told me try to relax because it did not hurt that much at all. Then she "zapped" my skin with the machine and honestly, I just felt a little warmth and I really could not describe it as "pain" at all. I don't even think I can describe it as "discomfort." After 10 minutes or so, I think my left face started burning. It felt like a pretty bad sun burn or a chemical peel. Nothing was more than I could handle though. After another 10 minutes - 15 minutes or so, my doctor told me she was done. I asked her if I looked red, she said "yes, and tomorrow you will look very cute with little rosy baby cheeks." LOL, I just loved her because she was so funny.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was terrified by how red I looked. But it did not look "that" bad. I just looked like I stayed in the sun for too long. After applied sun block cream on my face, I was sent home.

I also need to add that I have been prescribed with oil free lotion. My doctor told me I had to apply that lotion on my face as often as possible, otherwise, I am not going to heal beautifully.

Well, the whole treatment is little to no pain. I honestly believe everybody can handle it. But the burning smell during the treatment was pretty horrifying. I think it is more psychological than physical though.

When I arrived home, my dad did not even think I got anything done. I was even that red anymore.
At around 3:00PM, the redness came back. My face looked blotchy. I didn't notice any swollen and my skin felt comfortable. It was pretty much my day one experience.

Today is day two. In the morning, the redness calmed down quite a bit. But I still looked like I slept terribly and I looked like I had a big fight with somebody, and that person punched my face on all the random areas. Swelling is tolerable but noticeable.

What changed today is that I noticed thousands of tiny white (or maybe black) matrix "dots" on my face. My face felt like sand paper and I had such unpleasant rough texture on my face! I washed my face with water only and applied oil free lotion, my skin felt comfortable. (no pain, no itchness)

I will be posting update later on tonight and for sure tomorrow. So far, I liked the experience. I don't know if I am going to reaceive the positive outcome yet. It is way too early to tell. But I am pleased with the downtime, redness, and the whole treatment.
It is NOT painful. It is NOT uncomfortable.

So today is day 6 of my ematrix...

So today is day 6 of my ematrix "journey". I regreted the decision to only have the doctor doing the level A on me.
I should have done level B as a jump start of beautiful skin!!

I want to treat three - four very shallow and small ice picked acne scars and pigmentation problems. I have very very oil skin and pore size is so big. They look like tiny holes.

I have to say I did indeed notice improvement on my skin tone. Overall, I am satisfied with the result. But I know this is not a final result yet. I am going for the second treatment next month and I will for sure go for a level B!

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