Details of my First Week After Mommy Makeover (Full TT with Muscle & Hernia Repair, 380cc silicone) 38 yrs old

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Surgery Day: My mommy makeover took 2 hrs & 45 min...

Surgery Day: My mommy makeover took 2 hrs & 45 min. I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair (Diastis Recti that was 4" separated) & umbilical hernia repair that made my belly button shift to the right. I also had Sientra Moderate silicone round smooth 380cc breast implants. I got home & managed to go upstairs. I didn't sleep all night long because I was peeing in a cup every hour because your muscles don't work properly to pee like normal so that was the best I could figure out instead of getting out of bed a million times & then nothing would happen on the toilet anyway. Taking 1 pain med every 2 hours.
PO Day 1 (pic) I had to go down the stairs so it was hard. Vomited on the drive to my post-op. I saw the T incision he had to make since I didn't have enough upper body skin to pull my belly button down all the way. A little disappointed that it looks like I have 2 belly buttons now. The surgeon says it's my belly ring hole but it looks just like my original belly button. Started doing 10 min walks around the hallway. Taking 2 pain meds every 4 hours.
PO Day 2 I'm walking a little better today but still with pain. Taking 2 pain meds every 6 hours. Starting using a donut cushion for my butt since it gets sore laying in the bent position.
PO Day 3 (pic) I walked down the stairs & have increased my walking time. Still drinking tons of water constantly.
Have not had a bowel movement since the morning of surgery so I used a glycerin suppository & it made me go right away. Also drinking prune juice. Got off heavy pain meds & switched to Tylenol.
At night my right drain got partially pulled out accidentally so my drain stopped working & so the fluid started leaking out of the drain site so I paged my doctor & he told me he can meet me tomorrow morning & to just put gauze there in the meantime.
PO Day 4 It was a Saturday so I was glad he could meet me on his off day plus my knee started hurting when I bent or walked on it so I was worrying about blood clotting & wanted him to also check that out. Since the drain was no use he pulled the rest of it out & left me with just 1 drain now. Which he said I may or may not get it out on just depends on how much it is collecting. But the longer I keep it in the better so I don't get a seroma (fluid pocket). By the time I got there my knee stopped hurting so I guess I'm ok but I'm just going to make sure I keep doing my walks & bicycle leg movements in bed…But I definitely had that regretting feeling today because of it.
PO Day 5 (pic) There are definitely a couple of annoying things during the 1st week like the pain in your butt from lying in same position night after night. My husband massaged my butt for me to relieve it a little. But I think the worst thing (besides not being able to normally pee the 1st night) is definitely the drains! They are so uncomfortable & feel sore when getting pushed up against the compression wrap. 1 of the drains kept poking me like a needle everyday & we finally figured out on the 4th day that the stitches were too long so my husband cut them shorter & fixed the problem. But the soreness is still there. I'm hoping my 2nd drain gets removed tomorrow.
PO Day 6 I got the last drain out which felt like the strangest feeling having a tube pulled out of your body! It feels so much better without it & now I can take a shower tomorrow morning & use the spanx they gave me instead of the uncomfortable binder.
PO Day 7 (pic) I took my long awaited shower & I would recommend using a chair for the 1st shower since it's very tiring. I have been healing fast. I'm also getting around the house really good!

A couple more pics..

Forgot to say that I'm 5'5 tall & weigh 118. My implants dropped a little at day 7 & 8 so I'm glad they don't feel as swollen or high up. Here are more B4 & after pics:

2 weeks Post OP

Most of the glue is off of my scar. My new bellybutton has a little area that is swollen that looks like a bubble. My boobs have gone down a little bit and are less swollen as well. I have gone out twice in the last couple of days & have used the spanks under my clothes but when I get home I use just the binder because I feel like it is more comfortable.

3 weeks PO!

I'm feeling great but my incisions started to feel a little bit sore under my breasts for some random reason so I switched to a sports bra (instead of the medical bra). And I'm continuing to wear my tummy binder around the house. I have minimal tummy swelling which I am very grateful for! I had another postop 4 days ago & the surgeon said I can get my old belly button revision in a couple months minimum or at 6 months postop (in office under local)....& it will be free.

2 more white staples sticking out (or spitting out)

When I had my 2.5 week PO with my surgeon he removed a white plastic looking staple that was sticking out of my skin on my horizontal TT line. I just want to add 2 more pics since I noticed 2 more spitting out today so I took a couple of close-up photos to show since after researching on here it says this:
"These staples are probably the Insorb skin staples, which are designed to absorb in the tissues just like absorbable sutures."
I'm just wondering if I just leave them hanging there or not. There is 1 on each end of my TT line.

I pulled the staples out

So I contacted my surgeon & he said "if they are coming through and are loose you can clean tweezers with alcohol and pull it through gently. Otherwise they are dissolvable."
So I pulled on them but they broke off and only left a little bit in there that just sunk back into my skin (hidden under my skin).

Can't wait to be excersise ready!

I'm only 3.5 weeks PO but I thought I would ask my surgeon if I could start early on my low-impact Gazelle Glider since it only uses your arms & legs (gliding back & forth) which is very low cardio. But his assistant replied saying that I should probably just wait until my 6 week mark.
I'm just starting to feel sluggish laying around & feel like I need to work out my thighs & butt to get ready for sexy bathing suits for the summer! (Especially after trying on a crochet monokini & not liking my back-side).
Not sure if anybody else feels like this but I have been feeling like a stomach dropping type of feeling in my tummy for the past few days (kind of like when you're on a ride & your stomach drops)...but it is constant. I think it is part of the TT healing process.

Pics didn't post..

4 weeks PO!

Yay, 1 month down! And got to go VS bra shopping! My PS OK'd me to get 1 bra but I bought 4 ;) & I'll post some pics of it for you ladies. The exciting part is I'm considered a 34-D but it was kind of expected since I know VS runs a little small. Anyways, still made me feel good!
My incision line under my right breast has been more sore & I can feel more hardening scar tissue than my left side. Otherwise I'm still happy & can't believe how fast recovery is for a BA!
Secondly, my TT is still healing with minimal swelling but since I had those dissolvable staples poking out, I decided to put a butterfly band-aid on the hole that was open from the staple as an extra precatioun. I also ordered my silicone sheeting & silicone gel so I'm excited to try those out..I ordered the NewGel+ beige strips recommended by my PS. Happy Healing ladies!!!

NewGel Silicone Strips & gel

I got my NewGel+ Silicone Strips & gel in...I'm using the gel on my breast incisions & bellybutton and then the strips 24/7 on my TT line (but not my vertical line since I will be getting a BB revision in a couple months). Also got a bralette!

6 weeks PO update

I've been feeling great & I have stopped using my binder. I only occasionally wear my spanks depending on the weather & how long I will be out. I don't have much swelling but I do feel it swell up a little bit at night still every night. I'm continuing wearing the silicone strips on my TT scar 24 hours per day. My check up is on Friday.

6 week PO TT pic:

Dance party ;)

So my 6 week ck up is not till tomorrow (to get clearance on starting my workout). But I just had a little dance party with my 2-year-old & 4-year-old today while cleaning the house to the song "Happy"...It felt really good to jump around with high-energy for the first time!!

Breasts revealed

I had my 6 week ck up today & I'm so excited because my surgeon is doing a favor for me & fixing my bellybutton ring skin next week!!! (It's earlier than he told me he wanted to fix it because he knows how much it bothers me.) Originally he said he wanted to wait until the 6-month mark but he said he wants to get me "bikini ready" so I'm so excited that I decided to post my nude breasts pics ;)
He will be just cutting out the extra BB ring skin so it will leave me with a longer T line but i'd rather have that than have a 2nd bellybutton!
He said if I want to start working out I can, but not to go to crazy & don't do any stomach crunches until 8 weeks postop.

Cinco De Mayo workout

I did my 1st official workout yesterday on Cinco De Mayo & ran 2.5 miles! My legs are really sore but expected. It was weird to run...I felt it a little in my TT scar but then it went away after I was running a few minutes.
I'm a little bummed today because I thought they were going to get me in this week for my revision but he is not available until May 28th :/

8 weeks PO

Ever since after my run (May 5th), I'm feeling a stinging pain (that I'm hoping is not a pinched nerve) right on my TT scar on the left comes & goes just standing but I can definitely feel it when I reach or stretch out my lower abdomen (like in bed) or reaching up high for something :(

Shooting burning pain on my TT line :(

So last night I posted that I've been having a shooting/burning pain on the left side of my TT horizontal line (for a whole week now) and I searched on today & was able to find a Q&A about this exact pain as the girl that posted it is also at 2 months PO! Can I just say that I LOVE this site & how helpful it is!! Anyways, all the PS answers were great & all of them said that it is definitely part of the healing don't feel it in the beginning because you are still numb so it's more likely to feel it 2 months later. They also said that it should go away at 6 months PO. So i'm a little bummed I have to deal with this for at least another 4 months since it is painful when standing long periods. Here is the link to the Q&A I found:

The ugly "side" of my TT with an old BB ring

I decided to take a bunch of side profiles of my old belly button ring scin that sticks out...which is getting revised on May 28th by my PS (in-office under local). That way I can have a lot of before & afters to compare. I wish I had never gotten that dumb bellybutton ring when I was young but I never knew that I would've had to deal with it after a tummy tuck either.
He told me that the reason why he did not remove the extra skin during the TT was because he was trying to keep my vertical T line as short as possible in hopes that it would flatten itself out after the swelling went away. Since it's not looking like it's going in that direction, he is letting me get the revision earlier than waiting until 6 months postop (which is normally when surgeons suggest having any revisions done). I am happy for that but I know I will also be bummed that I have a longer vertical T line to deal with afterwards. I am not complaining & I really appreciate that we were able to get my tummy tuck done...I'm just trying to give as much detail in case someone else out there will have to deal with the same thing. I am also using the silicone strips 24/7 & I think they are helping. These pics are pretty ugly but I decided to post them since people don't post too many pictures of their tummy tuck when in the sitting position & I think it's a shock to most people that you're skin still looks very wrinkly especially when sitting down since they don't magically give you new skin.

2 month mark

I don't know why I keep feeling like I went too small :/
My PS did exactly the size I wanted but I wished I would've gone to 425 :(

BREASTS: Before and after plus 1 month/2 month comparison swelling pics

I've been trying to talk myself out of regretting that I should of went with larger implants like 425-450 cc instead of the 380 cc that I got. So I decided to do b4 & after's to show the difference how after the swelling goes away, I lost about half a cup size. I feel like I went from a small D with swelling... to now a small-mid C cup. Check out the photos & let me know what you think!

Belly button and dog ear revisions!!

Yesterday I finally got my old belly button ring skin revised as well as my new belly button since I didn't like how there was a big ball sticking out (that you could see from my profile)...he also went ahead & revised my 2 "dog ears" that I had on each end of my TT scar. So I got sliced in 4 places!
I will post my b4 & after pics but my bandages are still on so you can only see my new BB revision actually. But now I'm worried about the small puckered area right below my new BB (it's where the top of my new vertical T line starts)...I knew I was going to have a longer vertical line but I never thought it would be puckered at the top :( I also really wished that he would've removed my old BB ring skin in the initial surgery instead of me having to get a revision :(
I may need another revision later on to fix both my vertical T line and my new bellybutton again if they are not behaving

Bandages off of old belly button revision

I'm going to still need another revision from the looks of it.

7.5 months PO/5 months post-revision...more shrinkage

Just wanted to throw out a quick update. I feel like my breasts have shrunk even more or maybe a better term would be settled. But they definitely don't fill in my new bras as much as they did at 1 or 2 months post-op for sure since I now have more room in my bras.

2nd bellybutton revision

I asked for one more BB revision from my PS & got it done 1 week ago since I was wanting the look of the natural top hood that people have. So I asked him to make a slight hood on the top of my BB… Here are a couple of pics. I am still swollen in that area and there is a small scar tissue knott that formed that I can feel under my skin (directly above my belly button but you can't see it from the photos). He said it should slowly go down and heal in 6 weeks or so & that I should massage the scar tissue ball.
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