There and Back Again, A Titty's Tale (Lump Removal then Back Again for Reduction) - Irvine, CA

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Hello! So I stumbled upon this forum while on my...

Hello! So I stumbled upon this forum while on my adventure to breast reduction. I'm 23 and for a long time I've really hated how large my breasts are. My measurements are currently 40-28-35, 5'7.5 and 150 pounds. I've suffered from random headaches, back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Heck, sometimes I get so tired carrying these things around that I just rest them on the table when I'm sitting down. I started considering a breast reduction when my step-mother brought it up, she said, "You complain about their size so much, why not just DO something about it?" I had actually never thought it was something I could change or that was even necessary to change. I hunch over, wear baggy shirts most of the time, feel fat or like some sex toy because for some reason having big breasts means men can say and do whatever they want, right? So I've decided to just take the plunge. My goal is to try and loose as much weight as I can before the surgery and to get these puppies down to an E cup or maybe even a small D. I'm a little afraid of loosing the ability to breast feed and horrible scaring, but seeing how many of you on here are such successes and how happy you are I can't imagine regretting a thing!

Also, partly what spurned this on is I am getting five VERY large lumps removed from both breasts (three on one side two on the other), which will unbalance and change the size of my breasts, so I would have had to go in for some reconstruction anyway. My surgery for lump removal is scheduled for the 7th of Feb and the surgery goal for reduction is the 25th of march!

Recovery Post

So, as soon as I woke up I felt very happy with what was done. I was, however, in an incredible amount of pain and found out that my body is strangely resistant to morphine. The first two days were a blur, I remember it hurt and I remember the drains. The third day was mostly pain medication and sleeping. I did not look at my breast for the first week and I highly recommend this to others who want to get the procedure done. According to my mom, who changed my bandages, it was very graphic the first few days. However, each time she changed them she constantly reassured me as to how wonderful they looked considering what they just went through. By day four I was up and walking a little bit and by day five I was very, very mobile. Each day was better and better than the last and by day 7 I had my stitches out and was ready to see my chest. It was a little shocking, but I was, overall pleased. I am now about 2 weeks post op, I wear gel strips for my scars, and am feeling pretty good. However, my breasts seem to be healing at different rates. One is smaller, perkier and has less bruising. The other is bigger, swollen and has much more bruising than the other. I asked a question about it, I really hope it'll heal soon and that it's not Hematoma. Here are some pictures of my pre op and then two weeks post OP (give or take a day or two). Overall, I am BEYOND happy I got this procedure done!

Day 6 and 7 Stitch Removal!

Recovery day 6 and 7: Stitch Removal
So today was a really good day overall. However, this morning I took a pain pill for the stitch removal, unfortunately yogurt is not enough for Vicodin and I received the lovely side effect of nausea and vomiting. For those taking Vicodin for pain it is imperative that you get adequate carbs and protein BEFORE you take it. I had been so well taken care of by my step-mom that I forgot how important it was to properly eat on my own. I promptly threw up everything, slept through lunch but managed dinner.


Today was the first day I actually saw myself without stitches, bandages and even clothing! I have to say it was a little shocking. Right now they are the size I want, maybe a little smaller, they are still riding very high and stiff on my chest. However, this is to be expected and is common with surgery. They don’t look boxy, just high and immovable. There is bruising all around the incisions, but a great thing is that I’ve retained all sensation in my nipples and breasts! Though that means it hurts a little more I am so pleased, since for some women it can take years to not-at-all for feeling to return. It also means I’ve retained my ability to breast feed if I ever want kids. The stitches are healing incredibly well, and quickly, according to the doctor. The stitch removal was okay, pinching and a pulling feeling but no true pain (all that Vicodin drama for nothing). My surgeon does his stitches in a way that cause minimal pain upon removal. After they were removed I got Gel strips for my scars to wear for the next 6weeks and I’m to keep it moisturized with ointment for the next two days. I was able to properly move around and got permission to shower today! It felt so wonderful! Anyway, sorry for the dry post. I hope it helps the ladies know just how fast this recovery is! No, you still can’t lift more than 10 pounds and have to sleep upright, but after a week there isn’t much pain and you can return to most normal, non strenuous, activity.
-back pain is gone
-clothing fits (I just tried on all of my clothes)
-no more awkward stares! I didn’t get one today!
-I feel balanced
-movement is much easier!
I just tried on a 34D bra today over my surgical bra and it was even a little big on the sides ._. I guess I’m a true blue 32D! After another 2 weeks ill know my real size!

Week 3

So, I'm about 3 days into week three of my breast reduction! I am much happier with the results than before and I can already feel them softening. The scars look very, very good. I have more energy but still find myself getting tired out pretty quickly. It's a little tricky because I have many moments when I feel in tip top shape but then overdo it. I've been driving a lot and the bumpy roads are a little worrysome. I still feel shooting pains, soreness and a little like my nipples are raw (they are incredibly sensitive) but nothing like the previous two weeks! My bruising is pretty much gone and now they're sitting real pretty! I can't wait to see the final shape in about a week or so! My right boob is still a little swollen but the swelling is noticeably going down.
The best part of this reduction ATM are my friends and acquaintances reactions (especially since they aren't totally healed yet). Everyone is shocked at how skinny I am and how tall I stand. They swear I grew another inch! I love being able to take in the scope of what my whole body looks like, not just my boobs. Some of my friends are even commenting on how they are actually noticing my face more (strange, right) because they used to only see boobs. The best compliment I got was when out shopping with a girlfriend of mine when she said, "I didn't know you could get hotter by making boobs smaller!" I know she might have just been patting my ass, but that comment actually meant a lot!
I can't really comment on how movement and sports are easier just yet (I suspect they will be) because I'm still not allowed to do anything strenuous with my body. So far what I've continued to notice is the same as above:
-No back pain, zlich, nada. To go into this further:
I never full realized how much pain I was in until I got my reduction. Before my reduction I would slouch heavily while sitting, causing long drives or desk work to be painful and strenuous. I would slouch while walking which, at the end of the day, caused me a lot of leg and back pain that I would be cracking out during my nighttime stretching for hours. Now, I don't have any kind of back or muscular pain doing anything at all. IT IS AMAZING. I can't wait until the surgical pain wears off so I can enjoy this fully.

-Clothing fits better. I really can't emphasize how awesome this is enough. My closet of stuff I hated is now a closet of everything I love. I splurged on some new tops and skirts because I can wear blouses now! Not just dresses with shirring!

- People actually listen to me or take interest in me as a person (don't know how to describe this) as if I have evolved past just being some floating boobs with a vague consciousness attached to them.

-I feel balanced. I used to always trip over myself, fall over, rock from side to side and now that doesn't happen. Walking is easier...even if that sounds odd.

I really can't wait until my six weeks are up and I can exercise. At week four I can actually start trying on bras!

Still three weeks in and a bump in the road

I'm freaking out a little bit. There is an open wound on one of my incisions. I don't know how it opened up, I seriously thought I would feel something like this. It's very red and enflamed. I've been clean, religious about my bandages and gel strips, but somehow I think I got an infection. I am utterly terrified. I freaked out this morning and I won't hear from my surgeon until tomorrow. I hope everything is okay. It itches like crazy and hurts (in an unfamiliar way) when my surgical bra is off. :( The photos aren't too gross, I'm posting for the curious. I'll update when I hear back from my doctor. My breasts also look much more uneven than before, but I'm going to chalk that up to different healing rates. Regardless, I am not a happy camper right now.

Photos of infection

3 Months out

Hello everyone! For those of you who followed me I'm sorry I dropped off earth for a little bit. So now I'm about 3.5 months out. I've lost 10 pounds and the incisions seem to be healing nicely! One scar is much worse than the other one (the incision was a little jagged). I'm done using the silicon sheeting (though I may use it longer and also use it when I wear underwire bras). I'm still a little shy about showing them to my partner, but the shyness is starting to leave as well. Each day the scars get better and I'm using a keloid lotion that is silicon based when I'm not wearing the sheeting. I have an appointment with my dermatologist on Friday to discuss more indepth scar treatments! I want the scars to fade as soon and as efficiently as possible! Here are some photos of my 3 month progress! I'll leave another update at 6 months!

more 3 month photos

6 months (almost)

Here I am again, 6 months out! I am incredibly happy with my final result.
Pre-op: 32 G
Post-op: 34 D
I absolutely LOVE my new bra size. They are now soft, yet firm and have an amazing shape. I have regained almost all feeling in both breasts. They have fluffed out to be a little larger than I expected, but I think that's normal. Immedietly following the surgery (about 1 maybe 2 months out) I was able to purchase a 36 C bra and the 34 D cups were just barely a little loose (brand was victoria's secret, in case that helps, size wise) but now I find them a little tight and the 34 D's just right! Tops feel better, I'm a size small to medium now. My breasts are still considered big by "normal" standards, but it's still a very impressive change. The way I'm being treated is a change in it of itself, never mind the physical changes. I'm treated like a person, I'm not written off instantly as the "bimbo" anymore. I get more positive attention from others and definitely more respect.
I also feel more confident in myself. Clothing fits better and when I look in the mirror I feel much more acceptance of myself and of my personal appearance. I finally feel like my skin belongs to me and that is the greatest feeling in the world.

Oh...and I still get nerve pains from time to time, but not often.

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.
Dr. Richard Ha

I found this plastic surgeon from my GP

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