Remove & Replace ruptured silicone implants lollipop breast lift ,Post surgery incision wound care

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I had a ruptured silicone implants (13 yr old...

I had a ruptured silicone implants (13 yr old implants) removed and replaced silicone implants (Maker MENTOR replaced for FREE IMPLANTS)
Every visit felt like a rushed visit with this Doctor and he told me 1 thing than next visit said he didn't say that .
So I record our visits now secretly. Disappointed !

Breast surgery WOUND CARE post surgery care.

Here’s something I should of shared with you that happened to me when caring for my post-surgery incisions. When cleaning wound area DO NOT USE straight HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, You must dilute it 50% WATER 50% Hydrogen peroxide. I was highly medicated with pain medicine after surgery and did not remember to do this and this is the outcome. This was a very serious matter where I had to check into the ER because I could not get in touch with my Dr. on a Saturday evening the last visit I seen him was 3 days prior and he sent me home with Bacitracin ointment and some Q-tips and Gauze & tape to keep it covered, and told me I was ok healing and my next visit will be in 1 month. I knew this wasn’t right or it turned into a serious infection because it wouldn’t stop bleeding (slowly). The only instructions given to me was to clean it in the shower with soap (Dial) and water and spray out the open wound with water while showering. I was prescribed an steroid cream ointment from ER Physician and that is what finally healed me after almost 3 months this incision not healing and closing up.


This was a very stressful time that I had while trying to recover and heal after my surgery. I became depressed from my results and than I didn’t feel the Dr. did a good job and his answers to my questioned changed every week . He told me he did the best that he could considering all the work he had to do, such as clean out ruptured implants and pull my muscles down and cut out tissue that was blue and sent to biopsy and move up my nipples. And remove and replace ruptured silicone implants. I was embarrass to show my breast to my man or my girlfriends who wanted to see how they look. I kept my shirt on at bedtime and never undressed in front of my boyfriend because I was embarrassed my breast looked ugly and gross from having this surgery. I regretted having it and was very unhappy and worried I had to go in again to get correction surgery left breast indent at bottom and is smaller size and nipple points out . It caused me a lot of problems in my relationship when I was suppose to be happy to have a new me or new body part. I had very bad anxiety before my surgery and than to go through so much I was unsure and depressed it didn’t turn out better.

6months breast lift and implants

Here is me at 6 months exactly after breast lift lollipop surgery and replace silicone implants that ruptured after I had them since Sept. 1999. I had no symptoms they looked the same size shape.
I only learned I had a ruptured implant during my breast exam MRI. They detected 1 ruptured my PS said both of them were ruptured and it was like molasses when he got inside chest area. I know I had silicone in my lymph nodes detected in my underarm and side are and chest. PS said he cleaned out as much as he could but didn’t get it all. Here is my breast pictures and the areas I wish came out better. But I must say TIME HEALS . And as time goes on I am seeing an improvement in my breast settling and pigment color coming back and scaring lightening.
I used silicone stripe sheets to improve the appearance of my scars. Creams I bought and used did not give me any improvement but the 100 silicone gel sheet material did.

Terminate services with PS

Dr. Nichter is not being a man of his word. He sent me a letter saying he will be terminating his services to me on July 21, 2014 I called him on July 14th, 2014 and he would not take my calls or see me as written letter signed & stated by him.
He had his receptionist tell me if the pain don't go away in 10 days I need to be seen. But not by him .
He didn't care about me or my health now today because I gave my opinion on review and it was low. He said due to me publicly expressing I'm unhappy with surgery work , he is referring me out and will not be seeing me.

He didn't so far refer me to anyone else and he terminated earlier than promised on written letter he sent certified to me.
Your disturbing of what he is doing to me after surgery and what he said he would do for the money e got paid


Excuse my type-o's I'm shaking right now and so hurt & bothered by his behavior as an Professional Plastic Surgeon . This is all his decisions , to give up on me.

I was giving him 1 yr , like he said it would take to settle & heal properly. I wanted the correction done immediately but I agreed to giving myself time to hear itself and work it's self out.
But half way through he dismisses hisself from the duties of any professional treatment and care I may need after his procedure .

Wow I can't believe this is happening to me.

All off 1 person , me giving him a lower review than he wanted .

Shame on you Dr. Larry Nichter. This is very hurtful and heart breaking

Correction of remove & replace implants with lift

Skin pinching still from surgeon sewing my bottom of breast skin down to rib cage/top stomach . It's been 1 yr 8 months I'm still in pain , embarrass of my breast surgery and uneven size breast with a crooked areole circle to show how messing this Dr. 'S work is . He won't correct his work either, he says come back in a year than won't take your calls or appt . After he said he would fix what he did poorly.
I have to re- pay for a breast lift from this surgeon Doing a botched job. See my breast I still have dent in bottom of breast it never formed out like he said it would . My color to areole never came back like he said it would in the area he cut off .
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Beautiful office, will put together Doctors pamphlets, publications, business cards, website, and care bag of items needed before surgery and after surgery care, such as bra, medications, and dressing needed on incision after surgery. My review is based on over 23 office visits, and 73 telephone conversations and 10 emails. My low star point is based on 1 office staff consultant and my time spent with Dr. Nichter and his services to me as a patient. All this is true and I stand behind everything I say is true and is based on my (me & my family) experiences .

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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