Explantation of 450 Cc Saline Under the Muscle. 6 Years Post Op - Irvine, CA

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I'm motivated to remove my implants because the...

I'm motivated to remove my implants because the right one has become hard and also I feel as though having large boobs isn't that much important to me any more. I do crossfit and they get in the way when doing some lifts and running is more difficult with them. no more foreign bodies in mine! The implants were fun in my mid to late 20's now I've just grown tired of them and they inhibit me in many ways. My right breast has become very hard and is round like a ball, while the left is still somewhat soft and becoming a little saggy. I can't wait to have these things removed from my body and hope to God I can make it through the first few months of unsatisfactory aesthetic results. I'm hoping they bounce back and if they don't I may have to go under the knife again and get smaller ones put in. I really don't want that though! Wish me luck, surgery tomorrow at 8:30am

Okay, so the surgery went great. No problems and...

Okay, so the surgery went great. No problems and I felt zero pain from the moment I woke from anesthesia. The pro's to this procedure is I feel super light now and it feels great to just be me again. My goal in doing this was to look more natural and feel that way also. I've accomplished that. I knew, through looking at all the stories here on Realself.com, that my result today would not be perfect or even close to normal looking. I'm a very thin woman due to my intense workouts and have a thin frame and thin skin! I'm going from a 450 filled to 500 to nothing. It's not pretty. I'm going to be patient and take the advice of all the ladies on this site and just wait a full month before I do any judging. If I totally hate the final outcome, I can always go back and get smaller ones put in, despite my desire to be "implant/foreign body" free.
I feel like this site informed me very well of what to expect and I'm so glad I found it! Will post pix when my little one goes to sleep.

Ok, can't believe I'm posting these but it's all...

ok, can't believe I'm posting these but it's all for posterity's sake I guess. If they don't improve after about 6 month's I'll definitely be getting them fixed.

At this point I can now check the "was it worth...

at this point I can now check the "was it worth it" box as a yes. I did my crossfit workout today which consisted of a butt-load of running. Let me just say that I felt like I was weightless compared to running previously with 36D implants in. I ran one of my miles in 6:13. Anyone on the fence, please just go and get it done. I want to remind everyone reading this that I had 6 consults with 6 different plastic surgeons (including the one who took my implants ) and ALL said I would need a lift and replacement implant otherwise I would be very unhappy and look really bad. DON'T listen. Make the decision to do those things at least 6 months after you have them removed. My right breast had CC but he didn't remove the capsules during explantation in the event I may want a replacement in the future. He said that leaving them intact would make it easier to put new implants in down the road if that's what I wanted. No Thanks! Will post my 1 week post op photos tmw

So the girls are starting their slow ascent back...

so the girls are starting their slow ascent back upwards. I noticed, though, that the left areola at about the 5 oclock position has a little raised white area and my doc should be letting me know what the heck that is.
At this point I have to say implants are a double edged sword. In one sense they suck because they mutilate your body (incisions, stretched skin) but in another sense they are good. I say that because they get you to realize just how great your body is after all (WITHOUT THEM IN). Some people, myself included, would have probably never gotten to the place in their mind that their original boobs really are pretty nice unless you've been through implants and removal of them.

2 weeks post-explantation and I LOVE my new (old)...

2 weeks post-explantation and I LOVE my new (old) body. It's so much fun to put outfits together now that I don't have those huge boobs. Working out is awesome. I'm back to 100% at Crossfit and having no problems whatsoever with pain. My workouts have improved since removing them. I feel lighter and have better mobility when doing the lifts and pullups, and just about every other movement that is involved.
Here's my 2 week photos. I went to Victoria's Secret and got fitted. One bra, I'm a 36B and the other I'm a 36A. Sooo, guess it just depends on the bra as to what size I am.

Well, it's been over a month since the procedure...

Well, it's been over a month since the procedure and I figured I'd post one final group of pics. I still feel like this was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. My boobs actually look better now than before I had implants. I'm thinking there must be some residual scar tissue build up in there and that is what has given me such nice fullness, especially in my right breast. To anyone on the fence about getting them out-I say go for it. I even have been able to master double unders (crossfit) in the time I've had my implants removed. All that excess weight and boob-bouncing was really holding me back with my workouts before. I love being implant-free!
oh and p.s. scars are healing nicely. left one is a little bit more noticeable but I don't really mind. oh and p.s.s. my nipple sensation is better than what it was with the implants in. I hardly had any sensation at all then. I wonder why I have it now?

2 years and 5 months post explanation.

Well I figured I'd post the reality of what the breasts look like after nearly 2.5 years since removing the 450 filled to 550 cc implants. I'm really not that happy with how things are looking and feeling at this stage. The incision on the nipple has become more obvious and both breasts have pretty dense scar tissue inside which feels kind of lumpy. Also, due to the loss of volume they've started having a somewhat deflated look which makes me self conscious now that I'm dating again. I'm seriously considering getting a consult for some very small implants just to fill me out a little better. Maybe 200 cc or something. Also, maybe a small internal lift is in order? Something definitely needs to be done though. I'm thinking this will b be a good decision for me as I'm unhappy with the loss of volume and elasticity I had for the first year post explanation.

Ditched the workouts for some steak-outs

I decided to perform a little experiment. I haven't worked out for 2 straight weeks and have been eating a steady diet of steak, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables along with a bagel, cream cheese and coffee every morning. Been trying to get a sandwich in at lunch time too. I've noticed improved volume. Now I'm wondering what to do because I love working out but it appears working out makes me too lean. Tonight's dinner included creme brule with a filet mignon and I feel like I'm stuffed beyond belief.

No more Crossfit = better looking boobs 4 me

I'm seriously starting to think of quitting Crossfit and taking up a new form of fitness that doesn't include so much upper body. The change in my breasts has been unreal. This is 3 weeks no Crossfit

5 years after explanation photos.

Well things have held up pretty well and I'm still pretty happy with the results. I think not removing the capsules did give me some extra volume, however, the boobs feel somewhat lumpy because of it. A small price to pay for the extra volume I guess? I always wear a sports bra or something that will keep the girls "up" and rarely go bra-less in attempt To keep sagging at bay. It seems to be working for the most part. On my end it looks like the photos uploaded upside down? Not sure how to fix that
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