Having Body Jet To: Upper, Lower & Mid Abs, Flanks, and Back W Fat Transfer to Buttucks - Irvine, CA

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I have lost 90 pounds through diet and exercise...

I have lost 90 pounds through diet and exercise over the course of 4 years. for over 18 months i have been unable to budge this bulge left on my midsection. My legs are strong. no fat at all, even the lady who i met with for my consultation said, wow, your legs are great! i also have no rear end. never have (thanks dad) and I carry all of the excess weight in my mid section in front. wearing jeans has never happened. i don't even own a pair. i can't wait to buy a pair of jeans!!! something as simple as that will make my year! I have muscles in my arms, and my shoulders, too. I do cross fit and hot yoga and love both. I have really tried to stay active and healthy.

I have played with the idea of surgery before, but am not ready to take the leap and do the tummy tuck. Plus, I would like another baby some day and would rather not have to have two TT procedures! So, i made an appointment, had my consultation, and have scheduled my procedure! i am beyond thrilled! The date cannot come soon enough. THere is a small part of me that is nervous of the unknown... will it hurt, will the healing be horrible, will i need larger clothes for a few weeks, etc. But overall i feel i have done so much research and looked and hundreds of pictures, watched youtube videos of the procedure etc... and i feel confident. Ive just found this forum and hope to get to know some of you and share my experience with you and vice versa... I will be posting pictures later tonight when I am free to do so! Thanks for reading!

2-20-13 So it came and went Friday... I couldn't...

So it came and went Friday... I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight so by 12:30, procedure time, I was miserable. headache from hell and starving. not to mention all of the nervous energy going on. I opted to use more anesthesia because i was really concerned about feeling anything... Im so glad i did because i was out - felt nothing, remember nothing. My last memory is being wheeled into the operating room, and a cold liquid being applied to my belly - and then waking up and having to pee!

All in all things are fine. I must say, the swelling SUCKS. i knew i would swell, Ive researched and asked questions, etc... but i wasn't fully prepared. I think it wouldn't be nearly as bad if I didn't have to work (back on tuesday, after a friday surgery) and if i didn't have to wear this horrible garment and binder!!! so not only am i swollen, but i have to dress nice (work in a law office) wear a compression garment, and a bra (size 34G, can't escape a bra during the day), and a binder... I'm so uncomfortable right now, day 5, that I'm questioning if it was worth it. Im snappy at my daughter, and even at work, which is NOT like me. i must admit thought, that i started my period today and am pretty constipated too, so all of these factors together are making this nice lady a bitch :)

Im trying to just focus on the tasks i need to get done each day instead of the uncomfortable feelings I'm feeling.. did i mention I'm ITCHY!!!! ugh. and you can't scratch this itch! Im trying to just remember that this is part of the process - its not an overnight thing - if it were more people would probably do it - and I'm trying to remember 'one day at a time' lol... shoot one second at a time right now.

as for my dr and the staff - WONDERFUL. i cannot say enough about them. they have been very professional and caring from day one.

as the days go on i will continue to post updates!

3-8-13 So today is 3 weeks post op. overall I...

So today is 3 weeks post op. overall I can kinda see some results. this swelling is killing me though. My jeans I wore pre op don't fit. they are way too tight. I wore them to dinner weds night because i had no other choice really and by the time dinner was over i couldn't wait to get home and into my sweats. I know that some people see good results right away... for me, its proving to not be my reality. It is frustrating. Im trying to be patient though, and remember that my body went through a lot and it needs time to heal properly... But its so bad right now that Im considering going to buy new clothes in larger sizes just to feel okay during the day at work. I don't have strenuous job. I'm pretty much seated all day at my desk... so its not like I'm stressing my body out. i want desperately to return to exercise because i feel like I've gained a ton of weight - i don't dare get on the scale... the area i really notice a difference are my flanks! huge difference there. its my stomach that doesn't look different at all to me and that is of course where most of us want to see results!
Ive noticed that if i am without my compression garment i swell up quickly! and once i put it back on i can almost feel like a slushing feeling in my abdomen. this must be fluid.
i also notice a decent change in my backside. i was pancake flat back there. i do now have a little shelf and a little roundness - a slight curve now to my back. its not drastic, but its there and its kinda cool. I'm not sure id want a huge difference back there because i really don't want other people whispering behind my back ('what did she do?') lol. but i guess there is a part of me that thinks it could be more... at the same time i remind myself that my front is still swollen (I HOPE) and once that goes down i will have a more pronounced result in back. anyway ill update again in a week or so. overall not in pain really. oh one more thing - i tried to wear spanx yesterday to work instead of my garment - well didn't try, but did - and by the time i got home i was sore all over my abdomen and super swollen - so i binder myself up really good again. sigh.... hope this helps someone!

I thought Id pop by and give a quick update. ...

I thought Id pop by and give a quick update. Overall I guess I just was not the ideal candidate for this procedure. I had the lipo to my back bra roll area, flanks, upper abs middle abs and lower abs. i can certainly tell a difference in my shape - like less thick in certain places. but the area i was MOST concerned with, my middle abs, has not been reduced at all. Its been two months. Maybe i still have swelling. I don't know. Its not fair for me to say it wasn't worth it, because 1) i do see some improvement in some areas and 2) my doctor did tell me that I was a candidate for a tummy tuck now lipo. I think I was so hyped up from my initial consult with the lady who was not the doctor. and i wanted the fat transfer to my bottom (which has made maybe a very very slight difference in my backside - not noticeable to my family at all - so i thought what the hell, ill go through with it and hope for the best... I didn't meet with the doctor until two days before the procedure and thats when i was told i should schedule a TT instead... but my BF had already scheduled time off of work and was starting a new job so... sigh. oh well. my weight is UP 10 pounds from surgery which is a nightmare for me. my clothes do not fit. my boobs are HUGE, like a 34G up a whole cup size (they have always been huge but now my bras are not even fitting.

needless to say i guess i rushed into this. shoulda gone with the TT in the first place, so now I am scheduling consults with other doctors re the TT procedure.

Id say for someone with less stretched skin than me it would be worth it totally. the areas i notice the most results are the areas that don't have stretch marks. i knew going in (I'm not stupid :) ) that this procedure wouldn't make the marks disappear or anything, and i knew it wouldn't tighten my skin. i just really wanted my fattier areas to deflate a bit. and again, some did. but the ones i was most concerned about absolutely did not.

for reference, i was told that out of ALL of those areas, 5 in total, that i had done, they removed 2400 cc's of fat. Ive looked around on line and that doesn't seem to be very much at all.

one more thing, the day of my surgery as i was being marked up the doctor told me that she was hesitant to do much to my mid section because of lose skin. i had told her and the other lady that did the consult with me initially that the lose skin at this point was a given, i didn't care... i just wanted to be
'deflated'. i even signed paperwork stating that i knew that and was fine with it. oh well, live and learn i guess. i don't want to speak negatively about them at all. they were very nice to me and professional. overall i should have headed the advice of the doctor and not rushed because of my bf's work schedule (he was helping with my daughter and driving etc)
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I feel comfortable with what I have researched about not only Athenix, but the Dr who will be performing these procedures on me

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