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Hi Guys , i just had vaser on thursday the 7th of...

Hi Guys , i just had vaser on thursday the 7th of oct 2010. I went to the clinic about a month ago for my consultation, the doctor explained what vaser was and how it was done, i booked the appointment to get my arms and tummy done, lower and upper, i went to my appointment nerve and stress free after a small breakfast, i was given a painkiller, sedative and anti biotic, the doctor took some before pictures and began to mark the areas for removal.

I guess it is fair to say that this is only my personal opinion of the procedure and everyone should make there own minds up but please dont go into vaser blind as i did. I was given scrubs to wear and taken to the opperating room, the doctor injected a local anesthetic where the covers for the holes where then inserted ( im sure there is a correct name for these but i dont know it!) he then inserted a long object and began to fill the area with a anesthetic fliud this was uncomfortable but not painful. then after this he inserted a long object which was tha laser (ultra sonic) which began to break down the fat, this was very sore on my arms and sometimes painful and the doctor had to repeat the local anesthetic several times, when my arms were finished i asked the doctor if my tummy would be better or worse for pain as i was starting to rethink having it done there. he told me as the arms were alot smaller in size it was more painful there so not to worry there would be no pain and the worst was over! he couldnt have been more wrong!!!! the procedure was repeted on my tummy only this time he made 3 incisions ... i can safely say! Never again , we had to cut the treatment short as it was so horribly painful. he blamed this on my fat being so hard claiming it was genetic !

Its now four days since having the vaser and i truely wouldnt have been able to do anything (including drying myself after a shower) if it weren t for my boyfriend, altho i am not as sore i am stll very stiff and extreamly swollen with raw areas from the compression garment digging into my skin and have yet to see any kind of result, apart from brusing oozing and numb at the moment. i cried all the way through the vaser and i really am regretting having it done , i must have been mad!

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not informeed enough and very painful

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