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Hi all, Looking to have Vaser lipo done this...

Hi all,

Looking to have Vaser lipo done this summer. I have researching and looking into clinics. I have been reading all the pros and cons and trying to find a good doctor and clinic. I am in Ireland and there is not that much options. I would not travel for it. My questions are is there anyone from Ireland on here who can recommend a clinic or has had it done.
I have had one consultation so far and was told there is not enough fat on the Belly area but there is on the flanks. This is my problem area which has always made me look wider and more so after my child. I really want it done but I am Afraid I will pick the wrong doctor or something will go wrong. Any advise would be appreciated. Thx

Mid 30's Stubborn Fat. Having Vaser

Hi all. So I've finally booked a date to have Vaser lipo on the flank area. Wanted tummy aswell but the doctor said wasn't a good candidate meaning the wasn't enough tummy fat (which is good I guess) I am very nervous and hoping I am doing the right thing. I have been training hard but can't shift it. A lot of my family think I'm crazy but I've been considering this for almost a year now. I will keep you updated. And try get some pics up. Wish me luck.

Disgusted and annoyed

I am still very confused and upset with how I was dealt with as a customer by the clinic.

I met doctor Roy twice and then finally decided to proceed with vaser lipo treatment on flanks and was given a date for Monday the 27th. Only to be called on Thursday to be told he was sick and would not be able to go ahead on the Monday. Which was completely fine however I was not told when I could book back in only that they would call me back on Monday. No call on Monday so I waited until today. I received a call from the secretary telling me that as I had requested information from the doctor and asked for it in email that that doctor Roy felt there was no patient/doctor trust!!!

Well to say I am annoyed is an understatement as what I requested is well within my right as a patient/customer who would be paying a large amount for an invasive treatment. All I was looking for was some reassurance as you should as a doctor and clinic completely understood.

Now I don't know what is going on there, but it is completely unprofessional and to just decide to not see a patient because they requested more information leads me to believe that you are the ones not confident in your ability or hiding something. I plan to get to the bottom of this.

I am still so annoyed. I was scheduled off work, and organised lifts and childminder, and now I am just left with nothing.

Have chose new doctor for vaser

I have met a new Dr and had two consultations. I had bloods, measurements and pre op medicine. I'm booked for procedure (vaser on flanks) next Wednesday. So excited and nervous
Will post some pics

Had my vaser lipo today

Hi all,
Well after months of wondering if I should have vaser. I went and had it done today. I had the flanks and back area! Have to say it took a while and was not pleasant at all but just about manageable. Will post some before and after pics later. Still haven't slept yet and still wide awake, think I am running on adreline now.
So the procedure itself was ok, the anesthetic was not nice at all. And then for me the worst part was when he was pumping the fluids in. And times it felt a bit uncomfortable and so strange. Then I waited until i was fully numb. The vaser itself was ok apart from it hitting an area that was not fully numbed from time to time. I did wince several times. But overall it is managable. I'm home now just relaxing when I touchy body it does not feel like my own as it is swollen and numb. It is such a strange feeling. I have noticed bruising already on my bum area wasn't expecting that so soon. Well I guess I should sleep now. Don't want to look at my body yet. I know by tmo I will be dying for a shower. Any questions guys let me know ????

Post vaser day 1

Didn't sleep much last night as I was so itchy was not nice at all! Not much pain today just a little sore when I move around. And I've lots of bruising. Still numb in most places. But all is good. Just need more sleep. Here is some pics for few hours after surgery ????

Some pics day 2 and 3

Trying to add pics

Day 3

Some more pics

1 week post op

Hi all,
Just thought I would give you a quick update. So I had my 1 week. Check up with the doctor today and he said everything is healing week. I had flanks and back done. I have to say for anyone who is considering it is go for it. The pain was minimal, it is sore when moving and quiet annoying wearing the compression garment. Especially if you are warm.
Anyway the doctor said I was quiet swollen and I should have had my drainage massage already. So I had one tonight. It actually really helped. As I was getting a little dint in the hip area from my underwear so I need to make sure I sort that out and wear better underwear as they said it can make the area treated lumpy as it heals. Also I found out why i was so itchy and it turns out it was the plasters I am allergic. Anyway I guess you keep learning it's all new too me. So I will def have a few more lymphatic drainage massages and make sure the underwear is better. Other then that everything looks ok. Can't wait for the swelling to get better and the bruising is slowly going thankfully. Well that's all for now.

Bad few dars

Since Thursday i have been feeling very unwell. To the point I just lie down. Suffering with migraines and nausea it is absolutely horrible. Last night I was so upset as the pain in my head was so bad. It has eased a little today. I went for my second drainage massage today and she said it was probably all the toxins coming out of my body from the drainage and it will get better. She said I'm exhausted and not resting enough. I think she is right. But it's hard to with a child, job and responsibilities. Anyway just wanted to post an update. Still a bit sore on the flank area, bruising is going down quickly though. Just hope today is a little better ????????

10 days post op

Just a few new Pics. Still very swollen and a little bruised. Had flanks and back done. Did not have tummy FYI


So the last few days I've had a stinging burning sensation in one area it appears to be surrounding my incision. It's really bothering me and can make me jump a lot. I guess I need to speak to the doctor ????????

2 week update

So I made it this far ?? I'm doing ok. Bruising is going down fast and I am able to move around a lot more easy now. I think I'm ready to do some light excersise. I am missing working out and feeling bloated all the time. Nothing much else to report. Still swelling in certain areas and numbness and at times I want to rip my garment off. But I guess I'm used to it now at this stage. Will post some new pics later ??

Some new pics

Slowly the swelling is going down. Still a long way to go. But can see some small improvements.

3 weeks post op

I have found a pic from last year when I was working out non stop and while I look slim I still had fat on the sides. The left pic is from last year and the right is last week two weeks after vaser Lipo on my flanks and i can already see the difference and it's really early days.

1 month post

Hi all. So I 1 month post vaser on flanks tomorrow. I just want to give an honest review as I know people need to hear all sides. I'm going to break it down easy.
The procedure itself= uncomfortable, painful at times, but tolerable
The 1st week= sore when moving, emotionally draining, not so much pain. But feeling tired and down got headaches and got my period a few days later. Was hell!!
2nd and third week= struggling with constantly wearing garment, irritated, itchy and depressed from not being active enough. And very hungry (probably just me
4th week = moving around better had 6 manual lymphatic drainage massages in total (some doctors say you don't need these but I think they are amazing and really help with swelling and lumps) downside they make you feel tired.
So Overal the swelling has reduced dramatically over the last week. But now I have the flu well I think that's what it is. I'm sick days so I'm going to my own doctor as my immune system seems all over the place. And I really need something.
Spoke to the doctor who performed the vaser and he advised one more week wearing garment 24/7 ???????? And can't go back training until my 6 week Checkup
Anyway I am feeling depressed right now as I'm always hungry and have gained a few pounds again.
Okay so that's it for now. It's differently not been an easy four weeks but manageable. If you do not mind not being active you will be fine but that's not me. I am terrified I'm going to put on more weight which will totally defeat the purpose. But it's still very early days and it's so true you need some amount of patience.
I hope I am happy in another few months with the outcome and back to normality.
Hope this helps others. Will post some pics again soon ????????

6 month update

Well I can't believe it's just 6 months already.
So here is an honest review. I thought I would be a lot more happy with my overall results and I am not. My one main regret is not having my tummy area done aswell. I rushed into getting the flanks done in the hope that it would give me a kick to work out even more on my abs as they were not that bad I didn't have a large amount of fat to loose. However if you are sore the first few months it's hard to get back training and then the longer you leave it, it gets harder and harder. So I am gaining weight again! I have asked to meet with my doctor in Jan as my scars did not heal great and still have a bit of discolouration of my skin on my sides.
To anyone considering this please make sure to have all areas done together as I was told too but i decided not too. Get active ASAP and don't stop!
I will post some pics and see what you think. ????????
Doctor Roy Shunill

Had two consultations which were ok but doctor Roy came across very uninterested and did not reassure me about anything. Would not recommend. Could not answer simple email questions! Choose another doctor on Castleknock cosmetics

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