Total stomach mess

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Hi so heres where my story will begin after year...

Hi so heres where my story will begin after year of research and limited choice in Ireland i started the long process of removing a large mess off my stomach 3 tattoos later had a large tribal design to cover dragon after a pregnancy 12 years ago then went and had a worse cover up of flowers 2 years ago im a mum and notbhsppy with my stomach but This tattoo has caused me so much upset I hate it why DIDN'T I go for laser instead of another cover up it made it look worse , I went for patch test today and continued on to having my first treatment because tattoo is so big having it done in 2 stages using the Candela AlexTriVantage laser .Have to say the pain was unbearable how will I manage to continue ?? just took dressing off and loads blisters have appeared im so swollen but I know no pain no gain its going be a long process so hope to meet some friends along the way !!!

Large stomach tatoo and cover up

Can't believe I'm posting pic but want to share And get advice 2 days later large blisters have stated to break still very tender rubbing off my trousers bandage keeps moving doubting this will even work know I may need to recover with smaller tatoo feeling abit emotional tonight

Is it normal

So 12 days post treatment the scabbing as gone still very tender in area but the area is very hot to touch and raised in areas is that normal have been using vitamin e cream skin is very dry but know it's renewing have to admit did itch it abit but can see fading already ;)

Hi what to do

Hi I still haven't had second treatment as laser had been broke awaiting engineer and now has been sent away iv called the clinic few times I really need to have treatment done on other side at this rate I'm due to have treatment on while lot which I think I will so than doing it in half sections ! Anyhow found another clinic which is using Q switch nd yag laser ! Will take me on if sign disclaimer no it involves travelling would ye think this laser will be just as good or is it advisable to change clinics I mean I'm 5 wks now waiting for laser to be fixed ??! Iv noticed break down in colour and black tatoo underneath definitely faded line over belly button all most gone

2nd session done in new clinic

Hi changed clinics had to travel abit they used ND YAG Q Switch Laser , the technician was so nice asked so many questions and really put me at ease ! I was brave had whole lot done it was bad but not as bad as other time she asked to turn it up to higher but hadnt used any cream or ice so didnt I kind wish I had braved it and let her but was so sore by bellybutton couldnt cope as knew had other half was on a good setting she said should dont no exactly ! Hoping this laser will work dont know is it as strong as others will defintely be left with scarring on right side which kind a KNew :( will update again soon

2nd treatment update

So it's 5 weeks since second treatment took a long time to heal iv definitely scarring in one area ! Right side of tattoo feels so different and still has bumps under it ! This tattoo is getting me down I just want it gone and thinking iv bout two years to go depresses me to get rid of this mess continuing to research lasers journeys etc ! Holidays coming up soon so need to make something to cover it ! Next treatment in 4 weeks

Treatment 4

By far the worse forgot my strong painkillers and ice pack after long drive to clinic plus kids in tow , big mistake this was the worst treatment turned laser right up even with the cooler had to stop
A few times as I literally freaked out , the burn my body was shocked and these lasers go higher Wowh the red is so sore to remove the Nurse was so nice and comforting wanted to leave the other half of it but after travelling so far I wouldn't the tummy is such a sensitive area . So 4 days later still in pain the blisters are huge haven't been sleeping have left bandages off today to let air at it plenty of antiseptic spray and bio oil I'm so swollen still I am questioning my sanity and my family wanting me to stop will this ever go can see the red breaking up but another 10 treatments at least how will I cope ??

Still going took a break from forum

Have had two more tretments since very painful it is fading but no way as much as I'd hoped I'm due another treatment but its soul destroying dont think I'll ever be rid of it I took a break from forum becasuse just fed up with whole removal and lack of hope I hold
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