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I have always been a little self conscious about...

I have always been a little self conscious about my nose. I have looked at the surgical route and it proved very expensive and the recovery time is very long. Although Im not the biggest fan of my nose I think a surgical route might of made me look less like myself and more obvious that I had work done to other people.

I first heard about this procedure online and looked into different places where it was available. Luckliy for me there is only 2 places in Ireland where you can get it done and one of them is very close to me which definitely appealed to me.

I paid an initial cost for the consultation where I also inquired about a chin augmentation but the doctor suggested that this was not necessary as my jaw and chinline were fine. He told me that if I went ahead with the non surgical nose job that it would be a subtle change which is definitely what I wanted. I knew that it would not decrease the size but more straighten out the nose which would make it more pleasing to eye.

The procedure itself was relatively painless. He first injected a local anesthetic onto the top of the bridge of my nose which stung a tiny bit. I'll admit Im not the best with pain and needles and I was shaking like a leaf that the doctor asked me was I okay twice. But it was more nerves more than the pain caused. He used restylane which is a temporary filler. It stung a little bit but nothing more than a tiny pinch when it was injected into my skin. Instantly I felt the gel liquid harden similar to that of 'crystal salt' which is what Im saying it felt like. He then shaped the top of the nose and smoothed it out. Overall the procedure took about 15-20 minutes.

Instantly I was happy with the results and the before and after pictures showed a difference. I got what I wanted a subtle difference. I am a little bit swollen around eyes and at top of nose which is completely normal.

I have included some before and after pictures, so let me know what you think ? :)

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