Bulbous Tip After 10 Months Post Surgery??

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Hi, I had septo rhinoplasty nearly 10 months ago,...

Hi, I had septo rhinoplasty nearly 10 months ago, I had a deviated septum on the left and also had a large hump in the bridge of my nose, the tip drooped but was not bulbous. However now the tip of my nose is really bulbous and is not symetrical. The left side (that was deviated) is more swollen than the right and the right nostril seems more dented, in a good way. Although the bridge is now perfectly straight the tip looks like there is a lump on it, nearly in a tear drop shape.

The swelling has really gone down over but nothing has changed in the tip in over 3 months. There doesn't seem to be definition in the tip.

Is it possible for the tip to be larger or more bulbous after rhinoplasty if it wasn't like that before?? Any advice is much appreciated. My surgeon was great but more in to plastic surgery to correct disfigurements and not the cosmetic side of it so I feel silly when I approach him.

Is it possible for the tip of my nose to be bulbous after surgery when it wasn't bulbous before?
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