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I am 43, short, and had my first baby at 18. For...

I am 43, short, and had my first baby at 18. For the last few years I have hated that I couldn't ever wear a bikini, or swimsuit without feeling awful.

So I decided I had to do something so that at least for a few years before I became to old to enjoy it. I could wear clothes and feel good.

Here in Ireland cosmetic surgery is not very popular (YET), so I had to travel four hours for to consult with my ps, and to have the surgery. I had this surgery on November 23rd. I had a breast augmentation, or a restuff, the volume had gone from my breasts after four pregnancies, and a tummy tuck with lipo.

I had drains only for a few hours post op, and was discharged from the hospital the day after surgery. I won't see my PS again until DEC 7th. I am in swell hell, please tell me It gets easier. I have been doing normal chores around the house since day 2 and maybe I am not resting enough, would this be a factor on feeling like shamu each evening?. I am sore too, it feels like I have been burned, down by my ribs feels so tight and hot. My boobs feel like something from another planet.

My PS didn't really give me details on what he was going to do, he just told me when I woke up that I was going to be very happy.

I was mortified when he took the before pictures, one thing standing nude in front of the mirror and seeing this big pouch, it is a whole different kettle of fish when you are exposed and this handsome ( why couldn't he be an ugly oul fella) man comes in with a marker and starts drawing maps on your tummy. He took hold of my tummy, and said THIS WILL ALL BE GONE, It was like a bundle of laundry , I have looked at myself in the mirror, and it seems to be gone, but I still don't have a figure, just a flatter bloated version of me. Still though it is only six days. He also gave me a new belly button, I have to say I wasn't expecting that, and was thrilled to hear I will have one, it was lost under folds of lose skin, and I had a hollow up from where the actual button sat, ( hard to discribe but it looked like my button slid down my tummy.) I need to lose about 20lbs, but he said that it won't matter too much, because I will see a huge difference now it is done. So I will keep you all posted on my recovery, . I want to get rid of this swelling though it is awful, I know it will be 3 months, but please tell me the worst will end soon.

Well today is day 7. I am feeling a lot better,...

Well today is day 7. I am feeling a lot better, but still stinging skin under my binder. I find it hard to imagine what my body will look like when all this swelling goes away but It can only be better.

Day 13, I definatly did too much yesterday. I had...

Day 13, I definatly did too much yesterday. I had to go shopping and pulling a trolly about put strain on my tummy muscles and even my breasts. I was so swollen last night. So I know for sure that doing too much will make the swelling worse. I try to rest during the day, and I am in no way doing all that I should be doing. I feel guilty that my husband has to help so much. He already works so very hard. Being self employeed he works until late in the evening and has no days off. ( not even sundays). So I am off to Dublin tomorrow to see my PS. I have a seroma so I hope he will drain that. ( I know because of this board, I can identify it). I also hope too that he will tell me it is ok to have a bath,. I think to have an epsom salts bath would be sooo very good for swelling and just general well being. I am dreading the drive though I know I will be so tired driving for 4 hours to Dublin, and 4 hours home.

Well, I went for a check up two weeks post surgary...

well, I went for a check up two weeks post surgary. I was a tad excitede the night before so couldn't get to sleep. Alarm went for 5 am and up I got and started my drive to the capital, ( Dublin) for my check up with what I assumed was with my ps. Well, I found myself getting drousy half way, ( goes to show that tummy tuck is major surgary) and as driving sleepy is as bad as driving drunk , I pulled in , and yes fell asleep. I could never sleep in a car, so this was a pure indication of how tired I am. Got to the clinic, and a NURSE,. looked at my stitches, said I was healing well, I said what about this , will I see the PS...... she said NO. SO THAT WAS IT, .... Nurse took out my stitches, said I was doing well, and that was it........... after a four and a half hour drive. So I still have my sernoma, I know that is what it is because I tap it and it just goes wild, like jelly on a plate. I am going on HOliday on jan 4th, and my PS is too busy to see me before that,. I am pissed off to be honest. I said I will drive through the night to get an appointment, but no. In my case , I paid first. I see improvements, but I would like to hear some comfort from the guy that cut me up.
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Due to the distance I live from the clinic, I couldn't really fault the amount of times I visited this PS. He is a quiet man, and very friendly, however he doesn't say too much except I am going to do this, and why he felt I was suitable for the surgery. I couldn't fault his bedside manner, he was professional, but not overly chatty.

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