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I started These injections Last year, i would have...

I started These injections Last year, i would have Medium toned skin, but could only obtain a dark skintone from a sunbed or foreign heat. I bought a bottle of them for 50 euro and they were delivered to my door within two days. I received ten injections along with the melanotan and sterile water and also a list of directions on how to mix the product. I done the first one as 1.0 ml and was very sick with nausea and shaking. I researched the product that night properly and found that 0.5 - 0.8 no was the normal amount to inject, and also it stated to do it before you go to sleep to avoid the side effects e.g. Loss of appetite, nausea etc... So within the week I injected the most 5 injections. I went on the sunbed for 18 minutes over the space of 2 weeks and I have to say I was like someone who had spent the summer in Africa. I told only my best friends and they tried the melanotan also, one of which is naturally pale and a red head. All of us received a tan from this so called tanning miracle. Although my pale friend went on to buy a further 2 bottles, I stopped after the 5 injections as I noticed I that I got new dark moles and freckles and got freaked out. I didn't dare tell anyone about the product because when I mentioned the tanning injections to people, that they were available, people were saying that they would be disgusted and would feel like a junkie to try. I thought I done my research before I tried but obviously not enough by going through some of the threads here. When I looked melanotan up, it had said the product was created and used for people who lost their colour due to illnesses and people with low iron, anemia issues. So I didn't think they could be that harmfull. I have not told my doctor about taking the product but due to the product hitting the headlines in recent days I think I will venture to him and explain my stupidity. Before anyone attacks me and says how stupid I have been. I realize now. I'm 24 years of age and sometimes naive. Everywhere you look nowadays whether it's an ad on tv or in a magazine, they are selling sex, beauty, vanity etc. It's a hard decade to be apart of when your a woman because every woman will tell you that will never be happy with their appearance, when these things are so readily available it's hard not to get sucked in. I hope somehow this will help someone as I am petrified of these moles that have appeared and will have to live with the guilt that I could of increased the risk of developing cancer. Gemma x
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