Breast Lift and Asymmetry Correction - Ireland, IE

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For as long as I can remember my breasts have...

For as long as I can remember my breasts have sagged- even as a teenager I didn't seem to have the perky breasts that all my friends did. Then over the years my left boob seemed to keep growing when my right one did not. Tomorrow I am FINALLY having my left breast reduced and both uplifted...excited/nervous! Here's to prettier boobs...eek! Would love to hear from anyone else who has had this procedure. And by the way I am only 22...from the picture you can clearly see why my boobs have ruined my self confidence for years!

8 days out

Hi girls, sorry it has taken me so long to respond! So OH MY GOODNESS, i am absolutely over the moon with my results! I have been so lucky- I woke up from the surgery completely pain free and have not experienced any pain or discomfort as yet (touch wood!). I have been able to sleep on my side (not my front yet, obviously), have been socialising with friends and a week later am back to driving and going on short walks. My biggest 'problem' so far has been trying to pick outfits that i can wear over my ugly sports bra!

As you can see from my picture My breasts are now totally even and soooo much perkier...i literally can not stop staring at them, it just doesn't feel like me (in the best way!) As you can also see there is still some tape on my breasts- i've been told not to peel this off but rather to wait for it to fall off in its own time from getting wet in the shower. My nipples are a little swollen and as you can see, bruised, but i am so happy with their general shape and size and AMAZINGLY i still have feeling in both of them!!

I could not recommend this surgery highly enough...if you are even contemplating it JUST DO IT, you will not regret it i promise :) Good luck girls, i'll report back next week...hopefully tape-less! xx
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