Explant - But I Love My Boobs :(

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I am 40 and have nearly 10 year old Mcghan 280 cc...

I am 40 and have nearly 10 year old Mcghan 280 cc anatomical textured submuscular silicone implants. They took me from a 32a to 32d. I have since gained about 14lbs and they r now 32e. They r very natural, I had a great result and I love them but know this past few years my fatigue, brain fog,sinus problems, poor exercise tolerance and now more recently joint pain is very likely to be coming from them. I have my consultation booked with my implanting surgeon on 14 December. I love my boobs , how to I come to terms with saying goodbye to them? I am afraid of the sunken nipples i have noticed a few women have post explant but also encouraged by some great results. I know health has to come first and husband is very supportive. Will update after consult.

So I have a date!

Surgery is now booked for 22 May! Now it is booked I am scared but excited. Need to order a Macom bra I see alot of people have used. I had been eatting soo badly this past few weeks - think my fatigue has me eatting badly to get a boost of energy. Anyhow gonna stick to eatting good from now til surgery so at least if my boobs look bad at least I have a smaller stomach! I have had pain in my left breast since January and a sore squishy areas on the side of left boob. I think I have a rupture. Since January when pain started my energy and went down hill so bad. But we will see soon enough.

So It's Today

I never updated but my date was changed to today. Not surprising but I have woken early. It seems a bit surreal. I am feeling very panicky, and am worried I will go into shock seeing my boobs after. My second carefix bra hasn't arrived yet so hopefully will before I leave this afternoon, but I also have a shock absorber sports bra as well. I want to keep the implants but I know I can't. The slightly stiff finger joints r my first reminder this morning of why I am doing this. I am lucky I have a very very supportive husband. I hope my health, which isn't as bad as some others, improves.

It is Done

Just out , quite sore. Left had rupture. Zzzzzzx


Thanks guys, just home and on sofa. Quite sore. Didn't mean to look but my sports bra was too small, tight and hurting the incisions. My carefix sophia bra is perfect right now. So glad I have it. The medium is perfect. I still have a nice amount of breast tissue but I know I gave some swelling. 90% of capsule removed. My left nipple feels numb though is that common ?? It wasnt lwith implants, I know very very early . My surgeon was amazing and soo lovely and very understanding. Feel very tired now. Thank you for your support. X

Day 2 Swelling

Day 2 post explant. I still have ALOT of swelling, even right under my arm is very puffy. My boobs in my bra early look like I still have implants! Pain is getting less each day, but still quite sore, think there was alot of capsule work . Took pain meds morning and night yesterday but none so far today. Hoping for swelling to go down some by tomorrow.
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