Explant - But I Love My Boobs :( - Ireland

I am 40 and have nearly 10 year old Mcghan 280 cc...

I am 40 and have nearly 10 year old Mcghan 280 cc anatomical textured submuscular silicone implants. They took me from a 32a to 32d. I have since gained about 14lbs and they r now 32e. They r very natural, I had a great result and I love them but know this past few years my fatigue, brain fog,sinus problems, poor exercise tolerance and now more recently joint pain is very likely to be coming from them. I have my consultation booked with my implanting surgeon on 14 December. I love my boobs , how to I come to terms with saying goodbye to them? I am afraid of the sunken nipples i have noticed a few women have post explant but also encouraged by some great results. I know health has to come first and husband is very supportive. Will update after consult.
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