3days post op BA revision & doing well

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So I have just reached the one month mark, I am so...

So I have just reached the one month mark, I am so glad I did this although I have found the recovery very tough. I was a very deflated 34B (if even-hardly filled my bra's) after 3 kiddies I had just lost all my volume. Been thinking about BA on & off for years but never had the courage. After a brief holiday it just hit me-why am I putting up with this when there is something I can do to fix it. I never felt confident & I was embarrassed even getting naked in front of my huisband, even though he said I was perfect as I was, I just didnt feel attractive. So I did it! A little too quickly in the end to be honest, I was almost afraid I would lose my nerve!I was beyond nervous, terrified I would not get through the surgery, something would go wrong etc. But the whole thing was over so quickly I literally woke up with bigger boobs!

The pain was dreadful though, I went under the muscle so it was pretty bad, I didnt expect that level of pain. I found it hard to breathe, couldnt raise or hardly move my arms. I was in a dreadful state for about 3 days. My sister & hubby had to do everything for me. Sleeping was a nightmare, the pain got bad at night + Im a stomach sleeper so being propped up was hard. Once I got on top of the pain (lots of drugs needed) things got better. The first 2 weeks were tough though, it was really week 3 beore I felt normal, had full range of movement, could shower myself on my own etc. Still cant shave under my arms though! My boobs are still alittle high, sort of in my arm pit if that makes sense. My main concern now is 1) I want them to hurry up & drop & fluff 2) I have alot of tingling and nipple sensitivity which is quite uncomfortable 3) I am a runner & do alot of weights & am DYING to get back into it & 4) I wish I went bigger!!!! I really do. I love them but I played it safe with 330cc & now they're done I think I could have gone with almost 400. What do people think?I dont have propoer pre op pics just a pic of me in the same bikini pre op. My nipples also seem buigger then they were, Im hopin this will go down with the swelling. Overall though I would recommentd this to anyone, I should have done it long ago :)

Hey girls, a little up date. Went to see my PS...

Hey girls, a little up date. Went to see my PS today for my 1month check, everything going really well he is very happy with how I am healing. I have only 2 wks left until I can run-yay! I also only have to wear the horrible surgical bra during the day can go free at night. In 2 wks I can wear normal bras. So on the way home I couldn't resist- went to get measured. Sooo happy- am a 34 D in one type of bra & a 32DD in another. Am delighted! I know it's silly to focus on a number but from a saggy 34B (probably A in reality) to a D/DD I am just so delighted, never thought I'd be wearing a bra that size. And my boobs look great in the normal bra too. I'll post updated pics in a couple wks, can't wait to wear my new bra's!! So happy, this really is the best thing I could ever have done for myself

6weeks post op tomorrow but am very worried. Doing...

6weeks post op tomorrow but am very worried. Doing my massage yesterday & found a little lump in what I think is my own breast tissue. Am freaking out as my mum had breast cancer in her early 40's despite being very healthy. Im seeing PS in2 days for him to check it out. Did anyone else feel lumps as things were settling down? I'm praying this is something innocent I am sick with the worry. Can't stop thinking this is my punishment for being vain, I know that sounds silly but I can't think logically just now. The lump is small (less then a pea) but hard & definitely there, it's in the front of my right breast about an inch from the nipple. Do any of you girls further on then me remember if anything like this happened to you?

Had my check with my PS regarding the lump, he...

Had my check with my PS regarding the lump, he told me not to worry but to have a mammogram just to be sure, he felt it was probably a little cyst but couldnt say for sure. So now I'm arranging to see my primary care doc & having whatever scan/imaging they feel us necessary, will probably take a couple of weeks with the holidays etc. Am still very worried wish I could just have scan asap & enjoy my christmas without it being overshadowed with this. Anyway, enough doom & gloom. Started back running this week, cannot believe how much my fitness has suffered!! I have a lot of work to do! Also started back my weights & I have very little upper body strength! It all feels a bit scary, I was so fit & strong 6 weeks ago. But it's so good to be back training & feel alive again! Good for my head space too. I will keep u all up to date on the lump & will post some new pics soon. Things are softening up but still have a bit of dropping to do. Hope all is good with you ladies! The support on this site is invaluable x x

Am very happy today & back to enjoying my new...

Am very happy today & back to enjoying my new boobs! Saw a specialist regarding my lump & he immediately said he is not at all worried as soon as he felt it. He said it feels like breast tissue which was pushed forward following the surgery and because I'm thin I probably wouldn't have ever felt it if I hadn't had my BA. He was so incredibly nice & kind. I dreaded the appointment & was afraid I would be judged for having augmentation. But he first told me my PS did 'a very good job indeed'!! Ha! He said a cancerous lump feels very hard & would be closer to the surface. Due to my family history he said he would organise an ultrasound which he doesn't even think is even necessary. (I will have that in about 2 weeks) But he totally put my mind at ease. I can't tell you all how relieved I am! I literally skipped out of the place. So I'm back to being happy... 2 months post op this weekend & I'll post some more pics. Thanks again to all you ladies for your kindness & support, it really means so much x x

Hello Ladies, I cant believe its been 3 months. I...

Hello Ladies, I cant believe its been 3 months. I feel like my breasts are a part of me now and like I've had them forever! I can do everything I did before; sleep well on my stomach, exercise, run, lift weights. I love my new breasts, they have given me so much confidence and self esteem. It's great. I still feel like I have some dropping to do, or maybe its fluffing I need? You ladies further on then me, did you see much changes after 3 months? I know some say it can take up to 6 months to see final results. I feel I have some upper pole fullness, not sure if that will change much now. Bra shopping can be tricky; I am either a 34D or 32 DD depending on the bra. They dont really 'sit into' the bra like before, some bra's just dont suit me at all. I also dont feel as comfortable in a push up bra, I feel like Im squashing them! I guess you just get to know what bra's look good and feel right. Its a learning curve thats for sure. Due to see my PS in 2 weeks but everything is going really well. I had an ultrasound for that scary lump I discovered on week 6 and it was just fatty tissue. They said everything is pushed forward after a BA and you can feel lumps & bumps you weren't aware of before. That was a big relief. So I guess thats it! I love them, am very happy. Still wondering if they have more changing to do but either way Im a satisfied customer :) Ill put up some updated pictures later.

So just had my 4 month check with my PS & although...

So just had my 4 month check with my PS & although he is generally happy with my result, as I had guessed myself, I have not dropped properly yet. He said my pecs are still very tight & holding implants up. So he has advised me to massage vigorously every day for 10 mins & to wear an ace bandage ALL THE TIME for 6 weeks!! He will see me in 8 weeks & if they haven't dropped any further he may have to do quick revision --yikes! Said its straightforward & quick just to open the pocket more. Really hope I don't need this! He did also say that they continue to drop & change for up to a year but that mind are still quite high for the stage I'm at. I am to stay away from any push ups, weight lifting etc to really let the pecs relax. Am a bit pissed about whole thing, Hate the idea of being so long out of my kettle bell class AGAIN & as for wearing ace bandage... Any one else experience this? I hope it will be worth it though, want to be fully happy with my result

Girls does anyone know where I can buy an Ace...

Girls does anyone know where I can buy an Ace bandage on line? Am currently using a bandage that is cutting into my skin & not comfortable at all! Can't seem to find where to buy a proper one. Any suggestions appreciated!!

Is it just me or do any of you notice your boobs...

Is it just me or do any of you notice your boobs are colder than the rest of your body? I find mine are often cold to the touch even if the rest of me is warm. Strange...

Hey ladies, I've just had my first sun vacation...

Hey ladies, I've just had my first sun vacation since my BA & I cant tell you all how amazing it felt to be in a bikini & actually fill it out. I felt so confident & totally at ease, it was a first for me & the difference it made to how I enjoyed my holiday was awesome! I really recommend this procedure to anyone who is considering it or on the fence. Ok - there is a recovery period which you have to allow for, I found recovery tough & not as easy as some lucky ladies seem to find it. But once you're over that & the odd teething problem & they have settled down, its worth it worth it worth it! I just love having boobs!!!! Am booking another vacation very soon ;-)

7 months out- having a revision!!!

Hi ladies just a little update to let you all know what's been happening. I had thought from the start that my implants were sitting a little high & after my 3 month check my PS suggested I go back to wearing Ace bandage & doing vigorous massage to help them drop down. So it didn't help :) At my 6 month check my PS said he thinks the pocket needs enlarging or he suggested placing the implants OVER the muscle & this is what he decided needed to be done. I freaked out a little at this as I was advised at all consultations (including his) that I should go under the muscle as im thin & didn't have enough tissue to cover the implants going that way. He said my muscles are extremely tight and are holding the implants up too high, said he has seen it before & it couldn't have been predicted pre op. He assured me he would correct it, allowing the implant to sit lower into the pocket & that I would be much happier with the result. I went home with a lot of thinking to do. Even though I love them & have felt very happy Im really not 100% satisfied with how they sit. So I researched & researched & everywhere I read surgeons advise against going above the muscle. What do you girls think? PS reckons this would suit me better due to how my muscles are behaving. I spoke to the girls at the clinic & one of them assured me many surgeons use subglandular & that her own are subglandular & she has them 14 years. Also you get better cleavage going which is something I didn't really get with this augmentation.
Anyways... I called the office again after much deliberation & research & asked if my PS could just enlarge the pocket & split the muscle (dual plane approach). I really think I need some muscle coverage! so he has agreed to do this & my revision date is 11th July. I'm so nervous!!!
1) What if things go wrong again??
2) what if this doesn't work- should I just go subglandular as he suggested??
3) the thoughts of another op- at this stage 7 months out I never imagined I would be going back under the knife
My main concerns with going subglandular was --increased risk of CC, increased visibility of implant & this 'rock in a sock' look I read about & also there is difficulty in mammography which would be a big worry to me with my mums history or breast cancer.
Have I made the right choice going partially under the muscle? I kind of feel I'm going against his advice.. Anyone have any advice for me?
Sorry for the big ramble, wish my BA had been more straightforward. Hope I'll be happy 2nd time round...

Day 3 post op revision surgery...not as bad as I thought!

Well I had my revision surgery on Thursday and so far so good. It's very weird being back in the recovery mode! The pain is much less & much easier to manage then last time, this is because my muscles have done all the stretching already so it's just a little stiffness in the ribs & slight pain in incision sites that I'm feeling.
So I went in on Thursday at 12, was very nervous, kept asking myself Why put myself through this again?& should I just leave well enough alone! Basically my implants which were placed under the muscle in November, never dropped fully & remained quite high & tight due to my particularly tight pec muscles. They didnt look too bad actually but there was too much upper pole fullness & I felt the slope looked fake, especially on my left side. Anyway my PS suggested redoing them over the muscle but I wasn't sure about this. So after much discussions he decided to enlarge the pocket, move the implant down & bring the bottom part in front of the muscle, leaving the top part behind.(ie; split the muscle/dual plane approach) This should fill out the bottom of the breast more while giving me the coverage of the muscle on top. Because I was going under anaesthetic again I decided to go slightly bigger (had a little boob greed from the start!!) so I had 390cc on my left & 420cc on my right to even out a little assymetry. (i had 330cc previously)
Surgery was over before I knew it-I was asleep so quickly, operating staff were so nice & reassuring, next thing I was awake thinking 'it can't be over already- I have no pain!' PS saw me after said everything went well he was very pleased & thinks I'll be very happy with my result. I immediately noticed that they feel lower down & more natural then before. My hubby collected me at 6pm & I went home & slept, took care to take all my pain meds- determined not to let pain get on top of me this time.
Day 1&2 post op I can honestly say pain is at a minimum, ribs feel a little sore but no tightness, heaviness etc. I keep taking my pain meds anyway. My main complaint is nausea & horrible constipation from the meds. I think I'll start to wean myself off them soon as the constipation is worse then the pain! I'm resting lots but pottering about too, able to do little things & feel better moving around. Hubby is great & my 2 small kids are making a fuss of me. ( they think I just had check up at the docs & had to get an injection) So im just laying low for next few days as this is top secret from my mum (would absolutely not approve!!)
Day 3 bowels finally moved thank god! ( sorry for tmi) feel so much better. Only other funny thing is the sounds coming from my breasts! I dont remember this as much the last time-gurgling, sloshing & squeaking!! A bit freaky but I know it's just fluid settling, hope it goes soon though cause its not pleasant! Just resting today-managed to take a shower & wash my hair, taking it easy. Dying to get bandages off next week & see my result!! I can already tell there is improvement am so happy about that as I agonised over whether to put myself through surgery again. But after going through with my BA I deserve to have a great outcome so I'm glad I went through with the revision. Hope all you post op ladies are recovering well & pre op ladies aren't too nervous, it's really nothing to be nervous about. I'll post some pictures soon :)

Day 4 post op BA revision

Today I have a new complaint, a really bad upset stomach which had me up & down to the toilet all night--horrible!! Dont know if its the meds or antibiotic or if I actually have a tummy bug as I feel really run down. Cant really eat now & panicking as I want to be nourished well to recover well! On a positive note, pain is practically non existent so Im going to cut right back down on pain meds today. Really hope I feel better tomorrow so I can eat!

Almost 2 weeks post op - New pics!!

Hi Ladies! I will be 2 weeks post op on Thursday. Am feeling really good apart from general weakness in my arms & chest. I still find it hard to get up from sitting, lying, reaching up high or holding anything heavy. other then that I feel great so I actually have to remind myself to rest & that Im still recovering. I went back to work today & got on fine so life is slowly getting back to normal. I get my stitches out on Thursday & am looking forward to that. I feel sore & itchy around my incisions & sometimes get shooting pain there, I don't really remember that last time! But its nothing I cant handle. My results so far are exactly what I always wanted! I'm so very happy!! They look natural to me, sit in a much better position, they were so high last time! When I compare pictures I really am so glad I did this & went through with the revision. I have been busy so I haven't had time to take many pictures but here are a few. Ill post more soon when I get my sutures out. I love the size and can honestly say I wouldn't go any bigger, I feel this is the size for me. Happy healing post op ladies & happy planning to those pre op ladies!

2 weeks post

Hi ladies am officially 2 weeks post op & having sutures removed today, but the blues have hit me big time I'm afraid! Have felt very down the last few days & am disappointed with the size of my scars. I had a close look at them when changing my dressing & they are at least 2.5 times bigger then my last incisions. PS told me they would be 'a little' larger due to changing the plane of the implant & the larger size implant. But I didn't expect this. They seem really long, almost visible from the sides of my breasts. My last incisions were completely invisible by month 6 & they were very neat & small. Argh..! I hope these fade as well. Am also fed up not being able to run, it's not good for my mental health & I'm really missing it. Am feeling very stuck. Think I'll start walking & cycling this week just to be doing something. I think I've gained about 7lbs- not comfortable with that! I hate feeling like this, so sorry for moaning. Hopefully these blues will pass & I'll be back to being happy with my new girls! Hope all you ladies are doing good. This site is such a support system, don't know where I'd be without it! X

3 weeks post BA revision _ New Pics

All is good at 3 weeks and really getting used to my new girls. I have some tingling or 'zingers' in my nipples, they are super sensitive but other then that my boobs feel good. I still forget sometimes when I go to reach something high or lift something heavy & they get sore, especially around the incision, but I have to remind myself its still early days, its so easy to forget when youre feeling good! Am still wearing the strap day & night which I cant wait to get rid of, its so hard to disguise it under clothes & it doesnt give the nicest shape! Not able to lie on my stomach yet either, it doesnt feel right or comfortable, they ache if I try so Im happy enough to stay on my side for now. I cannot WAIT to get running. Im walking every day & doing a gentle spinning class but its not the same. I feel heavy & bloated & really looking forward to getting back to my old routine. How hard is it to take pics when you have small kids??!! I dont know how many times I've gone to my room to take some & my daughter appears to see what Mum is up to, she is funny! Anyway I managed to take a few.
My recovery all in all is going well, my post of blues have lifted, (as I knew they would!) each day gets easier & they are starting to feel like part of me. Hope all you ladies are doing good xx
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