26, No Kids, 255cc Natrelle 410s, Anatomical/teardrop Implants, Textured, Moderate Height, Full Projection (MF), Unders -Ireland

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Given that I have been addicted to RealSelf for...

Given that I have been addicted to RealSelf for the last few months I decided it was only fair to write a review about my experience so far! I've always wanted quite a natural look and have struggled to find similar reviews, for women looking for a smaller size implant as myself. Teardrop/anatomical, 255cc (although I initially was looking for 225cc until my Doctor advised otherwise), under the muscle, moderate height, full projection, gummy bear textured etc - I think that't everything :)

My stats are:

height - 5ft 6
weight - 60 kg / 130lbs
pre op bra size - 32B
post op bra size (so far) - 34C/34D

I had my surgery on 24th February in Dublin. My entire experience with my PS has been fantastic so far. Since my first consultation I have felt at ease. I have never felt rushed or under pressure to choose a particular implant etc. The secretary Laura is particularly helpful and typically responds to queries within a couple of hours which has been so great.

I'm currently 2 weeks post-op and am slightly worried that the implants are not dropping as quickly as I'd hoped. Although from reading these reviews, it seems that this is a particularly common concern this early in the post op recovery and that I pretty much need patience for the next few weeks/months. So I'm trying my best to stay positive!

Please let me know whether my implants still seem to be too high or what you have done to help with this.. My surgeon has advised against massaging my breasts (as the implants are textured and anatomical). Any tips or advice would be really appreciated!!

These pics were taken immediately after surgery.

Slightly bigger than I had hoped as I've been looking for a very natural look and not a noticeable, drastic change. Obviously far too soon to judge though.

Day 1 post op

Slept through the night with pain medication. Uncomfortable waking up as I'm a front sleeper and not used to even sleeping on my back let alone sleeping in an upright position. Felt very groggy and out of it for the day as the medication prescribed was very strong (morphine-based).

I would advise anyone going through the process to try wean themselves off the medication as soon as possible because the pain was not so bad but I was taking the meds purely because I thought I should be. I had several groggy and emotional days which could possibly have been avoided. The worst pain was definitely in the mornings (obviously all medication had worn off since the previous night) and lifting myself out of bed was difficult. So I got into a habit of setting an alarm about 2 hours before I got up and taking my meds and sleeping a little more, just to give them some time to kick in and ease the pain.

Any questions, I'd be happy to help!

4 days post op.

Still very high and tight. Do they look ok?

5 days post op

1 week post op

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