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My name is Mary, I am a 56, and live in Ireland I...

My name is Mary, I am a 56, and live in Ireland I had active fx done to my face and neck in 2011 and was delighted with the results and recently I have had active fx re done to my face and neck and would like to share my experience with you. Two days prior the procedure I started on an 8 day course of antibiotics. Day 1 of my procedure: I had a topical cream applied to my face 1 hour prior to treatment and a numbing block injection in my gums and on my forehead, and drops in my eyes to allow eye shields be placed (a little uncomfortable but very bareable).

I stocked up with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as it is very important to keep your whole body hydrated and drank still water and coconut water (2/3 litres) daily.

The procedure itself took about 25 minutes. After it was done the nurse applied Vaseline liberally to my face and neck and said I was to keep my skin very moistened for the next 3/4 days.

Day 1: my face and neck felt very hot and a bit itchy, and within 6 hours had started to get red like a bad sunburn. I bathed my face 4 times and reapplied Vaseline I also held a cold compress to my skin this helped with the heat and itch. Did not sleep well as it is advised to sleep with an extra pillow to aid the swelling.

Day 2: my face is swollen, my eyes are vey swollen and I am really vey red. I bath my face every 2/3 hours and reapply Vaseline also again I use the cold compress I also put a clean linen facecloth in the freezer and used it. Tonight I am taking something to help me sleep.

Day 3: wow I had a good night sleep and my face and eyes are less swollen today though still swollen. The redness has turned to dark brown this is the skin starting to shed. It is very itchy and unsightly. I have taken an antihistamine to help with the itch and it seems to be working. Again I am bathing my face more often today 6/8 times and reapply Vaseline and use the cold compress.

Day 4: my skin has really started to flake away and the new skin is pink and clear. The itch has stopped and the swelling has nearly all gone down. Today I am bathing my face every hour with a solution of 2 cups of tepid water and 1 table spoon of regular vinegar, I am not rubbing my skin just holding the soaked cloth to my face pressing gently, this is helping with the flaking, again I am reapplying the Vaseline every time. It is evening and most of my face has flaked and the skin is nice and pink.

Day 5: overnight my skin seems to have transformed, just a few little dark spots left around the cheek area and hairline. Skin is pink but healthy, today I am still bathing with the water and vinegar solution but I have returned to my normal skin care routine ( using my night skincare repair serum and day cream). My skin feels a little tight so I am applying Vaseline also.

Day 6: I am ready to face the world again, my skin has completely flaked and all new pink skin. I am using my normal face was and skin routine. I am also applying a factor 50 cream to my face and neck, which I always apply under my makeup when leaving the house.

Day 9: the skin is still a little tight and itchy from time to time so I am constantly applying cream and drinking lots of fluids. I have returned to my normal day to day activities and all is well. My skin will continue to improve over the coming weeks.

I hope this information will be of interest to those thinking of having active fx. Remember this is my experience and though I am very pleased with it everybody is different,

Happy days

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