After 2 Years of Thinking I Made It - Iraq

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I made rhinoplasty 2 days ago the first night was...

i made rhinoplasty 2 days ago the first night was so hard for me as i had to breath from mouth while packs in my nose slight elevation in body temperature with slight swelling and little blue dicoloration under my eyes dissapear in next day on ice packs no pain in nose only discomfort from heavy splint and washing and cleaning nose every 6 hours was harmful and annoying actually now i'm still breathing from mouth doctor said it's normal in the first days bacause of internal side of the nose is already swollen any way i feel happy as i did it and cant wait next saturday to have splint off and see how my new nose looks like

Well it's day 7 today i had my cast off this...

well it's day 7 today i had my cast off this morning and external sutures were removed while internal sutures left they drop alone with time no pain in this visit now i have small transparent sheets on my nasal bridge and alar to keep it's shape for one month i have to change it twice daily but it worth that effort i'm sooooo satisfied with the result although my face and nose still swollen and this is not the final shape to my nose but i like it already thank god for giving me the strength to undergo that surgery and thank you for making me choose the right surgeon

I added pics to support my review i feel so...

i added pics to support my review i feel so satisfied with my new looking nose as i know it will be better with time it's day 16 post op every day i find change normal breathing and my inner sutures are gone i'm keeping on cleaning nose 3 times aday making massage as my doctor taught me putting dressing twice aday sleeping with head raised for oedema relief and waiting till this critical month end without mistakes

Well this month passed smoothly yesterday i went...

well this month passed smoothly yesterday i went for checking my doc said my recovery is good as far but i have left side swollen more than the right because am sleeping at that side any way it will all go with time

Hello now i'm less than 4 months post op yesterday...

hello now i'm less than 4 months post op yesterday i had my 3rd clinical check up my doc told me that i still have about 30% swelling in my tip and around my bridge as i have real tgick oily skin so it takes londer time to resolve but what i'm worried about now is when i stopped taping i feel my tip is getting down and tends to look more rounded i guess it's swelling that was hidden under tape staryed to reveal u agree with me ? please any one had this problem too let me know

2 years post op

2 years post op

some new pics

3 years later

the best decision i've ever made ^_^
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