24 Years Old, Small Built, 375cc and 350cc Silicone High Profile Round - Iran

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Always wanted bigger breasts but was worried about...

Always wanted bigger breasts but was worried about how they would look because I'm really small built. So finally got my 375cc round silicon implants. I'm now 5 days post op. Still in pain. They are bigger than what I wanted but they say it will get smaller because it's swollen and hasn't dropped yet

Left breast pain

I've been having severe pain in my left breast since day one. Near arm pit and under boob. If I move or get up it feels like a muscle spasm or something really painful and burning sensation.
6days post op and this is my only problem! The rest of the pain is tolerable by now but this left breast really hurts. I feel like it gets super hard as if I feel the implants rock hard under my skin and the. Spasms.

One week since operation!

Hey everyone. I'm one week post op. Gaining function of my hands better. Left breast still is very painful. I can feel the weight and the actual implant I'm not sure if that is normal. Then I get spasms when I move. Laying down is extremely uncomfortable because of the getting up process. So I pretty much keep falling asleep sitting down!

Right nipple looks weird?!

Since I first saw them the right nipple looks rather odd to me. As if it's swollen and slanting down like a Santa hat!
Hope it returns to its normal shape!

Also forgot to mention, because of my breast asymmetry, I got 350cc in the right breast and 375cc in the left.

8 days post op

Sooo I am 8 days post op. Not a lot has changed since yesterday but I wanted to share something. Sleeping on my back is so uncomfortable for me and then getting up hurts extremely from pain and pressure and left breast muscle spasms.

The bed is just horrible. Couch is better.

So last night I slept kind of sitting down on a one seater couch lol and I got up easier today and I feel much better in terms of pain. I think it was also good for my breasts to not be so flat down in laying down position.

8 days post op pictures

Feel like they have already dropped SLIIIIIGHTLYYYY. They are not suffocating my neck anymore lol and not so hard on top. I think sleeping "sitting down" was a good idea. Less pressure on the twins

11 days post op

So I'm 11 days post op here are some pictures. I'd say they have slightly dropped. I'm defiantly starting to fall in love with them. Left side pain is getting better but still there. Will be going for a follow up tomorrow and ask about this pain

12 days post op

Saw the doctor today. He said its normal to have that pain. He said I have some dry blood and gave me creams and said it will be fine. He cut he ends of my stitches so the rest can desolve, I feel better since then.

I think the left side hurts more because I see the incision of the left is in a different place, more on my breast rather than down, to avoid my tattoo. Il put pictures.they look bigger in these pictures not sure if they actually are or just angle

13 days post op - bigger ?!

So I'm 13 days post op. And they seem to look bigger to me!! Like much bigger, am I crazy?
Left pain has reduced, getting more function of left hand. Showered on my own yesterday for the first time.

3 weeks post op!

Okay so remember how they suddenly got bigger? I think they went back to normal size now. I think it was because I was approaching my period so they got bigger (as they used to before implants).

Here's some 3 weeks post op pictures. I also managed to wear a dress and show you before and after :D

Also, left incision is pretty swollen and still hurts a little but much better. You can see the right breast crease nicely but the left isn't because of the swelling
(P.s - left boob is one with tattoo)

7 weeks post op!

7 weeks post op and loving them!
They are dropping. Right dropping faster than left since I had more pain and swelling in left. No pain now. They are not that squishy yet I still can't squish them together for cleavage and they don't really fill a bra properly because they don't "sink in" and cup the bra. But loving them

Almost 3 months post op!

3 months post op and loving them!!
They are still not super squishy but they got real squishy over night!
Suddenly today I can finally squish them together and form cleavage.

I do have some rippling on the side of my left boob but it doesn't show, only can feel it so I don't care as long as my implant is fine and no pain.

Here's some new clothes for my boobies and me squishing them :D

3 months and a half update

So I've passed 3 months now. I can finally go braless. Still haven't found the perfect bra that fits sometimes I'm a c sometimes d! My nipples are a tad bit too high it seems so it's hard finding a bra. I don't care about the nipple thing I love them regardless and wouldn't go into surgery to fix that!

Here are some pictures I'm finally able to squish them. Looks weird but wanted you Guys to see how much you can squeeze implant boobs at a little over 3 months.
Along with scar pictures
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