IPL Causes WAY MORE Side Effects Than the Literature Provides

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*Treatment results may vary

The treatment: painful, hot, but tolerable...

The treatment: painful, hot, but tolerable.
Immediately after: Red, hot, skin, no swelling.
The technician says: You skin looks great! You will be so happy. Go, enjoy your weekend!

One hour later: Red skin begins to swell in the exact pattern of the hand tool. This includes swollen stripes over the entire face!
Boyfriend says: What the hell did you do?

The next day: Swelling still present - lines from the handtool all over ma face!!!
I say: What the hell did I do to ma face!

The third day - better, but still covered in mild lines on the right cheek and under the left eye. Holy!

I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be able to return to work without anyone noticing that i look like i slept with ma face on a quilt!

In the end, this better be worth it. I paid good cash AND an enitire weekend for it

BEWARE!!! IS is worth it? Really?

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