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IPL Photo-facial was a decision I made due to my...

IPL Photo-facial was a decision I made due to my strong worries of trying Accutane. I started suffering from acne since I was 11. I used to only get breakouts on my forehead and temple areas. Then slowly it moved to my chin. When I reached college at age 18 the worst hit me. My right cheek went bizarre. I dont suffer from cystic acne, its as if I could wake up and have red acne dots. Some werent even raised. When I started to see the signs of it starting on my left cheek I decided I needed to get professional help fast. A dermatologist told me Accutane, but with lots of consideration, I decided against. I never went back to her, as she was like a automated telemarketer spoke person. Instead I thought of trying birth control first.

Then I heard of IPL. So I decided it would be my last resort, and if it didnt work I would bite the bullet and try Accutane. I had a consultation, and was very comfortable with the staff.I was told I have dryer skin, and if Im going out and buying cleansers that try to reduce acne that its drying my face even more and causing my pores to get plugged. And if my skin doesnt naturally exfoliate well on its own, and if Im not going in for facials or exfoliating often enough this could be why it got worse. I bought 4 treatments pre paid. I get one every two weeks. I have only had 2 treatments. First you get zapped to kill the acne with a special light. its not UNTIL ALL RAISED ACNE IS CLEAR THAT YOU USE THE 2ND LIGHT FOR REDNESS REDUCTION, otherwise you get major scarring. Treatments should NOT BE CLOSER THEN 2 WEEKS APART.

The first one I was very red for about a day. The lady who did my treatment had me on 4 for the first zaps and then second time around a 7. I didnt see much improvement. A week later I went in for a peel ($80), after this, was when the condition of my face really changed. A lot softer to wash and skin didnt look so irritated.But it still seemed that my face got slightly worse with larger breakouts to the surface about 5 days after. The only place that seemed to have some improvement was my forehead.

2Nd IPL: This time I was up to 9 for both zaps. As they go around your face twice. It hurt more this time because of the raised imperfections and zap a little higher. She said when it hurt more in certain areas it was do to a higher concentration of bacteria closer to the surface of the skin. Once again face very red, and on right cheek zit was slightly bruised. Now its about 9 days after 2nd treatment and Im really noticing improvements. My skin is way more even toned, and Im not nearly suffering from such red dots/scarring fading. I was thinking a week ago there was no way Id be clear in just 2 more treatments. But now I can start having the laser to reduce redness and thats when I should really have the dramatic results.

Its important to wear sunscreen everyday, and give this some time. I thought I would see resutls right away and didnt. Its taken until now which is 4 weeks(I had to postpone a treatment by a couple days) to really see a dramatic result with just using the bacteria light and no redness reduction light.

This procedure is costly but if you think of all the topical, liquid acne treatments youve tried Im sure it exceeds the price of this. Good luck to everyone who has the opportunity to try IPL.

May this miracle give your confidence back and a new meaning to get out there in life and not hold back.

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