IPL 1st and Second Degree Burns

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On October 3, 2008, I went to a dermatology center...

On October 3, 2008, I went to a dermatology center to have my broken capillaries zapped. I have had 200+ eradicated over the past several years by an IPL.

This was a different location and the PA apparently had the settings too high and gave me 1st and 2nd degree burns, from which, two months later I am still recovering. The stripes created by the PA are still not completely faded and I have two scars and blistered-looking skin on my nose and chin.

Every effort by the center's owner/dermatologist to help heal this mess has failed. I am hoping over time the burns and scars will eventually heal. I recommend that only a skilled a dermatologist be considered for this treatment and be very afraid of PA's.

West Dermatology

No skin test prior to procedure. Had to go on steroids, antibiotics and antifungal cream all for what was suppose to be a noninvasive treatment. This was incompetency and probably malpractice at its worst.

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