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Scheduled to have surgery May 21st 2012 I am...

Scheduled to have surgery May 21st 2012 I am excited to start this new beginning of my life. My reason for doing it... I have never had a flat tummy, even when in high school. I am into fitness and have gotten so healthy, I'd love to feel good about my hard work.

On Friday, 5/11/12, I had my pre-op appointment....

On Friday, 5/11/12, I had my pre-op appointment. It was at 10:15am, everything went ok for the most part. Had many questions. I was told I can't drink anymore tea!!! apparently it's a blood thinner. Also told I couldn't hula hoop anymore because it was causing bruising on my hip bone area. (I started hooping with a weighted hoop for exercise) I was also told that I can no longer tan, which SUCKS because I haven't been tanning and I wont be able to tan for a while afterwards so that means I'll be so WHITE!!!! I asked about the marble thing, he kind of laughed and said no, no marble, he uses some gauze in the belly button and it turns out fine. I asked about the silicone sheets to help reduce scarring, he said it was actually quite difficult to keep the silicone sheets in place in that area and that he prefers using medical tape. He did say that my stretch marks will still be located to where my new belly button is, but I'm hoping he is just not trying to get my hopes up. He said I have great ab muscles! WOO-HOO! I don't know why but that's awesome, he had to feel them, thats how he could tel, I can't really go show off my ab progress right now so those complements are awesome. Now when I went my blood pressure was VERY high and they were very concerned. It was 150/110, they wanted me to check it later so I went to a clinic on the same floor as my office and a nurse kindly checked if for me and it was 162/102... I called and let them know. They want me to keep an eye on it. I'm hoping it was just nerves, I CAN'T reschedule this surgery... They took before pictures. I made a lot of jokes (as I usually do when I'm nervous) and said he could totally use me as a before and after advertisement so that he would do a better job with the added pressure :). He just laughed. I genuinely do feel comfortable with Dr. Barnard. I trust him and am glad I went this route and didn't try to find any cheaper alternative elsewhere. I did look around and out of everyone I've talked to Dr. Barnard has a fantastic ethical review, he is highly recommended, and his staff has been a pleasure to work with. One week from tomorrow you guys... I'm terrified...

It is May 22nd. Day after my procedure was done. I...

It is May 22nd. Day after my procedure was done. I came home today. I have no idea what the results look like. I have the drain tubes in place, it hurts to move. When I do move to get up to go the the bathroom I have moments where I get overwhelmingly hot and start to sweat profusely. There is quite a bit of pain. Especially in moving. I learned that my arm muscles use up too much of my abdominal muscles to rely on the for movement, so my legs combined with rolling have been the best way for me. Wont see my results until Thursday, (today is Tuesday) Keeping fingers crossed that this is awesome....

It's May 23rd, 2 days post op. I was able to...

It's May 23rd, 2 days post op. I was able to remove my compression garment and bandages and take a look. As expected there is a lot of swelling. I am disappointed to see so many stretch marks still but I'm excited that the skin is gone. My belly button it rock hard and purple. My doctor put gauze into the belly button to keep it open so I'm following his lead and doing the same, also coating it and my incision with bacitracin ointment (neosporin). I took my compression garment off to wash it while I took a shower as instructed by my doctor. I have a this cashmire belt I pinned my drainage tubes to and hung over my neck to hold them up. They are not draining like they were the first 2 days. Sometimes it's a yellowish clear water type drain and others its light red with thick clumps in it. I've had some draining where the tube exits my body on the right side which has soaked through a few things. I'm not draining much at all now and I'm not sure if that is normal on day 3. I assumed there would be quite a bit for a while.

My activity level I feel is where it should be. I'm doing a little more then advised but I feel that I'm capable of handling it as long as I'm cautious. For example, I've put dishes away, washed my own hair in the shower (after reading I shouldn't have my hands reached above my head. I've gone down stairs (slowly) to wash my garment. I'm taken large/slow steps over baby gates (there to restrict dog access). I've cooked my own food. For the most part I've doing very well. I am stubborn and very independent but I'm making a point to only push myself as far as I can. I don't want to hurt myself and further.

I noticed today however that my face is breaking out! I never have acne but shit! I have it right now! Total bs....

Anyways. I'll keep you updated and post some pics soon.


CORRECTION (last update I stated it was May 23rd,...

CORRECTION (last update I stated it was May 23rd, that was wrong, correct date is May 24th)

I'm just shy of 8 weeks post op and I have quite a...

I'm just shy of 8 weeks post op and I have quite a bit of swelling still. My stomach is SOLID and round. Almost pregnant belly like. My scar looks pretty good however. My lipo is not very impressive. I don't feel like it looks any different to be honest. I am ready for the swelling to go down. I will start working out again and hope for good results!

2 years later

Has anyone else experienced a tingling sensation during or after workouts in abdomen?
Also, after the heeling has completed I want to state one disappointing aspect of my tummy tuck, the ends of the incision where not tucked well, leaving small little pockets on each side that stick out slightly...


If I had to do again I would not have had the abdominal tightening. My abs were already really nice before, but because of the tightening it looks like one roll of abs, more like the appearance of a ear of corn down the center of my stomach. If your abs are ok, ladies, don't let then tie and tighten them together!!!!!!
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Dr. Barnard was very professional and kind in that he could make you feel comfortable and confidant. I'd Highly recommend him to anyone interested in this procedure

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