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Well, I've been on here for nearly 5 months now...

Well, I've been on here for nearly 5 months now reading others experiences and looking at pictures and results of other peoples procedures, so now that I have the time it's only fair I post my own pics and write a little about my experience. I don't see a lot of other men getting TT's, so hopefully this will help out any men thinking about doing it.

To start, I decided to get a TT about a year ago after major weight loss. I am 39 years old now, at 37 years old I weighed 440 lbs (I'm 6' 9" tall). I had gastric bypass surgery July 2010, and lost 210 lbs in 9 months. I knew right away I wanted a TT, but decided to wait a year to see if I was able to keep the weight off. After 12 months I hadn't gained any weight back, so I scheduled my TT for June 8th. (today is June 11th, 3 days post op)

So far things have gone very smoothly. Very little pain, and I am much more mobile than I expected to be the first few days after the surgery. I live alone, but did have a family member spend the weekend with me to help out.

I've been sleeping in a recliner since the surgery. I'm waiting for the drain tubes to be taken out before I try sleeping in my bed again.

Since my weight loss I've been able to lead a much more physically active lifestyle, and I'm hoping after the TT it will only get better. It will be nice to go jogging without a compression wrap around my waist.

I'm going to post a few pics now, but I haven't taken any post-op pics yet. I'll try and get some taken later today.

I welcome any comments or advice on what to expect, and if there's any questions I'll do my best to answer.

Day 4 PO today. I've felt pretty good since day...

Day 4 PO today. I've felt pretty good since day one, but still walking bent over. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to try and stand straight up or not? My next appointment with the PS is in 2 days, so I figured I'd just take it easy until then.

Thank you for all the well wishes! Today I think I'm going to leave the laptop for a while and go read a book on the patio. Have a good day all!

Today I am one month post op. I had an...

Today I am one month post op. I had an appointment for 5 days after the surgery to have the drain lines removed, but was told there was too much draining, and they wouldn't be taken out untill they were less than 30 ml per day. It took much longer than I expected. One drain line was removed 3 weeks post op, and the second drain line was just removed 2 days ago! It was no fun having drain lines in that long, but it was probably for the best. My entire recovery was pain free, and I didn't experience any swelling at all. Today being my one month out date, I get to quite wearing a compression wrap 24 hrs a day.

To sum it up, I'd say if you've lost a lot of weight and want a TT to to feel more comfortable exercising, it is probably worth it. But if you're just a middle aged guy with a beer belly who doesn't ever exercise anyway, then it's probably not worth doing. I am completely satisfied with my results, and can't wait till I'm able to start getting back in shape.

Good luck to anyone considering this procedure, from my experience there's nothing to be afraid of!
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