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So...just started my research 9 months ago and I...

So...just started my research 9 months ago and I can't believe that I am so close to my surgery day 1/11/12. I have been wishing for a breast reduction for years now and finally approved. Freedom at last! yayyy.

I am scheduled for a reduction and full abominoplasty. I am a full figured gal at 210lbs.  My Dr's that I have consulted with state that I am not a candidate for weight loss surgery. So, I am going with their recommendation with approval from my insurance. 

I am scared and not sure of what to expect out of my body. I am 5'3'' 210 lbs, 38-40 E chest and size 14-16. My doctor states that I will be so re-leaved and that my back pain and shoulder pain will go away.  

Has anyone had extreme results? Is it truly  worth it? I know that I will not be 114 lbs like I was pre-pregnancy but I want to feel like I can breath again...that my chest isn't my identity.......Anyone have any input or words of encouragement?      Thanks!

13 days post op. OK...I am terrible for not...

13 days post op. OK...I am terrible for not posting anything so far. I promise to get pictures posted today. I had my TT and breast reduction 1/11/12. I amazed at the difference just after the breast reduction. I was a 40 DDD but now I think I am about a 38-40 C. I already look smaller just due to the 1.5 pounds that was removed from each breast. In regard to my TT, I had just under 4 liters removed from my flanks and abs via lipo and 6 pounds of skin removed. My Dr. warned me that I will have a couple months of swelling just due to the amount of fat and skin that was removed. I had my 2 week appointment yesterday and this time my 2nd drainage tube was not ready to come out yet. I am just over 20cc in a 24 hour period so I just need to be patient and get under 20cc.
Over all I am very happy that I had this done and but I really need to be patient. I am going through a blue moment:) I am dealing with a great deal of swelling in my belly and I am still struggling to sleep all the way through the night. My husband has been wonderful and so helpfull but I have still been glum over the past few days. I am taking 3 weeks off of work but I am already having my work call me askign if I can come back sooner. How can I come back sooner if I still feel this way and I am so swollent that I look like I am pregnant? AHHHH. Has anyone else had issues with the swelling? My breasts are doing great but this tt is a bugger to get through. Maybe it is the amount that was removed. I do know others that has this done and recovered quickly (but they were already very thin). Maybe I am being to hard on myself.....Anyone have the sam blue feelings?

Okay....2weeks post op. Feeling a bit better today...

Okay....2weeks post op. Feeling a bit better today. Think sun helps but I am getting cabin fever. Still waiting for my swelling to go down. Can't wait to get this remaining tube out. I am sure once thar is done this will be much better.

Posted some new pics today. Seeing these really...

Posted some new pics today. Seeing these really put thing into perspective. I will continue to heal and keep happy thoughts! I haven't had an apatite since 1/11 and I hope it stays that way:)

I am 18 days post op!It is crazy how time goes...

I am 18 days post op!It is crazy how time goes fast. Well, I suppose I am feeling ok but not the best. I think I might have wore myself out yesterday. I went to the store to pick up a couple of things and then out to dinner and a movie with my hubby for our 9 year anniversary. I noticed last night my normal position (head elivated on an angle pillow w/ knees over 2 pillows) wasn't very comfortable. I didn't sleep at all and I woke up with a tight pain in my upper left ab area directly under my breast. I am wondering if maybe I tore something or maybe I was just too hard on myself yesterday. Actually, I feel like a whimp! I have been able to stand pretty straight as of day 3 and now I am not able to stand fully straight without having this pain in my upper ab area. I know we are all different but why is it that I feel like I need to take a pain pill right now when others were off everything pain free after 3-4 days post op???? As I have been told by my Dr. a lot of work was done and she removed a large amount of fluid, skin...etc. It's just hard to be patient and listen to your body when you are used to going a million miles a minute. lol. I have made a decision for today, I will take my pain pills and rest...I haven't taken anything in over a week so I will be fine! I will also not weigh myself for awhile. My weight is going down almost 1-2 pounds a day but it's not about weight. It's about my curves and working on this swelling issue.

I can tell you that even though I am at 18 days post op, I would do this a second. Yes, I am really swollen but I can already tell an amazing difference and I feel better....I am loving what I see:) Through this journey, I have also seen another side of my wonderful hubby. Maybe it was him seeing me in pain, maybe this has changed him too? I have never in all the 11 years that I have known him seen him so tentative, caring, helpfull, and loving. He does everything and through any task he has not complained or questioned anything...simply amazing. Then again...I am not done yet! LOL! I think my husband was born to be a candy stiper(sp?) or a nurse....I just never knew he had these caretaker qualities. I can sit here (on my couch) and get teary looking at him because I am so thankful for his support. I am so very lucky.

P.S.- I love my Dr. too! She rocks and anyone who is considering a tt or a breast reduction....go for it(especially the BR)! Make sure you have the right support and you are ready to make the required life changes....this is for you and only a decision that you can make!

It's 19 days post op. I just picked...

It's 19 days post op. I just picked up my compression garment and I just officially lost my patience and cried. I can't get it all. I have to wear it to get the swelling down but....I can't get it on. I will cry a little more and then I will repost when my husband has his turn trying to stuff me in. Wish me luck....where are my tissues?

New update. This may seem silly to post but....I...

New update. This may seem silly to post but....I got it on! Of course with the help of my super supportive hubby. I can tell you that is feel better to have the binder off and the compression garment on. let's see if this helps the swelling.

I hope everyone is doing well! So thankful for RealSelf....

Workimg today from home...thank goodness! All is...

Workimg today from home...thank goodness! All is going just fine though I am really swollen this time in my underarm area where I had my chest too. It will go down but it's the first time I have even really been bothered by anything with the breat reduction. No biggie! I am starting to become one with my compression garment but it is squeezing in my upper abs and making my upper hips stick out. Eitherway, without it my swelling would be worse.

Today is my 9th year anniversary! I wish I was more up an running for a little getaway. Just thankful to feel a lot better and my hubby rocks....we will take a rain check.

I did have a shocker yesterday. Looked at my FB account and noticed in terror that my RealSelf page was linked. I have no clue how it happened but it did and I am embarrased beyond belief. Also it was open to the public. This means that for about an 8 hour period overnight...anyone had access to my blog and pictures. I could have crawled under a rock and died. there are people who don't know what I had done and had access to my pics. All I can watch out girls.

I am now 22 days post op. I am a little sore today...

I am now 22 days post op. I am a little sore today but I have say....I FEEL GREAT!!! I went shopping the other day and found myself trying on clothes that I haven't been able to wear in years. I am amazed that 1 month ago I was a size 14-16 and now can fit into a size 10-12 and I am still swollen. I felt like I had a 50 pound weight on my chest. My stomach was killing my lower back. My confidence was dissapearing. I have so much stomach is flat!!! It's flat!!!. I can cross my arms...I haven't been able to do that in years due to my DDD chest. I feel free. I know that I need to still take it easy but I feel like I could run around the block a thousand times. I want to hit the gym now. I see my waist coming back. I am not aiming for my old size 2-4 but I am so excited to continue my journey and so thankful for the support. I also have noticed that my appetite is gone...not sure why but I like it:)

I had approx 10 pounds of skin and 4 liters...

I had approx 10 pounds of skin and 4 liters removed during the TT and BR. Since surgery I have lost and additional 15 pounds. Not I will keep trooping along! Yayy!

OK ladies....It's Monday and the weekend wore me...

OK ladies....It's Monday and the weekend wore me out. Since Friday I gained 5 lbs...water weight since I know it was nothing that I ate. Booo...:( Today I am not as confident. I had my 4 week appointment and everything looks great. Scars are virtually disappearing. Per Dr. Cramer, still swollen. I was told to keep lite on the sodium, keep walking, and keep smiling. In time it will get better. It's just amazing how one day things are at a high and the kinda feel like crap! lol! Ahhh...the highs are certainly more common now. I will return to work on Thursday...kind of excited but a little scared. Not looking forward to unlimited Comp time and a
tremendous....workload. Hooahhhaa ARMY! My team needs me back....! I just don't want people judging me sooo soon. Some people know what I have done and it is too early to see final result...ugh. I feel like I need a sign on my back that says..."Come back in 6 months please".

Well I have gone through my closet. I should have...

Well I have gone through my closet. I should have listened to everyone. All of my pants are too big or too small. I dont get it. My upper hips are so swollen that they stick out making it hard for me to close my pants. I wonder if I could wear yoga pants to work? I WISH! I hope this goes down soon. Please lord...I want to wear normal clothes again.....

Just over 4 weeks today. Started back to work last...

Just over 4 weeks today. Started back to work last Thurdsay and I am happy to be back. The only issue I have today is I am either sick with the flu or I have an infection. Seems that I may be having an issue with the front part of my incision. About a one inch section is having issues healing. I have been running a high temp and can't stop the chills and sweating. Dr. put me on an antibiotic and if I don't get better soon, I will need to make an appointment with the PS in the next day or so. Outside of that....if I miss anymore work I think I will start making enemies....what do you do?

My breasts are doing great...and it is amazing how easy that part was. lol. I will admit that I am having a little bit of seperation anxiety since they were so huge before. My back feels excellent and I feel so free. The TT is doing well too. I just want my incisions to heal soon. I really don't have any pain except when I over-do things or when my body decides to swell up. Patience is the key. I am so happy I made this decision for me! I will post more updated pics soon!

Just posting to post! Work is going well but it's...

Just posting to post! Work is going well but it's hard to rush in to the grind running. I feelng great and can't wait to be released for normal excercise. I feel like I have been lagging for way too long. I am ready to get to it and work out again! I feel so much lighter. Every second I am asking myself, is this swelling or is it me not being active? The Dr. says swelling but....I will feel better when I can go back to my normal business. FYI- still wouldn't change a thing. Word of advice....wait at least a couple of months to go bra shopping. Today was not a good day. Nothing fits right...pants or bras. During the swell hell I went up a pant size even though my waist etc was much much smaller. My body hasn't settled yet at 5 1/2 weeks. Some people look at me weird when I say that but..really people! This is major surgery and a lot has been removed, 2 pounds each boob(hate that word), almost 7lbs of skin from my stomach, and 4000cc's from my flanks and stomach.... my body is trying to adapt right now. A body needs time to heal. lol! Now...if I can just be easier on myself to boot. My husband would just be happy if I stopped undressing and asking.."so, do you think this is going?"

Hello everyone! Feeling good today but I can't...

Hello everyone! Feeling good today but I can't help but notice the major swelling below the belt line if you know what I That part of my body has really seemed to swell since my surgery to the point een my hubby had a comment. Well, the belly goes up and down but everyday is way better than before! I just want to get to the point where I can wear all regular clothes....I love yoga pants but I am wearing them all out.

My BR is going wonderful but still shouldn't go bra shopping. Sometimes sore but it was a breeze and nothing to blink at now. My PS says I may end up a C but when I was recently measured I was larger than before (around) and at a DD. The nurses assured me it was the swelling and I tend to agree. How can you look smaller but measue larger??? I love not needing a bra....I love that my back feels great@!

One question.....Is it worth it to buy an additional smaller compression garment? They are kinda expensive ($99) and I have gone through 2 (1 from post-op and then 1 smaller) because of swelling going down and healing. I just couldn't imagine going without one and they almost feel like the new norm to have it on. I can say they really have helped but it stinks the hubby has to help me sometimes put it on,
Davenport Plastic Surgeon

She rocks! Her office goes above and beyond! Simply amazed~ Plus she went above and beyond with my insurance because she believed in my case an took care of me. I walked away from her office feeling like I could reach the stars and that I am making the right decision.

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