1 week post-op and loving it with new pictures!

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Hi everyone! I was doing some Internet research...

Hi everyone! I was doing some Internet research while I was waiting for my PS to arrive for our first consultation and I found this website! I'm really excited About this because I am keeping my surgery private until obviously afterwards.. So to be able to read your stories and possible get your input is exciting to me!

So I met my PS and got the whole scoop.. I'm a very small person at 5'5" 110 pounds, I have two kids. I have always been a very small chested person but never imagined after having kids I would be this small/flat. I mean their is literally nothing to me now!
Needless to say I am so excited about all the information I got today!

I discussed with my PS how I don't want the fake boobs in your face look but I'd rather just be able to find clothes that flatter my figure naturally and feel comfortable in a swimsuit.

The PS told me the range I should look at is 295 - 375 cc.
At first when I put the 295 cc in I thought they were perfect then I out the 375cc in and my immediate reaction was no way these are way too big for me, but then I really looked at myself and began liking the 375cc.

I'm just scared that's too big for the look I want..
The PS kept telling me that they look bigger now then they will once they are in...

The PS also asked me which I preferred - round or -tear drop??
He told me that Round looked better with clothes on and teardrop looked better naked.
I'm leaning more towards round because everyone sees me with clothes on and only one person sees me naked.

I'm also concerned about rippling/wrinkling.. Does anyone have any experience with those types of problems?

I've had my first consult, and now I've become...

I've had my first consult, and now I've become obsessed with this topic and I'm starting to think I should get a second opinion.

I'm very comfortable with the doctor I have chosen I've had a friend with a very recent successful procedure but I was talking to another friend and she told me her mom had a terrible BA done by this same doctor 10 years ago.....

Now I'm nervous! Should I see. Second doctor?

I have 3 consultations set up now, the more people...

I have 3 consultations set up now, the more people I talk to the more I hear horror stories about the doctor I had picked out!
I'm just so confused, I was so excited last week and had a tentative date picked out but now I'm rushing to try and get in with all these other doctors before Januaray 19 when I want to have to surgery!!
I wanted to be able to focus on staying healthy and preping the house and stuff by now I feel like I will be hurrying up to get everything completed schedule and decided!

But I get it, this isn't a minor thing... I mean these girls will be with me every second of everyday!!
So I have one consultation schedules every week for the next three weeks!!
My goal is to have my decision made by December 13, which will give me alittle bit more than a month to prep for my desired surgery day.
I guess that's not so bad!
But from December 13, I also have my daughters first birthday and pool party, Christmas is the next week, and this is a really busy time at work!
But I guess when I think about my life, I do this a lot and thrive under the pressure to plan and decide quickly!!
I've just never done anything strictly for myself!!

I'll keep everyone posted in the next three weeks to see if I make my decision.

I've met with another doctor and boy am I glad!!...

I've met with another doctor and boy am I glad!! He's 100% different than the first doctor so I've decided to go with this one. He's more expensive but everything about him have me a good feeling.
All I have to do is call and schedule the appointment... When I got home from the very successful consultation I was sharing the news with my boyfriend ( we have two kids together and still haven't gotten married after 6 years) and he completely started giving me the guilt trip about doing the procedure....
He's basically no longer supporting me....and my decision to do this..
He was supposed to be the one helping me during recovery.. I've made arrangements for my kids for the first 4 days.... I'm typically a pretty independent person and I hate the feeling that I'm going to have to rely on him to take care of me and the kids for those first couple days...
: /
I've wanted this for so long.....

I uploaded some pictures... : / I've worked...

I uploaded some pictures... : /

I've worked really hard to save for this and it's for me...

Well I dragged my feet a little due to the...

Well I dragged my feet a little due to the continues discussion with my boyfriend but finally made my appointment! I was originally hoping to have the surgery done in January but with switching doctors and then I took a week to confirm with Dr Paul we had to schedule my appointment on Feb 14th!!!

I am beyond excited!!!!!

Tomorrow is exactly one month until my surgery!...

Tomorrow is exactly one month until my surgery! I'm starting to get nervous and excited...I guess the reality has set in that this thing I've thought about since I knew what's boobs were is really about to happen!

My boyfriend has expressed more and more interest in the procedure and he's even shown some excitement himself!! That is a rarity to see from him, so I'll take it!

What am I doing to prepare? I've read a lot of different articles and blogs about exercising and eating right so I'm just at the end of a 10 day herbal cleanse which gets all the toxcins and junk out of my system and for The next month I plan on eating similar to my diet on this cleanse which is all fruits and vegetables with lean protein at each meal, basically avoiding fried an processed foods! I typically eat pretty healthy so I don't anticipate this diet to be too hard over the next month. The hardest thing will probably avoiding the few beers on the weekend and the chocolate snack here and there.....
Just got to remind myself that the healthier I am the cleaner my body is the easier this surgery will be on me... So the only person I'm hurting by cheating is myself!
I also typically have a pretty good exercise routine but in the last two years I've let that fall with my pregnancy and then finding time with two kids now... But in the last few weeks I've slowly started working out again... So I plan on continuing that for the next month too!
I really have been feeling great and thinking about my new enhanced figure is really great motivation!
I also have my annual OB exam this week where I'll get cleared for surgery and have my blood work done. Then next week I have my per-op appointment and I'll select my final size. This appointment my boyfriend has decided to come to, he'll be the one taking care of me afterwards so he'll need to hear all the details and plus I want his opinion on the size!

I've been thinking a lot about my expectations and I'm not really sure what my expectations are, I feel like I could get really excited about it but then I think about it and at the end of the day there just boobs.... Yes I've always wanted boobs but there just boobs....
So I don't really know what to expect.... I guess we'll find out in 1 month!!!

Do I need to buy button up shirts and a zip up...

Do I need to buy button up shirts and a zip up bra?
My doctor is sending me home in a ace bandage and a surgical bra... Do I need to buy a front zip bra?
I took a whole week off work so i figured I'd be able to go shopping that week to get some new tops..... Is that too late?

Just had my pre-surgical Appointment to finalize...

Just had my pre-surgical Appointment to finalize everything...
I had my mind on 325, idk it seemed like happy medium between the too extremes but after talking to the good doctor for hour, here I am with a finalized order of 375cc High Profile!!!
Sorta freckin out right now!!!!!
The doctor said based on the look I described and the picture I showed him 325 would be a let down.... I guess I'm just going to trust him!!
22 days! Count down is on!
Now my throat is starting to feel sore... : / not the time I want to start feeling sick!

Im feeling much better about the size, I called...

Im feeling much better about the size, I called and spoke with the nurse again and she shared my last minute concerns with doctor and he still recommend 375, I walked around the house with Rice at 375 and felt fine, so knowing that going under the muscle will condense the 375 I think a will turn out fine.
Order has been finalized, 375 HP it is!
Go big or go home!
19 days! Now I just wait!!!

I've added a picture of the inserts at 325 and 375...

I've added a picture of the inserts at 325 and 375 for comparison. Here I like the 375 so I think I'll be okay. : /

I just tried on my bras from when I was nursing...

I just tried on my bras from when I was nursing last year which was a c cup without padding. I put my rice in there @ 375 and it fits 100% like it did when I was full blown nursing.
Now I feel silly for worrying about 375.... It's not that big.
I also tried on my work tips with the rice in and I'm pretty sure on a good day my padded bra shows bigger than that.

Bottom line, I'm sorry for my indecisiveness but after tonight I'm back to feeling comfortable with the size I've chosen.... Now we just get through the next 2.5 weeks and we'll know for sure if 375 worked for me!!
I think this decision has been the hardest part of this process!!!

To you Post op girls- my work just asked if I...

To you Post op girls- my work just asked if I could travel the second week in March for a week.... I will be 3 weeks Post-op at that time. How were you all feeling around 3 weeks?
I would be alone traveling through airports Monday and then in training all week and travel again Friday...
I might just call my PS to see what he says but I feel like I've called them everyday since my pre-op.....
I'm so jealous of you gals who've crossed over to boobiville!!
I can't wait!!!

I can't believe I'm just 11 days away!! Today was...

I can't believe I'm just 11 days away!! Today was the first day in a long time that I didn't think about boobs all day! It was about 3pm when my sis texted me and asked when the twins were arriving? But up until that point I didn't think about it much.
My sister, boyfriend and some close friend are all that know about my surgery.

So today I got Arnica Gel, they were out of the pills. Do I need to get those too??
I've heard some gals start taking the pills before but I just don't know if I need both?
I also got Bromelain... Do I need to still take stool softener with Bromelain??
I'm kinda confused on what Bromelain really does but you ladies told me I needed so I have it...just don't really know when to start that one.

So much to think about!!!

I woke up last night and have been sick ever...

I woke up last night and have been sick ever since!! I hate being sick, I hope this is just a 24 hour bug and nothing more!

So today I'm feel back to 100% after having the...

So today I'm feel back to 100% after having the stomach flu however my healthy eating has taken a back seat! Oops time to get back on track now I'm a week pre-op!
I also got some crazy bad news today, found out my mama has a tumor on her tyroird.. We don't anything more at this time but she has an appointment with a specialist next wednsday and I'll need to go with her, I think they will tell her the next step to determine if its a cancerous tumor or not but either way, super scary!
But now I'm feel guilt because I haven't told her about my surgery, I know she'll overreact and lay out all the negatives.. She's also has had some judgemental type comments in the past relating to the "type of girls" who get breast implants and I know she'd have nothing nice to say about it to me and I don't even want to have that conversation so I figure if its afterwards its already done and the worry part about the the unknown is already done and most the what ifs about the actual surgery have already happen so her negativity won't matter at that point.. But anyways, now she has this medical issue happening I feel like guilty for not telling her, and now her specialist appointment is the day before my surgery...... But now with everything she's got going on I can't say hey.. I know you're about to find out if your life is going to change due to the big C but I'm getting a boob job tomorrow!
I think I'll just keep it undercover as long as I can.... The big "coming out" party my sister had planned might be postponed!
Keep my mama in your prayers! Hopefully we'll hear good news next week.

So about 36 hours to go!! Kids bags packed, there...

So about 36 hours to go!!
Kids bags packed, there Vday stuff is done and going to school tomorrow with them (less to do the morning of the surgery).
My bag is packed, got all my post op stuff ready to go.
Laundry all done and the house is clean!
Groceries are bought, I think we're stocked for the next two weeks!
Tomorrow I took most the day off work, I'm going in for the morning and then meeting my mom at her doctors appointment. Hopefully all goes well with her there!
Thursday morning... Taking the kids to daycare and heading to the surgical center! I'm so ready for this to just be done already!
The part I'm so nervous about is just walking into the surgical room, I just hate that! When I had both my c-sections it's that moment everything becomes real! Maybe they can just put me to sleep in waiting room! Ha

Here we go... Trying to sleep before the big day!!...

Here we go... Trying to sleep before the big day!!
I'm trying not to get nervous, but I just cant believe tomorrow all the anticipation will be over!
Thanks for all your support ladies!

Im home, bee home for about 3 hrs, pains...

Im home, bee home for about 3 hrs, pains manageable but def not fun, the twins are looking perfect so far, I haven't gotten a great look yet but I'm thinking I'll be happy!! Not to big.....
Now just resting and taking it easy... BF is doing his best at caring for me..
I'll post pictures tomorrow after the drains are removed...
Thanks for all the support!

So far so good... Added a quick picture... More to...

So far so good... Added a quick picture... More to come tomorrow when I take the badage off..

New pictures!

New pictures!

Today my sister came out and helped wash my hair,...

Today my sister came out and helped wash my hair, I took a bath and put some makeup on... I feel great!
I feel good about moving around the house and taking care of myself a little.
Sitting up instead of laying in the chair... Just over all feeling great!
I feel lucky to feel this good...
My friend visited with a new Bra for me 36 D! I can't believe it!!
I'm so happy!

I'm going to cut back on the pain meds and take the Ibuprofen as needed tomorrow that way, Monday when the kids come home I am off the hard stuff!

The only down side is I feel blotted and want to have a bowl movement... Just waiting on that, drinking lits of water and taking stool softeners, hopefully that helps!

So today has had it's ups an downs! But overall...

So today has had it's ups an downs! But overall still happy about the surgery. However It is really frustrating to not be able to do everything that I want and need to do.. This was especially hard today because my kiddos came home and my 1 yr old missed me something awful and as much as I sat on the floor to be close and hold her she wasn't having it... She wanted me to carry her and I just can't now... Doctor said a week at least and I agree, I'm not ready to carry her at all! We'll see how I feel In a couple more days... It's amazing in this process how much difference a day makes!
My friend got me a Bra from Vicky's and it was a 32 D, couldn't believe that but I finally put it on today and it fit me perfect!! I mean perfect! D.... I can't believe it! I know Vicky's runs small so anywhere else I would probably be a C but I'm still pumped!
I've still been feeling really good, I can't believe how great I feel, I kept up pretty good today, needed to sit down a few times to rest but felt good overall. I've been using the Arnica gel about 3 times a day... I think it helps!
I plan on working from home tomorrow... We'll see how that goes!

I had to share, I just ran out to the mail box and...

I had to share, I just ran out to the mail box and took the garbage out and it's about 10 degrees out with 20 MPH winds, my muscles must have tenses up because I'm in some pain now... I could feel my implants getting harder and harder the colder I got! It was a total of 2 minutes maybe but wow.. I could barley lift my arms when I got back inside!!
Does that go away or is this a new thing I'll have to deal with?

Had my 1 week post op appointment yesterday.....

Had my 1 week post op appointment yesterday.. Everything went great.
He said I have two more weeks to manipulate the placement of the girls, if I wear a super supportive bra that pushing them together then that's where they will stay... Permeate cleavage!! What!! Done, I went out and bought the best pushing together bra I could find and I plan on wearing them non stop for the next two weeks!!!
I also went to VS and got sized and tried on a couple swim suit tops so I knew what to buy online... The gal sized me at 34DD or 32 DDD ... No way! She said if i go down to a 32 which I could then ill have to go up another D, I'm waiting the next 5 weeks before I buy anything and to get sized again, I'm sure il go down to a single D by then... Hopefully! Hard to believe I would be a D now when only a week ago I was not even able to fit correctly into a A cup....
I'm not having any difficulty lifting my daughter, just using caution and not holding her very long... Just ups and downs mostly... She's so missing mommy cuddles!! But it's really gotten easier each day!
Tomorrow my girlfriends put together a "coming out" party for me! Too funny!!
Now I have to find something to wear!!

I'm going back to work on Monday, so back to my real life it is!!!!!
I've put some 1 week pics up!
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