*45 Yrs, 107lb, 5'4", 4 Kids Never Bf. Very Deflated Breast! - Iowa

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Taking 1 procedure at a time, doing breast...

Taking 1 procedure at a time, doing breast augmentation with hp 550cc silicone under muscle, then doing tummy tuck maybe a breast lift in a couple years. I'm wanting to have the boobs and tummy I had b4 having children ( the stretch marks I'm ok with those are my stripes I earned, it's just the loose skin I've never been able to get rid of). Just wanting to be able to wear a bikini again:)!
I'm really anxious and nervous that something will go wrong, the implants will be to big, I'll do something I'm not suppose to, afraid the pain will be horrible, then there's the silly little things of worrying I won't be able to brush my teeth or I'll catch a cold! Just my anxious self worrying. I've been looking at others profiles and reading so many women's progress that I've finally feel comfortable to start posting on my profile. I'm not one who shares such personal stuff but thinking I need others support from this group. 13 days till the big day!

I week reminder call

Anticipation, excitement and reality is setting in! Received the reminder call this morning going through what I need to do yet, get prescriptions filled, start taking antibiotics 2 days before, go over mammogram results, physical results. Wear zip up or button shirt just be sure it's larger to accommodate the larger breast, shower night b4 and morning of with a I bacterial soap. I will post b4 photos soon just kinda hesitant about it, afraid I may jinx things.

7 days until fuller bigger TaTas!

Finally putting some b4 pictures up. It's been a hard thing to do since I've always been self conscious about my body especially my boobs. I can't believe when I developed my breasts I was always trying to hide them, after all when your 10 years old who starts wearing a bra, right? I DID! It was embarrassing, kids at school making rude comments. I had wished I was smaller breasted, wished I hadn't developed so early. From the time I was probably 15 until I got started having kids I wore a D -DD cup bra.
I hated my breasts as a teenager, and look at me now, pretty empty:( and have been wishing for the last 20 years I had my D-DD's! Wow! Now it's the opposite of when I was younger ! I want my body back, I want my boobs back and then some!! I figure if I'm spending the money, I want it to be worth it! Go big or go home as some have said!!!7days!! 7 long days till I have some "fun bags" as my husband refers to them as! I'm so scared they'll look weird on me, after all I'm 45yrs old, or I'll have some kind of complication and the Dr will have to remove them, maybe I won't even be able to have the surgery done, maybe my health history or blood work will prevent it!!! I keep telling myself calm down, it's anxiety, but it's so hard when you want something so bad, and it's been so close and bam! Things change! That's how it's been for me for about 5 years, since I started looking into beast augmentation, something always came up, other things more important. Now it's happening I'm freaking out, with nervousness, anxiety, you name it I'm feeling it!
7 days till a new beautiful ME!

4 days preop! So much to do? Is there?

I'm 4 days out and I'm sitting at our campsite, wondering if this will be the Last weekend this summer I get to come here to go on the boat and fish:( that's a sad thought but I'll take getting bigger fuller TaTas and watch everyone else as I just lounge around the rest of the season. I guess I could've schedule the procedure for the winter when it's cold and no fun to be outside, but I wasn't going to hesitate or put it off again for when the "time is right." "Don't put off till tomorrow what I can get done today"
On that note, let's talk bras. Do I go out and buy a couple different "lounge" bras? Seriously? I'm the type of person who HATES spending money unnecessarily ! I hate waste! When I do spend money it has to be worth it, and I'm not about go "cheaper" just to save myself a few $. Going cheaper isn't saving any money when you have to buy it more often.
So ladies, I'm 4 days out, do I pick up some bras (without underwire)? 1 or 2? What kind you suggest? Do you think it's necessary? Do I buy them b4 my surgery or should I wait?

Today's the day!

Just a few hours to go and I'll have my new girls!

Not gonna lie

Yes! Finally done, and the girls look exactly how I imagined they would look! Damn! This pain is bad. But it will all be worth it once it all settles down.
Time to sleep, will post more late:)

Don't let your body fool ya!

Sept 2, thought that my pain was much better than yesterday, I was able to do a small bit for myself such as put I little make on brush teeth, tidy ups little. Well that lasted like an hour and wow! The pain hit me like Aron of bricks! Ladies who question how long recover will take you, and if you are thinking your you always heal quickly well better think otherwise! Take your time and don't do even the littlest things, it will set you back!

The TaTAs!

I'm so excited they're done!
Dr. K

So far I'm very happy with the dr and his staff! Such a positive place ! Was taken by surprise the dr said that if I had any questions I could call email or text him directly and he gave me his info to do that! I didn't think I'd ever text him, but I did "chance" it and asked him specially what meds I currently took that I should NOT take 2 weeks pre op. I was stunned that I actually got a reply back not only that, but it was within a couple minutes! So far I'm so happy with whom I chose to do my surgery!

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