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My top teeth were straight during childhood, I was...

My top teeth were straight during childhood, I was never uncomfortable with them. The bottoms were okay since no one saw them. I lost my last baby tooth in highschool. It was an eye tooth and came in too big and a different shape than the baby tooth. Neither eye teeth grew in down where they were supposed to be. Then when my wisdom teeth came in it caused more crowding on bottom and the beginning of crowding on the top. Since then I've never liked my smile, mainly in pictures as the snaggle tooth effect seemed to be intensified.

Flash forward many years add a marriage and a child. And insurance! We decided now was a good time to fix my teeth since we'd have some help paying for braces with insurance. I got the ball rolling with a free consultation. Learned about care credit which was invaluable with affording the down payment! My ortho wasn't sure invisalign was the best route for me because he said my case was complicated. After reviewing the treatment plan invisalign came up with and taking a closer look at my X-rays and pictures he decided invisalign could do the job. I first had to have four bicuspids(sp?) removed and while I was at it had all four wisdom teeth taken out. 8 teeth in all and it was horrible. Wouldn't recommend doing that, especially not during winter sickness season! But that's a whole different story!

So I had the extractions and a week later got my first trays. That was tough as I was still extremely sore. My ortho said It was up to me to wait another week to start on my trays. He was very understanding and didn't realize I went ahead with the 8 extractions. He thought I just had the four bicuspids removed. I went ahead and popped them in. The obvious pain and tenderness ensued but that didn't stop me from eating all the soft delicious foods on Christmas!

So now Im on tray seven and everything is tracking well. No cavities so far and I've flossed and brushed more than I have ever done! There has been frustrations and pains like headaches an teeth soreness. The occasional jagged edged aligner. The irritation of my being able to nurse an iced coffee all day. But that's all minor to me because I feel lucky to be having my smile fixed! I did a lot of research before I got them so I was aware of all of these things. Feel free to ask questions!

Better type of brush to clean invisalign?

So I've got attatchments and eventually there's gunk buildup that I need to brush away with a soft bristle toothbrush like invisalign says to use. I'm finding that a toothbrush doesn't get into the nooks where the attachments sits. I've thought about getting a denture brush thinking the shape of the brush would do a much better job at getting in the nooks. All the denture brushes I've seen do not specify whether they are soft medium or hard bristles. Does anyone know? Does anyone have any suggestions for a better type of brush for cleaning the inside of the invisalign tray?

Estimated end result photos from clin check

So these are some screen shots from the clin check video I got in my email from the orthos office. Results looks good to me! It's hard or me to believe my teeth will ever be that straight. Ive heard of instances where with a case like mine, the teeth eventually get crooked again to some degree even with nightly retainer wear. Or even that the teeth are stubborn and you have a hard time getting good results in the first place. That gives me anxiety! I wear my retainers well and so far everythin is tracking right. My ortho has been said to be very persistent so that's good. Plus, he's confident that we will attain good results. He did say my teeth won't actually like up perfectly and by that I believe he meant the bite will still be a slight overbite but that didn't bother me.

New top aligner doesn't fit!?

So last night I went to change into my next set o aligners. The bottom was fine and was way less springy on the back right molars than the last set. BUT, the top right side of my retainer didn't fit at all. The attatchments on my molars weren't engaging with the aligner. And the inside part of the retainer on the side was just hanging off of my teeth. Not sure why. I checked that I had the correct aligners, also checked I make sure I've been wearing the correct aligners for the past two weeks. Everything was what it choice have been!

Now, my last two aligners have, in my opinion, not been made well. They both had an obvious seam on one of the eye teeth where there are two attatchments. The seam ran up and down the length of the tooth through one of those attachment nooks and would crack open upon having to slide over the pointy Attatchments. I'm going to the ortho today, I'm interested to see what he will think!

Chugging along!

Well I'm on tray thirteen, will be changing them tonight, Actually! Thirteen was the first tray without any pontics(only on bottom tray, 2 pontics) and it hurt! But, it's progress. My teeth certainly still have a long way to go till they seem straight, especially on top. But on bottom they are DEFINITEY moving as I'm noticing bigger gaps with every tray:-). I plan on doing a list/recap/do's and dont's from my experience since those that I read before I started really helped me get a good picture of what I was getting into! So far my ortho has said I have been taking very good care of my teeth. he seems impressed so, win for me!

Pictures of bottom teeth movement

Here are some pictures of my bottom teeth, where I see the biggest movements happening right now! Compared to the pictures on my first review there is a lot of difference! They aren't straight and don't look nice but they are spreading out to fix the overcrowding and fill in the missing teeth holes and will soon be starting the straightening phase I hope!

More than halfway through! IPR

So, I'm on my 34th out of 46th tray. Things are going swimmingly! Ortho says I'm trackingrwell. But thinks I will probaby need refinements. These teeth have come a LONG WAY! The extraction site holes are closing up, I was nervous they wouldn't! Still have a way to go but I feel like I can smile in pictures now and not be grossed out by my snaggle teeth :).

My ortho is great. Only
Problems I've had is pain. A lot of moving going on and my teeth just hurt when I put a new tray in. Sometimes my glands under my jaw even get swollen...have been meaning to mention that do to ortho, does that happen to anyone else!?

Oh yea! I had my IPR yesterday. I was extremely nervous and my
Ortho knew that. He was gentle and fast. Had four spaces to do and he took maybe ten minutes. It didn't hurt! There was a space he started with the hand file and that was so horribly weird feeling. Like nails on a chalk board. The hand tool he used was much more pleasant. It was nothing to even stress about!

42 out of 56!

So these last coulee trays have made big changes in alignment and the teeth looking straight! So excited to get to the end result, even if I need refinements. I get all 13 attatchments off this coming Tuesday. Looking forward to smooth teeth. So far no problems. Occasional pain. Used to that. Pretty much used to the babies.

43 May be the last retainer!!

So, I thought I had 56 retainers. No. I have 46. Today, the attatchments came off, which was painful on my sensitive teeth, my ortho also filed between a few teeth.

If my ortho and I are happy with the results of this retainer...I won't have to wear the other or have refinements. Either way is okay with me considering I though I had 56 retainers! Duh.

Refinements, more IPR, more attatchments


So, on week one of the first tray in my refinement set. Got more IPR which isn't my favorite but I survived. I hope this refinement works. I had two top teeth that I felt weren't quite as vertical as they should be. Kinda nervous that the refinements will make things look weird but I may be just overthinking it! Either way these teeth have come a long way! I6 trays two weeks each . Doctor mentioned one week per retainer by he changed his mind...kind of a bummer! Oh well. So far so good. Just chugging along!

Tray 4 of refinements

So I felt silly asking for refinements because two teeth weren't vertical enough for me, but I'm glad I did! I have already noticed an improvement! Lots of IPR going on but it gets easier every time. A piece of advice I would strongly recommend is if you have come to the end of your treatment plan and still aren't quite satisfied, tell your ortho! Refinements are included in the price. That's what they are there for!
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