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I had braces and major bite correction from 12 to...

I had braces and major bite correction from 12 to 14 years old. However, my wisdom teeth came in while I was in highschool causing my teeth to crowd. I am 26 years old and just finished my Invisalign procedure!

My teeth are perfectly straight, zero crowding! My doctor said that my bite was excellent so he recomended me for the Invisalign Express. I had a total of 10 trays that I wore for 3 weeks each. I was very disaplined and only took my trays out to eat and brush my teeth. The trays stayed in my mouth for about 23 hours per day.

My doctor said this was why my results are nothing less then perfection. All of my girlfriends now want Invisalign after seeing my before and after results. Since I had major, major brace work when I was a child (headgear, powerchains, rubberbands that crissed crossed) Invisalign was a walk in the park for me. The only time that it was slightly painful was when I put my very first tray in. I started my procedure in late November and was completed by the first of June.

I recomend Invisalign to anyone with crowded teeth. I am the girl in the middle in my photo.

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