Worth It!!! But Do Get a Thorough Consultation

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I had always been a bit unhappy with my teeth but...

I had always been a bit unhappy with my teeth but after an auto accident (and after 14 mos of physical therapy/chiropractic care) my bite was off and it became more than a vanity issue.

I had 2 friends who completed invisalign treatment and they looked wonderful! I went to their dentist, who confirmed i was the perfect candidate for the procedure. (To begin after bringing my teeth up to par with some fillings/etc) My bottom teeth were extremely crowded, and as for the top my two front teeth stuck out a bit and were REALLY close to my lip when my mouth was closed.

I wore 18 trays on top, 17 on the bottom, and they worked perfectly. The results after almost a year are stunning and I actually get complimented on my smile quite often. So they work.

BUT yes, when you put that first tray on it is going to hurt! It is tight as heck and after a while it really does get to be too much. I took it out the first night, because I couldn't sleep. But I did wear them, for the recommended 20-22 hrs a day, only taking them out to eat or clean. Sometimes I would cheat, if I had to do a speaking event or take pictures. Most people did not notice them unless I pointed them out, but I of course knew there was something in my mouth and as my teeth were so close to my lip it was annoying to say the least. Speaking wasn't a problem but you do have to get used to them and talk around them.

Yes there are "buttons". I had 7 of them. And the Filing! If crowding is your problem, filing will have to be done to get those teeth to move. It doesn't hurt but the grating noise inside your head is insidious. You have to have to go to your dentist often, maybe another annoyance for some. Your case must be monitored. I attributed my perfect outcome to a very diligent dentist and of course to wearing wearing wearing the trays. You do get used to the tightness, and its only supertight the first day or so.

One tooth was extra stubborn and required an extra tray to turn it around but that was in the quest for perfection. I'd achieved the overall goal. I say do it, but this may not be an option for everyone. It depends on your situation. And know that it cant be rushed - its a commitment, before and after.

Premier Dental Associates of Lower Manhattan

He's honest and thorough, is dedicated and their office keeps appointments (!) although they are very busy. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes to be seen.

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