On my 7th Set and Loving It So Far

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I am on my 7th set of invisalign and can say I am...

I am on my 7th set of invisalign and can say I am having a great experience so far.

I wanted to get braces because I am getting married next year and my teeth have always bothered me, although most people didnt see the point because my teeth were not extremly crooked. The whole invisalign experience is great because they are removable! No one ever notices when I have them in. I can take them out when I want. And they actually work. I had braces when I was 12, I am now 25, and my bottom teeth went back after I didn't wear my retainers. My orthodonist did the video, consult thing, which felt more like a sales pitch then anything, but I still knew I wanted the flexibility of Invisalign rather than regular braces. After doing some molds of my teelth, it took about 2-3 weeks to get them in. They gave me fake invisaligns to wear during this process so my teeth would not move so it kind of "prepped" me for the whole experience.

I was prepared to feel some pain and tightness because of all the reviews, but it honestly was not that bad. Nothing that some advil wouldnt help. The best trick I can tell you is to put in aligners right before bed and take some advil or advil pm. That helps me alot because I wake up and they don't feel as tight. I noticed my teeth moving right away and I am about halfway through, I could not be happier with the results. Also make sure to practice taking them off while in the orthodontist chair. I have heard horror stories of people getting home and not being able to take them off. I could see that happening if you aren't used to taking them out and really pulling hard.

Of course there are cons. The orthodontist did not really go into DETAIL about the "polishing" between my teeth that had to be done. It doesn't hurt, its mainly uncomfortable, but annoying and was done almost every time. They literally take a nail file type thing and saw between your teeth, you notices it when you floss how smooth it is, so the teeth can slide past each other. Like I said, uncomfortable, but no pain. They also told me I would have to have two sets of "attachments" of those tooth colored things put on to help my teeth move. I call them "buttons." They didn't hurt when they put them on, but they are a little annoying. Sometimes people notice them and they get food stuck on them from time to time. Plus I hate they are on the teeth closest to my top front teeth. I have heard of people having to get the "buttons" on ALL of their front teeth. That would be very annoying.

Although I love the flexiblity of Invisalign, they do get pretty gross if you dont clean them all the time. Although my orthodonist said not to use denture cleaner, I found out through a friend who used it said that it works just fine, so I use that every other night. Early on I forgot I had my invisaligns in and took a sip of coffee. NOT a good idea, I had to brush like crazy to get the stain out. I also noticed that my teeth are not as white as they used to be. Its nothing a little whitning kit can't fix but it is annoying because my teeth used to be so white.

There are pros and cons, but the pros blow the cons away.If you are the type of person who complains about everything, this is not for you. If you just kind of roll with the punches and are easy going, this would be for you. No, Invisalign is not perfect. But if you want that flexibility, you will learn to ignore the cons! The price is not cheap either, but they will work with you on payment options. I ended up using my tax return for a down payment, and I do auto-deduction from my banking acount every month to pay for the rest in payments. I am very impressed and can't wait to see my teeth right before our wedding!

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