Today's my Last Day!!

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So today is my last day to wear these trays. I...

So today is my last day to wear these trays. I have to admit i feel so naked with out them!! I had 18 trays top and bottom. My top row had all kinds of problems. My front teeth had a big gap from one of the front teeth being off-set side ways, the eye teeth were pushed back crowding with the teeth next to it. The bottom ones were gapped and turned and had a pretty good overbite. When i was a kid, the dentist wanted me to wear metel braces for 9-12 yrs!! of course i couldnt afford that so the problem continued until now. I'm 29 now, and finally have a smile to be proud of!! The tray's only seemed to hurt the first day or two, and the last day or two. I was not aware of the attachments(8 total) until i got them!! I was a little taken aback, they seemed like teeth "warts" to me. but with this whole process, i got use to them too. I can only recall being in real PAIN on maybe 4 of the 18 trays, the first felt as if my skull was being rearranged!

2800 dollars is what i paid, because i was patient and waited for the Dr.'s office to run a "no record fee" promotion/open house. That saved me 750. My gum health has improved along with the whiteness! I smoked with my tray's and it kept to nicotine off my teeth. I have since then quit smoking and my teeth are getting whiter and whiter. I was also suprised the 2800 included all monthly visits.

I LOVE MY TEETH NOW! i never thought it was possiable!!

Ive attached a before pic.

Searcy Dentist

My dentist has open houses and gives discounts at these open houses.

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