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I would start with asking your dentist lots of...

I would start with asking your dentist lots of questions and also make sure you know how your insurance provider works. It's a more expensive proceedure than traditional braces, so do your research, and you won't be disappointed. Invisalign can be provided by a dentist or orthadontist, so that does give you more options than braces.

The dentist will do a mold of your teeth and take lots of pictures. Couple of weeks later you'll have your first set. They are clear and sit right on your teeth. And nobody will notice them!

Okay, the first day I wore them it was uncomfortable for a few hours, and then hurt like hell. Definitely recommend putting them in before you go to bed with some advil.

Some people will have little bonded buttons attached to the aligners. The material is the same they use for fillings and they will polish them off at the end of the proceedure. I have 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Everyone is different. The basically work with the aligners to put more pressure in certain areas.

I'm now into my 3rd set of aligners. I have a total of 20 for the top and 20 on the bottom. Yes it's uncomfortable the first two days after you put in a new set, then not that bad.

You have to have them in 22 hours per day and only remove for 2 hours for eating and drinking. You can only drink cold noncarbonated water with the aligners in. Anything else can cause discolorization or act as a placue incubator (you will have mad fillings if you leave them in).

My mouth did get dry sometimes, and I think that may be a sort of reaction to the plastic in the aligners. After learning to keep my mouth closed and not fidgeting with the aligners, and drinking lots of water, I don't have the dryness as much.

You will need to brush and floss after every time you eat. Finally, the hardest them is to keep them in 22 hours a day. And, it's very important to keep them in. Apparently an hour over can waste a whole day.

Two pluses, you will have better oral hygeen, and if you're a nailbiter like me, you'll be breaking that habit.

If you're in San Francisco check out {edited - provider information is located above the review for registered users} has done over 150 treatments and is nice patient guy.

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