Get Braces!! Not Worth It, Will Not Get As Good of Results, Alot They Don't Tell You

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My experience was terrible!  My ortho was...

My experience was terrible!  My ortho was terrible!  He did not tell me any of the negatives up front.  I had braces as kid, over years had "mildly overlapping" of upper front teeth and some crowding on lower due to not wearing retainer and small mouth.  Thought invisalign would be discreet and since in sales and in front of a lot of customers this was important.  During initial consulation was told it would take 6 months for upper year for lower.  It took 3 years.  To start off what they don't tell you is that they put these clear bumps on your teeth to hook the trays on, then they don't tell you that they file your teeth to make your teeth move faster.  I did NOT want my teeth filed, especially my upper.  I said ok to filing my lower, my ortho ended up filing HUGE gap inbetween my upper two teeth!!!  He also filed one tooth smaller that the other - you can't fix that, it not like a bad haircut that will grow back. It was terrible.  It was so embarrassing to take my trays out for customer lunches etc.  Not discreet at all.  Braces would have been less noticible!!!!  Also they can not get your teeth as straight with invisalign.  I wanted a more square shape.  My ortho kept telling me "well if you had braces I could do that" well why the heck do they charge double for invisalign if they can't get good results?  and if you have to go around with a gap in your teeth, that is definitely noticible. not invisible!!!  Now I have teeth that are still not straight and have permanent retainer on top teeth to keep gap from coming back (this is so wrong considering my teeth were overlapping before now i have permanent gap and two different size teeth).  SAVE YOUR MONEY, FOR 1/2 COST, LESS TIME, BETTER RESULTS GET BRACES, I WISH I HAD!!!!!

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